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Constance Baker Motley Papers, 1935-2006

Series VI: U.S. District Court Judgeship (Judicial Years), 1966-1995

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Subseries VI.A.: Cases, 1967-1994

Box 11 Mary McLeod vs. Raymond Dean d/b/a/ Dean's Protective Service, et al., 21 February1967

Box 11 Tizio Buda vs. Royal Netherlands SS Company , March13, 1967

Box 11 Irwin Jacwin v. Beneficial Fire and Casualty Company , March29, 1967

Box 11 Myers vs. Town of Harrison , December 19, 1969

Box 11 United States of America vs. Vincent Alo , September 26, 1970

Box 11 United States of America vs. Leon Goldberg , December 16, 1971

Box 11 United States of America vs. Robert McKee , January 28, 1972

Box 11 United States of America vs. Pedro Santiago , February21, 1973

Box 11 United States of America vs. Joseph Marando, et al. , July 24, 1973

Box 11 United States of America vs. Salvatore Cioffi , September 19-24, 1973

Box 11 Raymond Scanapico vs. Clark Equipment Co., Inc. , May 7, 1974

Box 11 Rasmussen vs. Toia , September 13, 1976

Box 11 Tomas Rosario, Ovidio Vega and Ray Cabel vs. Abe Dolgen, et al , April 27, 1978

Box 11 United States of America vs. Arthur Badillo , 1981

Box 11 Olsen vs. City of New York , March, 1985

Box 11 Notable Civil Trial Opinions, 1988-1994

Box 11 Summaries of Historic Cases of Judge Constance Baker Motley, by Kim Eisler, 1995

Box 12 Judicial Years: Nomination to Federal Judge 1966 Articles and ephemera, 1966

Box 12 Judicial Years: Newspaper Articles, 1960s

Box 12 Judicial Years: Newspaper Articles, 1970s

Box 12 Immigration and Naturalization Ceremony, December, 1972

Box 12 Constance Baker Motley Apartments Dedication, 1972

Box 12 Discussion on Politics and Government, Quotes from the Twenty-First Century Conference, League of Women Voters Education Fund, March22, 1973

Box 12 A Proposal for New York University Law School in Connection with the Bi-Centennial Regarding Contributions of African-American Lawyers, February26, 1975

Box 12 Judicial Years: African Itinerary April, 1975 Itinerary of trip to Durban, South Africa and accompanying article, April, 1975

Box 12 Motley excerpt from Particular passions: Talks with women who have shaped our lives, 1981

Box 12 Interview with The Federal Judicial Center on Judgeship, October, 1985

Box 12 Commentator at The Federal Courts: The Next 100 Years" Symposium sponsored by the University of South Carolina School of Law September 19 and 20, 1986

Box 12 Judicial Years: Newspaper Articles, 1980s

Box 12 Judicial Years: Newspaper Articles, 1990s

Box 12 "In Memoriam, The Honorable Lloyd F. MacMahon", September 14, 1989

Box 12 Judicial Years: News Magazine and Book Articles, 1991-1994

Box 12 Interview with Chiara Andres, WGBH in Boston, Regarding President Eisenhower's Handling of Civil Rights, June 11, 1992

Box 12 Narrative of Constance Baker Motley's Life and Career, "Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around" by Catherine J. Dargan, 1994-1995

Box 12 Judicial Years: Articles on Case Rulings/Decisions, 1966-1995

Box 12 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka: The Legal Strategy by Constance Baker Motley, undated