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Taliesin Associated Architects projects in Iran : architectural drawings and records, 1968-1980

Series IV: Mehrafarin Villa

In 1970, Shams Pahlavi commissioned TAA to design another complex of palaces in a 20-hectare (50 acre) estate in Chalus in the North of Iran near the Caspian Sea. The compound consists of multiple separate and independent buildings including the main house, four guest houses (one of which was adopted for the temporary residence of Shams until the main house would be completed), a Tea pavilion, a house for Shahbaz the elder son and another for Shahyar the younger son of Shams, and some other structures such as a servant lodge, a guard house and volleyball courts.

The initial design was presented in June 1970 in which the construction and final design of the project was divided into two phases: the first phase includes the Tea pavilion and guest houses whose final designs are dated 1973. The second phase covers all the other spaces up until 1975. The records of the project are missing and only one explanatory brochure is survived. This series contains around 650 drawings.

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Sub-series 1: Drawings


Cabinet A92R.01 Roll 1 Site and Road Developments, 1971-1977

14 items including road profiles and site development plans by Consultant Hydrologue Engineers: Water Supply Layout, Street Lighting, Sewer System Layout, Electric Cabling Layout, Fence Lighting and Telephone Cables.

Cabinet A92R.02 Roll 2 Landscape Plans/Site Development, 1970-1977

25 items including original plans of the area, road layout, landscape planning

Drawer OSD015 Site Plan, ca.1975

Encapsulated rendering of site plan

Drawer 166 Folder 1 Land Survey and Site Plan, 1971-1974

4 items including

Drawer 166 Folder 2 Landscape Plans, 1970-1976

33 items including road profiles, topographic plans and landscape plans of each building


Cabinet A92R.03 Roll 3 Original Architectural Drawings, 1974-1977

Phase II Design Development and Construction. includes 3 perspective, 13 architectural drawings (plans, elevations and sections), 3 structural drawings, 2 furnishing, 8 revisions and 2 plans from previous phase.

Tube RECAP Roll 4 Copies of Architectural Drawings, 1970-1975

34 items including mainly copies of original drawings in roll3

Cabinet A92R.04 Roll 5 Architectural Working Drawings, 1970-1977

26 items including copies of Architectural Drawings: large sections with mark-ups, natural grade profile, interior and exterior perspectives, tiles details and furniture layout studies

Cabinet A92R.05 Roll 6 Structural Drawings, ca.1975

18 items includes structural and electrical plans

Cabinet A92R.06 Roll 7 Miscellaneous Designs, ca.1977

8 items including Designs for dining chair, pendant, outside swimming pool and fireplace

Drawer 166 Folder 3 Exterior View, 1970

1 item: Board mounted rendering of the exterior perspective

Drawer 166 Folder 4 Architectural Drawings, ca.1975

19 items including encapsulated renderings of exterior perspective and furniture layouts, swimming pool, architectural sections and copies of plans

Drawer 166 Folder 5 Architectural Sketches, 1970-1971

26 items including primary sketches for plans and sections

Drawer 166 Folder 6 Interior Designs, ca. 1977

31 items including encapsulated rendering of interior views, copies of the interior of different rooms, dining chair, design for fireplace and pendant

Drawer 166 Folder 7 Structural Drawings/ Details, ca.1975

52 items including structural plans and construction details


Cabinet A92R.07 Roll 8 Original Architectural Drawings, 1973-1974

18 items including plans, sections, elevations, structural, site plan, and structural.

Cabinet A92R.08 Roll 9 Tea Pavilion and Guest House Phase I Construction, 1973-1974

26 items: Copies of the working drawings including plans, elevations, sections, roof plans, site plans, plumbing, electrical, structural and air conditioning plans

Tube RECAP Roll 10 Tea Pavilion and Guest House Working Drawings, 1973-1974

19 items: Copies of the architectural drawing of the above roll plus some added drawings

Cabinet A92R.09 Roll 11 Guest House Working Drawings, 1971-1976

25 items including primary sketches, copies of general floor plans, foundation plans, plumbing, furniture and air conditioning layouts, kitchen design, etc.

Cabinet A92R.10 Roll 12 Tea Pavilion Working Drawing, 1972-1977

38 items including various architectural plans, section, elevation, furnishing, details of roof's tiling, structural drawings, etc.

Cabinet A92R.11 Roll 13 Guest House Structural, ca. 1975

23 items

Tube RECAP Roll 14 Tea Pavilion Steel Work, 1975

Drawer 166 Folder 8 Tea Pavilion Architectural Drawings and Details, 1971-1977

24 items including glass parapet details, skylight details, plans, sections, elevations of the Tea Pavilion, roof tile study and color scheme and projection booth studies

Drawer 166 Folder 9 Guest House Architectural Drawings, 1970-1974

7 items including original drawings (pencil on trace paper) of plans, sections and elevations, construction details and furniture layout


Cabinet A92R.12 Roll 15 Original Architectural Drawings, 1975

12 items including floor plans, sections, elevations, etc.; Pencil and ink on mylar

Cabinet A92R.13 Roll 16 Copies and Working Drawings, 1974-1975

26 items including working drawings with markups, floor plans, sections, elevations, etc.


Cabinet A92R.14 Roll 17 Original Architectural Drawings, -1975

12 items including floor plans, sections and elevations.

Cabinet A92R.15 Roll 18 Copies of Architectural Drawings, 1970-1975

31 items, several versions of designs for Prince Shahyar House including site plans, floor plans, sections, elevations, electrical, and furniture placements

Drawer 166 Folder 10 Shahbaz and Shahyar Houses, 1974-1975

8 items including architectural plans, sections and furniture layouts


Tube RECAP Roll 19 Water Reservoir, ca.1975

39 items including structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural drawings

Cabinet A92R.16 Roll 20 Other Spaces on the Compound, ca.1975

including tennis and volleyball courts, gazebo, servant lodge, guard house and entrance gate

Drawer 166 Folder 11 Other Spaces on the Compound, 1970-1976

18 items including plans and sections of servant lodge, entrance gate elevations and encapsulated rendering, guard house encapsulated rendering of plans and elevation, volleyball and tennis courts' plans, sections, details and encapsulated perspective

Sub-series 2: Records

Box 6 Folder 2 Explanatory Brochure, 1970

Schematic Design Phase Explanatory Brochure accompanied schematic design presentation

Box 12 Folder 9 Tile System, 1974-1975

Sub-series 3: Photographs

Box 12 Folder 6 Photographs of construction and exteriors