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Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Records, 1905-1979

Series II: Staff and Trustee Files, 1900-1980

The series consists of materials pertaining to the founder, Andrew Carnegie; chronological board of trustees' correspondence, and files on selected individual trustees, containing their biographical information, related news items. Many trustees have also been active in other Carnegie charities, so the trustee/staff files in the related collections (particularly Carnegie Corporation of New York Records, Series I.E) can be consulted for additional information.

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Subseries II.A: Andrew Carnegie, 1904-1976

This one manuscript box of materials contains correspondence to and from Andrew Carnegie, correspondence of Foundation staff with Louise Carnegie, and a file on Andrew Carnegie's portrait.

Box 31 Andrew Carnegie Correspondence, 1904-1918

Box 31 Correspondence with Carnegie family, 1919-1951

Box 31 Andrew Carnegie Centennial, 1935-1936

Box 31 Smithsonian Institution National Portrait Gallery, 1975-1976

Subseries II.B: Chronological Files, 1905-1980

Contains chronological correspondence of the board of trustees as well as biographical data. The first file in the series also contains lists of trustees and their dates of service.

Board of Trustees:

Box 32 Correspondence, 1905-1939

Box 33 Correspondence, 1939-1962

Box 34 Correspondence, 1963-1970

Box 35 Correspondence, 1971-1980

Box 35 Trustees Biographical Data, 1970-1980

Subseries II.C: Individual Files, 1900-1980

Arranged alphabetically by trustee. Correspondence, obituaries and press coverage, speeches and writings of individual trustees of the foundation. Some also contain biographical notes, and remarks about their personal papers.

Box 36 Carmichael, Oliver C., 1946-1980

Box 36 Carnegie, Morris T., 1909-1910

Box 36 Davidson, Carter, 1965

Box 36 Dean, Arthur H., 1969

Box 36 Flexner, Abraham, 1928-1965

Box 36 Franks, Robert A., 1932-1945

Box 36 Furst, Clyde B., 1911-1930

Box 36 Harris, Rufus C., 1972

Box 36 Hill, David Spense, 1932-1947

Box 36 Jessup, Eleanor H., 1944-1962

Box 37 Jessup, Walter A., Speeches and Writings, 1934-1980

Box 37 Kandel, I. L., 1918-1951

Box 37 Kerr, Clark, 1979

Box 37 Lamont, Thomas S., 1967

Box 37 Langmuir, Charles E., 1947

Box 37 Lowry, Howard, 1967

Box 38 Learned, William S., 1901-1964

Box 38 Lee, Herbert, 1948-1949

Box 38 Lester, Robert, 1947-1967

Box 38 Mattocks, Raymond L, 1925-1953

Box 38 Perkins, James A., [1955]

Box 38 Pritchett, Henry S., 1900-1978

Box 39 Pritchett, Henry S., 1905-1930

Box 40 Reed, Alfred Z., 1913-1949

Box 40 Ryan, W. Carson Jr., 1937-1938

Box 40 Savage, Howard J., 1923-1973

Box 40 Suzallo, Henry, 1929-1978

Box 40 Taylor, Dwight D., Jr., 1951-1954