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Jerome Moross papers, 1924-2018

Series V: Additions to the Collection, 2018-2020

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Box 55 1940s

Box 55 1950s

Box 55 1960s

Box 55 1970s

Box 55 1980s

Box 55 1990s

Box 55 2000s

Box 55 Dramatist Guild

Box 55 General Artists Corp.

Box 55 Kroll Agency Agreements

Box 55 MCA Artists

Box 55 William Morris Agency

Box 55 Huckleberry Finn

Box 55 "Awaken, My Love, Awaken"

Box 55 Ballet Theatre Foundation

Box 55 Ballet Ballads

Box 55 "The Banjo" Agreement

Box 55 Sonatina-String Bass and Piano

Box 55 "The Big Country"

Box 55 "Big Country" Song

Box 55 "Biguine"

Box 55 "Blood Wedding"

Box 55 "Sonatina for Brass Quintet"

Box 55 "Captive City"

Box 55 "The Cardinal"

Box 55 "Sonatina for Clarinet Choir"

Box 55 "Clarinet Choir"

Box 55 "Close Up"

Box 55 "Five Finger Exercise"

Box 55 "Flute Concerto"

Box 55 "Forget Me Not"

Box 55 "Frankie and Johnny"

Box 55 "Gentlemen, Be Seated"

Box 55 "The Golden Apple"

Box 55 Grayson, Dick

Box 55 "Grizzly"

Box 55 "Gunsmoke"

Box 55 "Hail Hero"

Box 55 "Hans Christian Andersen"

Box 55 1953 Goldwin Letters

Box 55 "I'm a Lawyer"

Box 55 "In Tulsey Town"

Box 56 "The Jayhawkers"

Box 56 "Lancer"

Box 56 "The Lst Judgement"

Box 56 Dranoff Foundation

Box 56 Latouche/Moross

Box 56 "Mountain Road"

Box 56 "Music for the Flicks"

Box 56 "The One for Me"

Box 56 Moross Contracts

Box 56 "Parade"

Box 56 "Playhouse 90"

Box 56 "Rachel, Rachel"

Box 56 "Recitative and Aria"

Box 56 Ruth Page

Box 56 "Seven Wonders of the World"

Box 56 "The Sharkfighters"

Box 56 "Sorry, Wrong Number"

Box 56 "Symphony #1"

Box 56 "Tall Story"

Box 56 Tams-Witmark

Box 56 "Trifles"

Box 56 "Tumwater Theme"

Box 56 "Underworld Songs"

Box 56 "Gwangi"

Box 56 "Walter Mitty"

Box 56 "The Warlord"

Box 56 "The Warlord" re. Silva Recording

Box 56 "Wagon Train"

Box 56 "WFMT"

Box 56 "When I Grow Up"

Box 56 "Woodwind Quintet-Sonatina"

Box 56 Chapell & Co.

Box 56 Emusic.com

Box 56 Moross Music, Inc.

Box 56 New Music Edition (Crowell)

Box 56 "Gentlemen, Be Seated"

Box 56 "Someday"

Box 56 "Sound Exchange"

Box 56 "Subito"

Box 56 Theodore Presser Company

Box 56 "PS Classics"

Box 56 Silva Screen "The Cardinal"

Box 56 "Koch"

Box 56 "Koch" Albany

Box 56 Music Reports

Box 56 "The Golden Apple"

Box 56 Belth, Stephen



Box 57 The Big Country: A Suite of Film Music for Orchestra. Full score.

Box 57 Sorry, Wrong Number: An Opera in One Act. Music by Jerome Moross. Libretto by Lucille Fletcher. Piano-Vocal score.

Box 57 Ballet Ballads: A Musical in 4 Acts. Composed by Jerome Moross. Lyrics by John Latouche

Score features the music and lyrics for all four acts: Susanna and the Elders, Willie the Weeper, The Eccentricities of Davy Crockett and Riding Hood Revisited.

Box 57 Ballet Ballads: A Musical in 4 Acts. Composed by Jerome Moross. Lyrics by John Latouche

Published as the commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of its world premiere, May 17, 2018.


Box 57 Jerome Moross: The Big Country and Beyond! Hosted by Michael Feinstein. Produced by JonTolansky, 2013

(Not for commercial use. Use of this CD for any commercial purpose is expressly forbidden)

Box 57 Jerome Moross: American Original (2 copies). Running time: 14 minutes.

Box 57 Selections from Ballet Ballads (2 CDs)

(Not for commercial use or reproduction)

(Recorded in 1950 at the Century Theatre, Los Angeles)

Box 57 "Moross Ballet Ballads" Finale Music files. Final Version, 2011

Box 57 "Moross Sorry, Wrong Number" Finale files, Text files. Final Version, 2011

Box 57 The Jayhawkers. Music from the Motion Picture Composed and Conducted by Jerome Moross., 2012

(Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws)

Box 57 The Golden Apple. Music by Jerome Moross. Written by John Latouche, 1997


Box 57 The Golden Apple. Written by John Latouche. Music composed by Jerome Moross, 2015, 2 compact disks