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Taliesin Associated Architects projects in Iran : architectural drawings and records, 1968-1980

Series VI: Damavand College

This series includes Drawing and Records for the design and construction of a women's college on the foothills of the Damavand Mountain northeast of the city of Tehran. The Damavand College was the expansion of Bethel School for Girls, founded by the American Presbyterian Mission in Tehran. The contract for this commission was signed in October 1970 between TAA and Ms. Frances Gray, the director of school and the representative of the Board of Trustees. The first phase of the development was designed to include residence hall, an auditorium, student center, gymnasium, athletic fields, and staff accommodations. This series include Structural, Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical drawings. Records include promotional brochures, correspondence, contracts, cost and statements and some photos of the construction site and the finished project.

Sub-series 1: Drawings

Cabinet A92S.01: Roll 1 Structural Drawings 1972-1975

50 items created by D. Zargham and Associates Structural Engineers

Cabinet A92S.02: Roll 2 Architecture and Site Development 1972-1975

28 items created by TAA mostly ink and/or pencil on mylar

Cabinet A92S.03: Roll 3 Developed Architectural Drawings and Details 1973

26 items including developed floor plans, sections, elevations, wall sections and construction details

Cabinet A92S.04: Roll 4 Developed Architectural Drawings and Details 1973?

24 items including developed floor plans, sections, elevations, wall sections and construction details

Cabinet A92S.05: Roll 5 Architectural Drawings 1971-1975?

8 items including Fountains and Cascades designs, Cafeteria and Student Center phase 2 and first schematic perspective from the new campus

Tube RECAP: Roll 6 Copy of Architectural Drawings

33 items including copies of items in roll 2

Cabinet A92S.06: Roll 7 Schematic and Development Design Drawings 1971

30 items including diazo prints of schematic and development drawings produced in February and June 1971: plans, sections, elevations and perspectives

Cabinet A92S.07: Roll 8 Mechanical and Electrical Drawings Received in 1975

34 items, diazo prints

Tube RECAP: Roll 9 Copies of Architectural Drawings 1973-1975

41 items including diazo prints of design and development phase 2 (copy of items in roll 2 and 3), dormitory designs, faculty residence by Akam Consulting Engineers

Tube RECAP: Roll 10 Copies of Architectural Developed Drawings 1973

24 items including items in number roll 2

Drawer 166: Folder 1 Architectural Drawings and Rendering 1972-1975

28 items including encapsulated renderings of site plan and fountains, developed designs for gymnasium and cafeteria, general view and classrooms. some color pencil renderings on plans and three sheets for interior design

Drawer 166: Folder 2 Designs and Mockups for a Promotional Brochure ca. 1975

19 items including laminated master plan and general view of the new campus, and three copies of final promotional brochure

Sub-series 2: Records

Box 6: Folder 18 Schematic Master Plan and First Phase Brochures 1970

Including Schematic Master Plan and Schematic First Phase Presentation; and General Description and Design Development Presentation for Cafeteria and Student Center and Gymnasium Building

Box 6: Folder 19 Brochures' Working Material ca.1970s

Including the design and primary drafts for brochures, sketches for the new seal of the college and photos from ground breaking ceremony

Box 6: Folder 20 Photos and Survey ca. 1975

Including photos of the completed project, photos of construction field and the site and its borders

Box 7: Folder 1 Contract 1970
Box 7: Folder 2 Areas 1971

Includes list of spaces and their dimensions and areas; some sketches and notes

Box 7: Folder 3 Costs 1974-1976

Review of fees and expenses for TAA and NAKK; Cost Estimate from 1974

Box 7: Folder 4 Statements 1975
Box 7: Folder 5 Shipping 1971-1976

Shipping Receipts

Box 7: Folder 6 Specifications undated

two copies

Box 7: Folder 7 Assoc. Architect, Nezam Amery 1970-1977

Correspondences between Nezam Amery and TAA personnel and the Board of Trustees of the Damavand College

Box 7: Folder 8 Owner Correspondence #1 1970-1974

Correspondences with Ms. Gray, the President of Damavand College concerning the designs and their costs

Box 7: Folder 9 Owner Correspondence #2 1975-1978

Correspondences with Ms. Gray and later with Ray Heisey

Box 7: Folder 10 Clerk of the Works 1971-1978

Correspondences between TAA personnel, specially William Wesley Peters and Clerc of the Works in Iran including, Nezam Amery, Tom Casey and Johnny Hill.

Box 7: Folder 11 Meeting Notes, Memorandums 1970-1977

including schedule of areas and space program and a request for technical materials for publication from L'industria Delle Costruzioni

Box 7: Folder 12 Inter-office Correspondences 1970-1975

Inter office correspondences; almost similar to clerk of the works

Box 7: Folder 13 Lawyer Correspondences 1970-1976
Box 7: Folder 14 Mechanical Engineer Correspondences 1971
Box 7: Folder 15 Stage Consultant 1971-1976

Including correspondences with Norman L. Lofland (Musician and Theatre Design Consultant), George Thomas Associates (Theatre Consultant), Bernard Jason Merritt (architect from TAA) and others

Box 7: Folder 16 Interior and Furnishing 1974

Correspondences regarding interior finishes, Furnishing Schedule and Murals in addition to some material samples

Box 7: Folder 17 Furnishings (Subcontractors) 1974-1976

Correspondences with subcontractor regarding auditorium furnishing: Carpet, Drapery, Chairs, etc. Includes some material samples

Box 7: Folder 18 Construction (Auditorium/GTA) 1975

Including GTA (George Thomas Associates) drawings and correspondences regarding furnishing and lighting of the auditorium

Box 7: Folder 19 Subcontractor and MFGRS 1974
Box 7: Folder 20 Structural 1972-1976

Includes structural calculations some drawing and correspondences regarding the structure of the dome and its behavior

Box 7: Folder 21 Water Supply Calculations ca.1970
Box 7: Folder 22 Damavand College Contract and Litigation 1980

Includes a copy of interrogatories regarding fund received for architectural services rendered Damavand College

Box 7: Folder 23 Litigation Amery, Kamooneh, Khosravi correspondences 1978-1982

Correspondences in regard to settling the account between TAA and NAKK after revolution in Iran