Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Roger Bagnall Papers, 1967-2019

Series VIII: Lectures and Unpublished Work

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Box 9 Alexandria Library (Dial)

Box 9 Ancient Public Administration (University Seminar)

Box 9 Athanasius

Box 9 Athens in the Dark Age, Senior thesis and rejected article

Box 9 Berenike lecture

Box 9 Christianization of the Roman Empire (AAH 1995)

Box 9 Dorymenes of Aetolia

Box 9 Eastern Desert Project, [n.p.], 1975/1976

Box 9 Ends of Famous Greeks and Romans

Box 9 Hellenistic Cities Panel, comment

Box 9 Kraus papyri

Box 9 Lewis, Greeks in Ptolemaic Egypt, reprint

Box 9 Literature and Literacy (University of Minnesota conference on the book)

Box 9 London ostraka

Box 9 Papyri as Evidence for Trade (AIA 1997)

Box 9 People of Roman Egypt, Metropolitan Museum, Brown

Box 9 Ptolemaic empire and its effects

Box 9 Reader's adviser

Box 9 Travel Dynamics Cruises , [n.p.], 1979, 1990

Box 9 Yale Classical Studies (abandoned reprint)