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Leopold Haimson Papers, 1890s-1999

Series XIV: Audio Materials, 1960s

The series comprises reel-to-reel tapes with materials from the Menshevik Project and some tapes that may not be related to it. Arranged in 3 subseries.

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Subseries XIV.1: Memoir Reading

N. Zhordania's memoirs read by I.Zhordania.

Box 161 Zhordania, Noah. Memoirs, (1 reel)

(read by Ina Zhordania)

Subseries XIV.2: Interviews

Includes interviews with Georgian Mensheviks and reels entitled "Russian interviews" that may not be related to the Menshevik project. Arranged alphabetically.

Box 161 Arsenidze, Razhden. Interviews #1-5, (5 reel-to-reels)

(2 interviews recorded on the tape with Eradze's interviews)

Box 161 Eradze, Georgii. Interviews #5-8; 11-18, (6 reel-to-reels)

Box 161 Tsuladze, Vasilii.

(joint interview with Arsenidze)

Box 161 Zhordania, Inna, (3 reel-to-reels)

Box 162 Russian interviews of, 1968, (9 reel-to-reels)

(these interviews may not be related to the Menshevik project)

Subseries XIV.3: Seminars

Audio records of five seminars. Arranged chronologically.

Box 161 1962 Schwarz seminar of December 18: Discussion of "Osnovnaia kontseptsiia revoliutsii", 1962, (1 reel-to-reel)


Box 161 Lande seminar of January, 25: Discussion of his work, (1 reel-to-reel)

Box 161 Denike seminar of April 11: Discussion of his work, (2 reel-to-reels)

Box 161 Volin seminar of May 2: Discussion of chapters 6 and 7 of his work, (1 reel-to-reel)

Box 162 1968 Untitled seminar of May 20, 1968, (1 reel-to-reel)