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Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Records, 1905-1979

Series V: Projects, 1909-1976

Series documents educational research sponsored or administered by CFAT over the years. A major Studies in Higher Education project, administered by Clark Kerr in the 1960s and 1970 is described as a separate series. This series deals with grants-in-aid and early projects and studies, such as founding of the Educational Testing Service, introduction of Graduate Record Examination and College Achievement Tests, Symposia on Academic Disciplines, 1960s surveys on student values and activism, and others. For additional materials on these research projects see the meetings and correspondence series, and Series VI.B of the Carnegie Corporation of New York Records.

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Subseries V.A: Grants-in-Aid, 1946-1953

Typewritten cards for a five-year experimental cooperative program of grants-in-aid for college professors. The program, aimed at improving undergraduate instruction through sponsoring faculty research projects, is described in detail in the CFAT 42nd Annual Report of 1946-47. Arranged alphabetically by last name, the cards contain information on recipient's employment, education, research project, award amount and date. Additional information on Grants-in-Aid can be found in the CCNY Records Series VI.B and III.A (Cooperative experimental programs of Grants in Aid, 1946-1956).

Box 92 Cards, A-K, 1947-1953

Box 93 Cards, L-Z, 1947-1953

Subseries V.B: Subject Files, 1909-1976

The series starts with a general list of projects and studies (except for the Studies of Higher Education project of 1967-1979), compiled by Florence Anderson in 1979. The list contains cross references and information about the cases where project files were destroyed, or located elsewhere. The rest of the series consists of subject files for these projects. Many of these studies were financed via Carnegie Corporation of New York grants, so further information on them can be found in Series VI.B (CFAT) and series III.A (grant files) of the CCNY Records. For some projects on the list, such as Education in Maritime Provinces of Canada (CFAT bulletin no. 16) all the materials are in the Carnegie Corporation files.

Box 94 General, List of Projects and Studies by Florence Anderson, undated

Box 94 Agricultural Education, 1909-1963

American Council of Education Project, Paper by Verne A. Stadtman "Alternatives and Equivalence in Secondary Education"

Box 94 California Education Survey, 1932

Box 94 Economy in Higher Education, 1933

Box 94 Graduate Education -- General, 1916-1944

Graduate Record Examination:

Box 94 Committee on Testing, 1947-1948

Box 95 Coordination of Testing Agencies, 1938-1938

Box 95 Innovations in Liberal Arts Colleges, 1966-1970

Box 95 Justice and the Poor, 1920

Box 95 Psychological Corporation Curriculum in English Usage and Composition (O'Rourke), 1931-1944

Box 95 Student Activism (Flacks, Richard), 1965-1969

Box 95 Student Values, Feldman, Kenneth and Newcomb, Theodore, The Impact of College on Students, 1964-1969

Symposia on Academic Disciplines

Box 95 General Correspondence, 1972 1974, 1972, 1974

Box 95 Biology, 1974-1975

Box 95 English, 1973-1976

Box 95 Political Science, 1973-1974

Box 95 Vermont Education Commission, 1914

Flatbox 459 CFAT Studies, Charts, 1930-1934

Flatbox 459 College Achievement Test Provisional Charts and Tables, 1928