Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Roger Bagnall Papers, 1967-2019

Series XXII: Course Materials:

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Subseries XXII.1: Ancient Near East (student):

Box 30 Anatolian Neolithic (Toronto: T. Cuyler Young, Jr., and Louis D. Levine)

Box 30 Iran (Yale: T. Cuyler Young, Jr.)

Box 30 Prehistoric Mesopotamia (Yale: T. Cuyler Young, Jr.)

Box 30 Mesopotamia (Yale: Richard Ellis)

Subseries XXII.2: Roman history and civilization (student & teaching):

Box 31 Roman Republic

Box 31 Roman Empire

Box 31 Julio-Claudians (Toronto: G. V. Sumner)

Box 31 Roman civilization

Box 31 Roman literature

Box 31 Sallust

Box 31 Cicero

Box 31 Tacitus

Box 31 Etruscan and Roman art

Subseries XXII.3: Greek history, art, and archaeology (student & teaching):

Box 32 Greek history, general

Box 32 Bronze Age

Box 32 Greece, 1100-500

Box 32 [Aristotle], Athenaion Politeia (Toronto: Mary White)

Box 32 Fifth Century

Box 32 Fourth Century

Box 32 Alexander the Great

Box 32 Hellenistic

Box 32 Greek art

Subseries XXII.4: Greek literature, philosophy, religion (student & teaching):

Box 33 Epic and lyric

Box 33 Drama

Box 33 Historians

Box 33 Philosophy

Box 33 Greek religion (Yale: C. Bradford Welles)

Box 33 Old Testament

Box 33 New Testament (Yale: John H. Schütz)

Box 33 Paul (Yale: John H. Schütz)

Box 33 Religion and science (Yale: William Christian)