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Leopold Haimson papers, 1890s-1999

Series VI: Colloquia and Conferences, 1975-1991

This series comprises papers by various authors presented at colloquia and conferences, Haimson's notes, documents and correspondence related to the organization of these academic events. Organized in chronological order. Related materials can also be found in Series IV: Strikes Project; Series VIII: Institutional Files; Series IX: Russian Files.

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1975 Colloquium on social history, Paris, 1975

Box 87 Folder 1 Haimson's notes

Box 87 Folder 1 Papers: Agulhon, Maurice. "Institution de la France bourgeoise, le Cercle (1810-1848)"

1976 Round Table on European Social History, Pittsburgh, 1976

Papers and notes, (copies of typescripts and publications)

Box 87 Folder 1-A Feldman, Gerald. "Few comments and suggestions for the Round Table"

Box 87 Folder 1-A Fridenson, Patrick. "Ouvriers Francais face a l'introduction du Taylorisme"

Groh, Dieter

Box 87 Folder 1-A "Arbeitspapiere der Projectgruppe "Basisprozesse und Organisationsproblem"

Box 87 Folder 1-A "Some thoughts on the relationship between the intensification of work and industrial conflict n organized capitalism in Germany (1896-1914)"

Box 87 Folder 2 Hinton, James. "Craft control and workers control: some questions"

Box 87 Folder 2 Laux, James. "Commentary for the Fifth Round Table on European Social History"

Box 87 Folder 2 Montgomery, David. "Whose standards? Workers and the reorganization of production in the united States, 1900-1920"

Box 87 Folder 2 Mothe, Daniel. "Caracteristique du Taylorisme"

Box 87 Folder 2 Moutet, Aimee. "Origines du systeme de Taylor en France. Le point de vuew patronal (1907-1914)"

Box 87 Folder 2 Perrot, Michelle. "Bref commentaire pour la Table Ronde de Pittsburg"

Box 87 Folder 2 Stearns, Peter. Comments on "Taylorism" for the Round Table

Box 87 Folder 3 Haimson's notes, (notebook with holograph notes)

1982 Colloquium in comparative labor history, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme: see Series VIII: Institutional Files--Subseries VIII.2: Columbia University--Maison des Sciences de l'Homme--Colloquium (Box 96, Folders 5-6), 1982


Box 87 Folder 4 Cortona colloquium. Work program and list of participants

NEP conference, 1986. Papers

Box 87 Folder 5-6 Hagen, Mark von. "School of socialism": the Red Army and the peasantry, 1918-30"

Box 87 Folder 5-6 Hatch, John. "Labor conflict in Moscow during the early NEP"

Box 87 Folder 5-6 Koenker, Diane. "Class and consciousness in a socialist society: workers in the printing trades during NEP"

Box 87 Folder 5-6 Robin, Regine. "Peasants as readers"

Box 87 Folder 5-6 Weissman, Neil. "Policing the NEP countryside"

New Orleans Soviet-American Conference on Quantitative History

Box 87 Folder 7 Correspondence with organizations and various persons, circular letters

Box 87 Folder 7 List of participants

Box 87 Folder 7 Papers: Haimson, L. and Eric Brian. "Observations on additional statistical tables and regression equations of quantitative analyses of industrial labor conflicts in Imperial Russia during the First World War: August 1914-February 1917", (typescript with holograph notes)

Box 87 Folder 8 1988 Soviet-American conference. Correspondence with various organizations and people, 1988


Leningrad colloquium "Development of the revolutionary situation in early twentieth century russia" / "Rabochii klass i revoliutsionnye situatsii v rossii v nachale XX veka", Leningrad, 3-9, June 1990

Box 87 Folder 9 Program, circular letters, 1989-1990

Box 87 Folder 10-11 Transcript of the colloquium, 1990

(in Russian; with related correspondence)

Original Papers:

Box 87 Folder 12 Haimson, Leopold. "Historical sources of the Revoliution of 1917 and the role of the workers' movement", 1917

Box 87 Folder 12 Wortman, Richard. "Nicholas II and the representation of autocratic power"

Translations of Papers:

(with related correspondence)

Box 87 Folder 13 Diakin, Viktor. "Vybor puti ekonomicheskogo razvitiia Rossii (konets XIX-nachalo XX vv.)"

Box 87 Folder 13 Engelstein, Lora. "Polovoi vopros" i politicheskii krizis professional'noi intelligentsii posle revoliutsii 1905 g.", 1905

Box 87 Folder 13 Gastrell, P. "Ekonomicheskoe i sotsial'noe razvitie Rossii v nachale XX veka"

Box 87 Folder 13 MacKey, John. "Razvitie ekonomiki i regional'noe predprinimatel'stvo v poslednii period Rossiskoi imperii"

Box 87 Folder 13 Wcislo, "Otnoshenie mezhdu pravitel'stvom I mestnoi vlast'iu. Stolypin i tret'eiiun'skiaq monarkhiia"

Box 87 Folder 14 1991 Paris conference. List of participants from USSR, UK, and USA, 1991