Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Roger Bagnall Papers, 1967-2019

Series XIV: Columbia University Activities, 1974-2001

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Box 16 Ad Hoc Committees

Box 16 Art History Plan (not adopted), [n.p.], 1993

Box 16 Biermann, F.J.

Box 16 Columbia Appointment Letters and Correspondence

Box 16 Columbia University Correspondence, misc.

Box 16 Columbia Junior Faculty Research Support, [n.p.], 1974-1978

Box 16 English Department Acting Chair, [n.p.], 2000-2001

Box 16 GSAS Deanship

Box 16 GSAS Deanship Press Coverage

Box 16 History Department New Fellowship Plan, [n.p.], 1989

Box 16 Law School: Teaching

Box 16 Law School: Schiller Library and Memorial Volume

Box 16 Margaret Thompson Honorary Degree, [n.p.], 1986

Box 16 Roman Law Search, [n.p.], 1985-1986

Box 16 Rome Agreement (Center for International Scholarly Exchange) and RSB paper on learned societies

Box 17 Analysis, Documents, and Data

Box 17 Minutes and Correspondence

Box 17 Background

Box 17 Housing Study

Box 17 Housing Policy Statement

Box 17 Capital Financing

Box 17 Predecessor Committees

Box 17 Litigation

Box 18 Correspondence

Box 18 Fraenkel Era Plans

Box 18 Planning Data

Box 18 Plans from Other Institutions

Box 18 Teaching Loads Study

Box 18 Humanities

Box 18 Music

Box 18 Natural Sciences

Box 18 Social Sciences

Box 19 Columbia University Libraries

Box 19 School of Library Science Articles and Talks

Box 19 School of Library Science Belanger and Rare Books

Box 19 School of Library Science Deanship

Box 19 School of Library Science Executive Committee

Box 19 School of Library Science Faculty

Box 19 Intner, Sheila S.

Box 19 Project Aurora

Box 19 Task Force on Information Processing

Box 19 School of Library Science Background Info

Box 19 School of Library Science Review Committee