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Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Records, 1905-1979

Series IV: Teachers' Retirement, 1905-1984

The series documents CFAT activities as teacher's retirement fund, including the collection of data, and the administering the payments. In addition to surveys and lists of educational institutions, and correspondence documenting the first-ever teachers pension plan, the series contains index cards with data on thousands of eligible professors. Once it became clear, that the non-participatory plan is financially untenable, the "Commission on Insurance and Annuities" was formed to consider the plan for what became TIAA. It consisted of six CFAT trustees, 2 members appointed by American Association of University Professors, and one each from the Association of American Universities, National Association of State Universities, and Association of American Colleges. TIAA was officially created in 1917, but the financial obligations to retired teachers and their surviving spouses, incurred by the CFAT in the first dozen years of its existence, continued to require financial and administrative input well into the second half of the twentieth century. More information on the on Foundation's pension payments and research, and creation of TIAA can be found in CCNY Records Series VI.B (CFAT) and VI.C (TIAA), as well as grant files for Carnegie Foundation and for TIAA in series III.A.

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Subseries IV.A: Lists and Memoranda, 1905-1968

This chronologically arranged series contains surveys and lists of organizations and persons, who qualified for CFAT pensions. It details the original pension plan with its mounting problems, the creation of TIAA-CREF and relationship between the two. For more information see also Series I.C (Internal Files).

Box 84 Organization of Colleges and Universities in US and Canada, A through M, 1905-1906

Box 85 Organization of Colleges and Universities in US and Canada, N through Z, 1905-1906

Box 233 Organization of Colleges and Universities in US and Canada, A through Yale, 1940-1950s

Box 86 Teachers and Officers in Associated Institutions, 1915 November 17, 1915

List of Pensionables, 1929 January 4, 1929

Box 86 Memorandum of Agreement between CCNY and TIAA as to Professors' Annuities, 1929-1958

Box 86 Interpretation of Rules in Unusual and Special Cases, 1932-1933

Box 87 TIAA-CREF and CFAT, 1967-1968

Box 87 Alan Pifer, TIAA statement by in Educational Record, 1968

Subseries IV.B: Pension Studies, 1909-1973

The series contains subject files, documenting research on retirement plans in other occupational areas, such as industrial, federal or railroad pensions, ), and alternative teachers retirement plans in various states (Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio). Files are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box 87 General, 1909-1943

Box 87 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1916-1973

Box 87 California Teachers Retirement Plan, 1919-1930

Box 87 Federal Pensions, 1924-1927

Industrial Pensions

Box 87 Railroads, 1915-1928

Box 87 Industrial Pensions, A through Z, 1919-1930

Box 88 Iowa State Teachers Association-Annuity Plans, 1921-1930

Box 88 Michigan Teachers Retirement Fund Board, 1909-1931

Box 88 Missouri Teachers Retirement Plan, 1923-1926

Box 88 Ohio Teachers Retirement Plan, 1919-1929

Box 88 Report of Commission on Pensions, 1916-1917

Box 88 St. Louis, Missouri-Moser, Byron W., 1923-1928

Box 88 Washington State Teachers' Retirement, 1919-1930

Subseries IV.C: Index Cards, 1953-1984

The series contains index cards listing monthly payments to institutions chronological by year, then alphabetical, and two boxes of index cards for widows' pensions by name and institution.

Box 89 Colleges, 1957-1965

Box 90 Colleges, 1966-1973

Box 91 Colleges, 1974-1979

Box 91 Widows' Pensions by Name, A-Z, 1953-1984

Box 91 Widows' Pensions by Institution. A-Z, 1953-1984