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Constance Baker Motley Papers, 1935-2006

Series VII: Speeches, 1963-2000

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Subseries VII.A.: 1960s, 1960s, 1960s

Box 13 "Desegregation: What it Means to the Medical Professions and the Responsibilities it Places on the Negro Professionals" Before the John A. Andrew Clinical Society, April 21, 1963

Women's City Club of New York, November 19, 1963

Box 13 Speech before the New York Ethical Culture Society, March15, 1964

Box 13 Women's Bar Association, December 8, 1966

Box 13 Remarks to Hadassah on Receiving the Myrtle Wreath Award, December 14, 1966

Box 13 "Equal Justice Under Law-A New Dimension" Before the Columbia Law School Alumni

Box 13 Association, January 27, 1967

Box 13 "The Quest for a New Equality" Before the United Church Women of Lower Middlesex County, April 29, 1967

Box 13 "Emancipation: The Constitutional and Legal Struggle which Ensued", 1960s

Box 13 Undated Miscellaneous Speeches 1960s, Undated, 1960s

Subseries VII.B.: 1970s, 1972-1979

Box 13 Remarks Before the YMCA Annual Meeting, April 26, 1972

Box 13 Dedication Ceremony of the Constance Baker Motley Apartments, New Haven, Connecticut, May 14, 1972

Box 13 Commencement Ceremonies at Quinnipiac College, Hamden, Connecticut, May 27, 1972

Box 13 "'Law and Order' and the Criminal Justice System", Northwestern University School of Law, April 24, 1973

Box 13 Remarks at Testimonial Dinner, Orange, New Jersey, June 22, 1973

Box 13 "Twenty Years Later-My Personal Recollections of Brown and Some Personal Comments on Its Impact and Implementation," University of Notre Dame, March21, 1974

Box 13 "In Response to Dean Sovern's 2-1-1 Plan"-Remarks at Fifth Annual Law Symposium, Columbia Law School, March23, 1974

Box 13 Remarks at 17th Annual Dean's Day, New York University of Law School, October 26, 1974

Box 13 Remarks on Crime and Punishment at Seattle, Washington Conference, December 19, 1975

Box 13 "The Continuing American Revolution," Bicentennial Meeting of the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, Atlanta, Georgia, October 16, 1975

Box 13 "Proposal for Rationalizing Sentencing," Institute for Trial Judges, Hunter College, October 29, 1975

Box 13 "Securing the Rights of the Individual in an Organized Society," Brattleboro Forum, Vermont, April 2, 1976

Box 13 "Two Hundred Years of Law and Liberty," Shippensburg State College, May 3, 1976

Box 13 "The Role of the Federal Courts in Establishing Justice," American Revolution Bicentennial Committee, Westport, Connecticut, October 21, 1976

Box 13 Remarks at Law Day 1977-Gate City Bar Association, Atlanta, Georgia, May 4, 1977

Box 13 Address at the Graduate and Professional Schools' Convocation, Rutgers University, June 3, 1977

Box 13 "Eliminating Disparities and Disproportionality in Sentencing," Constitutional Law Conference, Los Angeles, September 17, 1977

Box 13 Remarks in Honor of the Honorable Matthew J. Perry, Charleston, South Carolina, October 8, 1977

Box 13 Remarks for the Distinguished Visitors Program, University of Connecticut School of

Box 13 Law, November 21, 1977

Box 13 "Some New Perspectives on Justice," Cleveland State University Law School, December 1, 1977

Box 13 Remarks Upon the Presentation of the Personal Papers of Ernest Nathan Morial, Amistad Research Center, New Orleans, April 30, 1978

Box 13 "Should Corporate Laws Function to Restrain Anti-Social and Illegal Conduct?," ALI-ABA Regional Symposium on the Structure and Governance of Corporations, May 4-6, 1978

Box 13 Remarks on Tribute to Black Women, Alpha Phi Alpha Convention, Minneapolis

Box 13 Minnesota, August 2, 1978

Box 13 Remarks at Women's Division Luncheon-National Bar Association, Hollywood, Florida, August 15, 1978

Box 13 Remarks on 25th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, Philadelphia Area Lawyers' Wives Inc., March24, 1979

