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Jerome Moross papers, 1924-2018

Series II: Arranged Series

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Subseries II.1: Correspondence

Box 1 A-J, v.p., 1937-1982

Box 1 Federal Theatre Project Letters, v.p., 1938-1939

Box 1 Fisher, Thomas Hart Letters, telegrams, documents, memos, contracts., v.p., 1939-1953

[See also Page, Ruth.]

Box 1 Fitelson and Mayers Letters, receipts, documents., v.p., 1944-1962

Box 2 K-M, v.p., [1937-1982]

Box 2 Kroll Agency, Lucy , New York, [1947-1956]

Box 2 Kroll Agency, Lucy , New York, [1957-1959]

Box 2 Kroll Agency, Lucy , New York, [1960-1962]

Box 2 Kroll Agency, Lucy , New York, [1963-1982]

Box 2 Latouche, John Treville , [v.p.], 1943-1944

Box 3 M-Z, [v.p.], 1937-1982

Box 3 To Hazel A. Moross , v.p., 1948-1953; 1956-1959

Box 3 Page, Ruth , v.p., [n.d.];1938-1958

[See also Fisher, Thomas Hart.]

Box 3 Palmer, Christopher , v.p., 1973-1978

[Gift 1995-1999]

Box 3 Palmer, Christopher , v.p., 1973-1978

[Gift 1995-1999]

Box 3 Regarding Moross work: "Sorry Wrong Number.", v.p., 1972-1980

Box 3 Olympia Brewing Company Regarding Moross work: "Tumwater Music.", v.p., 1965-1968

Box 3 Unidentified Correspondence., v.p., 1949-1979

Subseries II.2: Financial Papers

Box 4 Miscellaneous items: Receipts, check stubs, money orders, bank statements, dog license, apartment lease, insurance policies, expense reports., 1949-1981

Box 4 Account book, 1949-1981

Box 4 American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers (A.S.C.A.P.) Correspondence, check stubs., 1949-1981

Box 4 Payroll statements., 1956-1960

Box 4 Royalty statements: A.S.C.A.P; Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.; others, [v.p.], 1954-1976

Box 4 Chappell & Co., Inc. Royalty statements., New York, 1951-1978

Box 4 Taxes., v.p., 1950-1961

Subseries II.3: Interviews and Biographical Notices

Box 5 c.v.; 3 copies of 2 p., October 1958

Box 5 Mike Snell c.v., New York, 2 April 1978

Box 5 Frank Herbert Interview transcript., New York, 2 February 1964

Box 5 Gerald Pratley Canadian Broadcast Corp. Interview transcript., Toronto, Ontario, 01 January 1966

Box 5 Credits and listings from "International Who's Who and Who's Who in Amerian Theatre."

Box 5 Vivian Perlis Oral History Research Office "Charles Ives Remembered" interview: 1) Recorded copy. 2) Transcript. 3) Article., New York, 19 September1969

Subseries II.4: Music Scores by Others

Box 5 George Antheil Scores inscribed to Moross by composer: 1) "Five Songs 1919-1920" for soprano and piano. COS COB Press, New York, 1934. 2) Second Sonata "The Airplane" for piano. New Music, New York, 1931., New York, 1932 (inscription)

Box 5 Bucharoff, Simon Inscribed to Moross by composer: "The Four Freedoms," lyrics and music. Pacific Music Sales, Hollywood, CA, 1943.

Box 5 Chabrier, Emmanuel Score inscribed by Harold Schonberg: "Trois Valses Romantiques" for 2 pianos. Enoch & Cie., Paris., December 1976 (inscription)

[Mold damage]

Box 5 Copland, Aaron Photocopies of scores in nonsequential order. Includes "Our Town."

Box 5 Herrmann, Bernard Score inscribed to Moross by composer: "Moby Dick." Cantata for male chorus, soloists, and orchestra. Novello & Co., LTD., 10 February 1972 (inscription)

Box 5 Robinson, Earl Photocopies and ozalid copies of scores.

Box 5 Spialek, Hans Score inscribed to Moross by composer: "The Tall City." Suite for Orchestra. Harms, Inc., New York., 1933 (inscription)

Subseries II.5: Photographs and Portraits

Box 5 Photographs of Ives Centennial Celebration., University of Miami, 1976

Box 5 Moross, Jerome Head shots, 1976

Box 5 Mathers, Don and Princess Livingston Signed and inscribed to Jerome and Hazel Moross.

Box 5 Moross and unidentified woman with cello.

Box 5 Moross, Jerome U.S. Passport with 4 extra passport photographs., 17 September1948

Box 5 Moross, Jerome Publicity photographs and contact sheets.

Box 5 Lerman, Leo Inscribed and signed to Moross and Hazel Moross., 30 August 1952

Flat Box 235 Charcol drawing. Moross head shot (adult years) with cigarette. Signed "PAV", 1989

[Gift 1999]

Flat Box 235 Tinted photograph. Moross full length (childhood years), domed oval., 1989

[Gift 1999]

Flat Box 235 Oil portrait. Moross full length (childhood years). Note: Artist's rendering of previous photograph.

[Gift 1999]

Subseries II.6: Biographical Mementos

Box 5 Newspaper clippings: includes public school graduation at age 10 and obituaries., 1924-2000

Box 5 Periodicals; clippings regarding Moross., n.d.; 1934-1979

Box 5 Newspaper clippings-miscellaneous subjects; geographical list of League of Composers.

Box 5 Stern, Eric and Tommy Krasker Songbook Series at Joe's Pub. Flyer: "A Tribute to Jerome Moross"; 2 copies of 1 p., New York, 28 February 2000

[Gift 2000]