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Constance Baker Motley Papers, 1935-2006

Series VIII: Publications, 1963-1996

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Subseries VIII.A.: 1960s, 1963

Box 15 "James Meredith In Perspective," The Crisis January, 1963

Subseries VIII.B: 1970s, 1973-1978

Box 15 "Law and Order," The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 1973

Box 15 "The Continuing American Revolution," The Journal of Negro History, January, 1976

"Prisoner's Rights," Brooklyn Law Review, Volume XLII Spring, 1976"

Box 15 "The Legal Status of the Black American," The Black American Reference Book, 1976

Box 15 "I Remember the Tumultuous Years and Thurgood Marshall," Harvard Civil Rights Civil Liberties Law Review Spring, 1978

Box 15 "Federal Jurisdiction," Brooklyn Law Review, Volume XLIV Summer, 1978 Commentary, 1978

Subseries VIII.C.: 1980s, 1987-1989

Box 15 "Race Discrimination Cases: The Legacy of Justice Lewis F. Powell," Suffolk University Law Review Winter, 1987

Box 15 "Massive Resistance: America's Second Civil War," Arkansas Law Review, 1988

Box 15 "Remarks on Holmes-Hunter Lecture," The Harvard Blackletter Journal Spring, 1988

Box 15 "Some Recollections of My Career," Law and Inequality, May, 1988

Box 15 "Desegregation and Education," Mississippi Law Journal Fall, 1988

Box 15 "Civil Rights: Our Legacy and our Responsibility," North Dakota Law Review, 1988

Box 15 "Standing on His Shoulders: Thurgood Marshall's Early Career," The Harvard Blackletter Journal Spring, 1989

Subseries VIII.D.: 1990s, 1990-1996

Box 15 "The Legal Aspects of the Amistad Case," Journal of the New Haven Colony Historical Society, 1990

Box 15 "In Memoriam: Honorable Lloyd F. MacMahon (1912-1989)," West's Federal Supplement, 1990

Box 15 "The Supreme Court, Civil Rights Litigation, and Déjà Vu," Cornell Law Review, March, 1991

Box 15 "Thurgood Marshall: A Personal Tribute," Ms. September /October, 1991

Box 15 "My Personal Debt to Thurgood Marshall," The Yale Law Journal, October, 1991

Box 15 "Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Litigation in the U.S. Supreme Court," Harvard Blackletter Journal Spring, 1992

Box 15 "The Historical Setting of 'Brown' and its Impact on the Supreme Court's Decisions," Fordham Law Review, October, 1992

Box 15 "Tribute: In Memory of Thurgood Marshall," New York University Law Review, May, 1993

Box 15 "Remarks at the Thurgood Marshall Commemorative Luncheon," Brooklyn Law Review Summer, 1996

Subseries VIII.E.: 2000s, 2004, 2004

Box 15 "Reflections on Justice Before and After Brown," Fordham Urban Law Journal, December, 2004

Box 15 "The Brown Case Transformed American Society," in On the Right Side of History: Lessons from Brown, 2004

Subseries VIII.F.: Collected Publications, 1937-2005

Box 22 Biographiocal Essays/Legal Career, 1995-2005

Box 22 Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection, Temple University

Box 22 Daily Worker , 27 April 1940

Box 22 C. W. Blakeslee -- Construction

Box 22 John Douglas House, 1745

Box 22 Louisville & Nashville RR--Menu, 27 April 1941

Box 22 "Get on the Bus" (brochure), 16 October 1996

Box 22 Miscellaneous

Box 22 Pageant - Constance Baker Motley "Race Relations", February 1964

Box 22 Pfister Hotel and Tower, Milwaukee, WI, (Brochure)

Box 22 PIC , November 1946

Box 22 Race Relations Law Survey, Vanderbilt University, School of Law, 1969-1970 (2 folders), 1969-1970

Box 22 76th Congress, 3rd Session, H.R.8615, 22 February 1940

Box 22 "Survey of Magistrate Positions Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts", June 1986