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Roger Bagnall Papers, 1967-2019

Series VII: Articles

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Box 7 Folder B 4 Papyri Greek and Egyptian ed

Box 7 Folder B 6 "Nomination of a Goldsmith to Collect Taxes"

Box 7 Folder B 7 "Wax Tablets in the Pierpont Morgan Library"

Box 7 Folder B 11 "The Fayum and its People"

Box 7 Folder B 12 "Status and Law"

Box 7 Folder B 13 "I papiri e la storia"

Box 7 Folder B 14 "Fayum," "Papyrus," "Parchment," "Rent"

Box 7 Folder B 18 "Two 4th-Century Accounts from Kellis"

Box 7 Folder B 19 "A Property Division from Aphrodito"

Box 7 Folder D 8 "Stolos the Admiral"

Box 7 Folder D 9 "Three Notes on Ptolemaic Inscriptions"

Box 7 Folder D 15 "Orders for Payment from a Banker's Archive: Papyri in the Collection of FSU"

Box 7 Folder D 21 "Papyrology"

Box 7 Folder D 24 "Army and Police in Roman Upper Egypt"

Box 7 Folder D 31 "Notes on Egyptian and Greek Ostraka"

Box 7 Folder D 32 "The Consuls of A.D. 411-412"

Box 7 Folder D 36 "Ostraka from the Yale Collection"

Box 7 Folder D 45 "The Date of the Foundation of Alexandria"

Box 7 Folder D 56 "Egypt, the Ptolemies, and the Greek World"

Box 7 Folder D 58-59 "Christian Invocations in the Papyri" (and supplement)

Box 7 Folder D 61 "Due papiri fiorentini del quarto secolo"

Box 7 Folder D 64 "The Population of Theadelphia in the Fourth Century"

Box 7 Folder D 65 "Religious Conversion and Onomastic Change"

Box 7 Folder D 69 "Two Fourth-Century Papyri in Bologna"

Box 7 Folder D 71 "The Fourth-Century Tax Roll in the Princeton Collection: A Reedition"

Box 7 Folder D 75 "Three Papyri from Fourth-Century Karanis"

Box 7 Folder D 77 "Publius Petronius, Augustan Prefect of Egypt"

Box 7 Folder D 79 "Agricultural Productivity and Taxation in Fourth-Century Egypt"

Box 7 Folder D 81 "Two Byzantine Legal Papyri in a Private Collection"

Box 7 Folder D 83 "Dating by the Moon in Nubian Inscriptions"

Box 7 Folder D 84 "Papyri and Ostraka from Quseir al-Quadim"

Box 7 Folder D 84 "Papyri and Ostraka from Quseir al-Quadim", photos

Box 7 Folder D 89 "Greeks and Egyptians: Ethnicity, Status, and Culture"

Box 7 Folder D 90 "Restoring the Text of Documents"

Box 7 Folder D 94 "Archaeology and Papyrology"

Box 7 Folder D 95 "The Hellenistic Environment", Walters Catalogue Essay

Box 7 Folder D 97 "Official and Private Violence in Roman Egypt"

Box 7 Folder D 99 "Five Problematic Fourth-Century Pieces"

Box 8 "Notes on Roman and Byzantine Documents"

Box 8 Folder D 107 "An Owner of Literary Papyri"

Box 8 Folder D 108 "Military Officers as Landowners in 4th Century Egypt"

Box 8 Folder D 109 "Ptolemaic Administration of Palestine"

Box 8 Folder D 110 "Combat ou vide: Christianisme et paganisme dans l'Egypte romaine tardive"

Box 8 Folder D 112 "Landholding in Late Roman Egypt: the Distribution of Wealth"

Box 8 Folder D 113 "Count Ausonius"

Box 8 Folder D 123 & D 125 "Greek and Latin Documents from 'Abu Sha'ar, 1990-1", Correspondence

Box 8 Folder D 123 & D 125 "Greek and Latin Documents from 'Abu Sha'ar, 1990-1", Photographs

Box 8 Folder D 128 "Egypt and the 'Barbarians'"

Box 8 Folder D 129 "Governmental Roles in the Economy of Late Antiquity"

Box 8 Folder D 130 "SPP XX 74: The Last Preserved Bank-Diagraphe"

Box 8 Folder D 134 "Franks in Sixth-century Egypt"

Box 8 Folder D 135 "The Painted Garden of Coptos"

Box 8 Folder D 136 "A Ptolemaic Inscription from Bir 'Iayyan"

Box 8 Folder D 138 "Missing Females in Roman Egypt"

Box 8 Folder D 139 "Decolonizing Ptolemaic Egypt"

Box 8 Folder D 153 "Lender, Borrower, and Banker in P. Yale I 65"

Box 8 Folder D 154 "Eirene to Epaphrys: P. Yale I 77 revised"

Box 8 Folder D 155 "Your Wife in Your Name: P. Oxy. LXII 4340"

Box 8 Folder D 157 "'He darkened our reasoning': A note on CPR XIV 52"

Box 8 Folder D 158 "Jesus Reads a Book"

Box 8 Folder D 159 "A Prefect's Edict Mentioning Sacrifice"

Box 8 Folder D 162 "TETPAXPYΕON"