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Jerome Moross papers, 1924-2018

Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

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Box 1 Antheil, George To Jerome and Hazel Moross, Hollywood, 14 March 1951

Box 1 Carter, Jimmy and Rosalyn To Hazel Aframs Moross, Washington, [1977-1980]

[With envelopes]

Box 1 Catton, Bruce To Jerome Moross, New York, 23 September 1963

Box 1 Clemens, Cyril To Jerome Moross, Kirkwood, MO, 27 May 1970

Box 1 Copland, Aaron To Jerome Moross, Peekskill, NY & New York, NY, [n.d.] & 10 Nov 1940-7 Nov 1944

Box 1 Corwin, Norman To Jerome Moross, v.p., 23 April 1958-15 Dec 58

[With copies of related letters.]

Box 1 De Mille, Agnes George To Jerome Moross, [New York], 21 Jan 1952 through April 1952

Box 1 Evans, Maurice To Hazel Aframs Moross, [n.p.], 12 July 1965

Box 1 Kreymborg, Alfred To Jerome Moross, New York, 5 July 1944

Box 1 Mancini, Henry To Jerome Moross, Hollywood, CA, 19 Dec 1966

Box 1 Martin, Mary To Jerome Moross, [n.p], [n.d.]

Box 1 Miller, Henry To Jerome Moross, Big Sur, CA, 2 Aug 1944

Box 1 Jerome Moross To Aaron Copland, Pacific Palisades & Los Angeles, CA, 1942-1944

[Xerox copies. Original letters housed in the Copland Collection, Music Division, Library of Congress. Gift of the Library of Congress, 17 July 1992]

Box 1 Robbins, Jerome To Jerome Moross, New York, 6 Nov 1944

Box 1 Rorem, Ned To Jerome Moross, [n.p.] & New York, [n.d.] & [Oct 1973]-[Feb 1977]

Box 1 Thompson, Randall To Jerome Moross, Princeton, NJ, 18 June 1948

[With envelope]

Box 1 Thomson, Virgil To Jerome Moross, New York, 18 Sept [n.y.]; 8 Oct 1979-1 June 1982

[One with envelope]

Box 1 Vidal, Gore To Jerome and Hazel Moross, Beverly Hills, CA, 26 March 1968

Box 1 Wilder, Thornton To Jerome Moross, Edgarton, MA, 28 Sept 1967

[With envelope.]