Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Roger Bagnall Papers, 1967-2019

Series XVII: Professional Correspondence

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Box 22 Allam, Nimet

Box 22 Aly, Zaki

Box 22 Bell, H.I. & Welles, C.B.

Box 22 Brashear, William

Box 22 Cvetler, Jiri

Box 22 Drew-Bear, Th., 1971-1978

Box 22 Drew-Bear, Th., 1979-1988

Box 22 Eliassen, Martha

Box 22 Gara, Alessandra

Box 22 Gilliam, J.F.

Box 22 Kupiszewski, Henryk

Box 23 Luft, Ulrich

Box 23 Marcovich, Miroslav

Box 23 Naour, Christian

Box 23 Polacek, Adalbert

Box 23 Raschke, Manfred

Box 23 Robert, Louis

Box 23 Scherer, Jean

Box 23 Schiller, A. Arthur and Erna

Box 23 Shelton, John

Box 23 Sijpesteijn, Pieter Johannes

Box 23 Smith, Morton

Box 23 Treadgold, Warren

Box 23 Trell, Bluma

Box 23 Turner, Eric G.

Box 23 Wagner, Guy

Box 23 Wall, Elbert

Box 23 Weems, Sarah

Box 23 Wehrli, Claude

Box 23 Weinstein, Martha

Box 23 Welles, C.B.

Box 23 Willis, William H.

Box 23 Wolff, Hans Julius

Box 23 Youtie, H.C. and L. C.