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Leopold Haimson papers, 1890s-1999

Series V: Seminars, 1948-1983

Files contain materials of academic seminars held by various institutions and include seminar minutes and notes, manuscripts of talks and papers presented by various authors; and related correspondence. Organized in five subseries by the name of the institution.

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Subseries V.1: Columbia University Seminars, 1967-1986

Seminar minutes, manuscripts of talks and papers presented at seminars held by Columbia University with related correspondence

Organized alphabetically by the subject of the seminars, then chronologically within the subject.


Box 85 Folder 1 1967-1968 school year: Rigby, T.H. "Party and state and the Soviet lieadership since 1964", 1967-1968

(Preliminary draft for presentation on the seminar of May 8)

Box 85 Folder 2 1968-1969 school year: Minutes of the seminars #2-6 and #9, 1968-1969

1969-1970 school year:, 1969-1970

Box 85 Folder 3-4 Minutes of the seminars #1, 7, 9-12

Box 85 Folder 3-4 Papers: Barton, Allen; Bacevic, Ljiljana; Pantic, Dragomir. "Communications intake and output among opinion-makers in a socialist society: the Yugoslav opinion-makers"

Box 85 Folder 5-6 1970-1971 school year: Minutes of the seminars #1-6, 11-15, 1970-1971

Box 85 Folder 7-8 1973 Minutes and related correspondence (January-November), 1973

Box 85 Folder 9 1974 Summary of Pr. A.Rabinowitch's talk and discussion, 1974

Political Economy of war and peace:

Box 85 Folder 10 Correspondence: Melman, Seymour - L. Haimson, 1971

Box 85 Folder 10 Papers: Peck, James. "Chinese foreign policy,", October 26, 1972

(summary of talk)

Slavic History and Culture:

1968-1969 school year:, 1968-1969

Box 85 Folder 11 Correspondence: Shevchenko, Ihor, 1968

Box 85 Folder 11 Minutes of the seminars #1, 2, 6, 7

1969-1970 school year:, 1969-1970

Box 85 Folder 12-13 Minutes of five seminars

Box 85 Folder 12-13 Papers: Pritsak, Omeljan. "'Igor Tale' as an historical document"

1970-1971 school year:, 1970-1971

Box 85 Folder 14-15 Minutes of 5 seminars

Box 85 Folder 14-15 Papers: Alef, Gustave. "Early muscovite methods of centralization"

1971-1972 school year:, 1971-1972

Box 85 Folder 16 Minutes of five seminars

(contain summary of talks)

Box 85 Folder 16 Papers: Belknap, Robert. "Unknown Petersburg novel by Dostoevsky"

1972-1973 school year:, 1972-1973

Box 86 Folder 1-2 Minutes


Cherniavsky, Michael

Box 86 Folder 1-2 Discussion of Dostoevsky's articles on Belinskii in Diary of Writer, 1873 concentrating on the articles, "Old People" and "One of Our Contemporary Falsehoods", 1873

Box 86 Folder 1-2 "Political culture and the emerge of national consciousness in Russia"

Box 86 Folder 1-2 Fanger, Donald. Discussion on the problem of Gogol

Box 86 Folder 1-2 Haimson, Leopold. "Politics of Rural Russia, 1907-1914 and the system of the Third of June", 1907-1914

1973-1974 school year:, 1973-1974

Box 86 Folder 3-6 Minutes


Box 86 Folder 3-6 Gold, David. "Contemporary applications of Marxian theory"

Box 86 Folder 3-6 Raeff, Marc. "Catherine II and Blackstone"

Box 86 Folder 3-6 Starr, Frederick. "Russian Empire and the printed word"

Box 86 Folder 3-6 Wortman, Richard. "Composition of the Russian Legal Administration in the first half of the nineteenth century"

Box 86 Folder 3-6 Related correspondence

Box 86 Folder 7 1976 minutes of the seminar of January 16, 1976

Box 86 Folder 7 1977 Wortman, Richard. "Power and responsibility in the upbringing of the Nineteenth Century Russian Tsars", 1977


Box 86 Folder 8 1986 mailing list, pertinent correspondence, 1986

Harvard University: see Russian Research Center

Subseries V.2: Russian Institute (Harriman Institute), 1972-1973

Manuscripts of papers delivered at the seminars in 1972-1973 with related correspondence. Arranged chronologically.

Russian working class and the labor movement, 1972


(with related correspondence)

Box 86 Folder 9-10 Sablinsky, Walter. "Origin and evolution of the Petition of January 9, 1905"

Box 86 Folder 9-10 Zelnik, Reginald. "Gendarmes and workers in the reign of Alexander II"

Politics of urban and rural Russia, 1973


Box 86 Folder 11-12 Travis, Bruce. "Administration of the Stolypin Land Reform in Tambov Province"

Box 86 Folder 11-12 Vinogradoff, Eugene

Box 86 Folder 11-12 Announcements

Subseries V.3: Russian Research Center, Harvard University, 1948-1970

Files include seminar notes and minutes. Arranged in chronological order.

Box 86 Folder 13 1948 Karpovich, M. Introductory talk, 1948, 1948, 1948

(minutes of Research Seminar)

Box 86 Folder 14 1961 Bromke, Adam; Drachkovitch, Milorad. "Polish and Yugoslav roads to socialism", 1961


Box 86 Folder 15 Blanc, Simone. "Franc-Maconnerie sous Catherine II"

Box 86 Folder 15 Kahan, Arcadius. "State and the indusrial sector of the Russian economy in the Eighteenth century"


Box 86 Folder 16 Cohen, Jerome. "Chinese views of Soviet law"

Box 86 Folder 16 Inkeles, Alex. "Social development in the USSR since the Revolution"

Box 86 Folder 16 Laqueur, Walter. "Western interpretations of Soviet history"

Box 86 Folder 16 Montias, John. "Industrialization of Eastern Europe"

Box 86 Folder 16 Nove, Alec. "NEP"

Box 86 Folder 16 Pipes, Richard. "Origins of Bolshevism: the intellectual evolution of young Lenin"


Box 86 Folder 17 Billington, James. "Role of religion in Russian culture"

Box 86 Folder 17 Hollander, Paul. "Soviet and American sociology: conflict and convergence"

Box 86 Folder 17 Lowenthal, Richard. "Soviet policy towards the West"

Box 86 Folder 17 Struve, Gleb. "Recent Developments in Soviet literature"


Box 86 Folder 18 Cocks, Paul. "Parti control commission revisited"

Box 86 Folder 18 Katz, Zev. "Political and industrial sociology in the Soviet Union"

Box 86 Folder 18 Kolkowicz, Roman. "Comparative strategies and adversary perception: and examination of some causes and sources of misperceptions in U.S.-Soviet relations"


Box 86 Folder 19 Butler, William. "Soviet international law"

Box 86 Folder 19 Dziewanowski, M.K. "Death of the Soviet regime: a study in American sovietology"

Box 86 Folder 19 Kennan, George. "Marquis de Custine's travels in Russia"

Box 86 Folder 19 Schwartz, Benjamin. "Sino-Soviet relations"

Box 86 Folder 19 Wiles, Peter. "Communism and economic warfare"

Subseries V.4: University of Pennsylvania, 1982-1983

Contains bulletins and correspondence. Not arranged.

Box 86 Folder 20 Seminars on the history of Russian society in the Twentieth century, 1982-1983

(bulletins and correspondence)

Subseries V.5: Unidentified Seminar

Contains typescript of talk delivered by M. Temkina and of the following discussion.

Box 86 Folder 21 M. Temkina's talk and discussion