Box 13 Remarks on 25th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, University of Montevallo, Alabama, May 1, 1979

Box 13 Remarks to Women's Forum Upon Receiving Medal of Achievement, Yale University, May 6, 1979

Box 13 Remarks Upon Receiving Honorary Degree at Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia, May 20, 1979

Box 13 Remarks at the National Bar Association's Tribute to Thurgood Marshall, the NAACP, and NAACP

Box 13 Legal Defense and Education Fun on the 25th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, 1979

Subseries VII.C.: 1980s, 1980s

Box 13 "The Law as an Instrument of Social Change," University of Montana Law School, March29, 1980

Box 13 Remarks to the Hawaii State Bar Association, Honolulu, May 1, 1980

Box 13 "Prisoners' Rights-Rights of Mental Patients, Recent Developments in the Law, American

Box 13 Psychiatric Association Convention, San Francisco, May 7, 1980

Box 13 Law School Graduation Address, University of Puget Sound School of Law, Tacoma, Washington, May 11, 1980

Box 13 Remarks for One Hundredth Anniversary-Episcopal Churchwomen of Connecticut-Hartford, Connecticut, November 9, 1980

Box 13 "Reflections on the Role of a Federal District Judge," Douglas College, April 1, 1981

Box 13 Remarks Before the NBA Judicial Council Meeting, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, January 30, 1982

Box 13 Remarks Before the Women and Work Conference, Smith College, March10, 1982

Box 13 Remarks at 25th Anniversary of Puerto Rican Bar Association, New York, October 29, 1982

Box 13 Remarks at the 2nd Annual Rivers Toney Watson Dinner, December 3, 1982

Box 13 "A Nation of Litigators-The Constitution Its Sword," New York County Lawyers Annual Bar Dinner, December 9, 1982

Box 13 Remarks at Honoring of Edwin Thomas-Gate City Bar Association, Atlanta, Georgia, September 24, 1983

Box 13 Remarks at Queens College Law School, October 21, 1983

Box 13 Remarks at Fourteenth Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast, Boston, Massachusetts, January 16, 1984

Box 13 Remarks at the Presentation of the Charles Evans Hughes Award to Beverly Sills, March5, 1984

Box 13 Remarks at the Second Circuit Historical Committee's Exhibit: The Courthouse at Foley Square, April 17, 1985

Box 13 Address at University of North Dakota School of Law Graduation, May 9, 1987

Box 13 "Massive Resistance: America's Second Civil War," University of Arkansas School of Law, September 23-25, 1987

Box 13 Remarks at the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution Commemoration of the United States Supreme Court, Philadelphia, October 2, 1987

Box 13 "Race Discrimination Cases: The Legacy of Justice Lewis F. Powell, November 5, 1987

Box 13 Remarks at the Holmes-Hunter Lecture, University of Georgia, November 20, 1987

Box 13 "Minority Representation on Juries: From Swain v. Alabam a to Batson v. Kentucky--and Beyond," University of Kansas, 1987

Box 13 Remarks at C.B. King Memorial, Albany, Georgia, March18-19, 1988

Box 13 Remarks for the King-Tisdell Bicentennial Project, Savannah State College, December 11, 1987

Box 13 Remarks at the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund Award to Judge Robert L. Carter, March25, 1988

Box 13 Remarks at the Second Circuit Historical Committee Opening of the Meredith Exhibit, United States Courthouse Lobby, December 14, 1988

Box 13 Remarks at the Civil Rights Movement and the Law--A National Symposium, University of Mississippi, March31-April 2, 1989

Box 13 "The Roles of Women in Civil Rights Struggles," Carter G. Woodson Institute for Afro-American and African Studies, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, May 31, 1989

Box 13 "To Establish Justice," Fraunces Tavern Museum Reception, September 21, 1989

Box 13 Address at the Pitkin Memorial Lecture on the Amistad Case, New Haven Colony Historical Society, September 25, 1989

Box 13 Remarks as Chairman of Committee on Court History, on the Occasion of the Court's Observance of Its Two Hundredth Anniversary, November 3, 1989

Box 13 "The Supreme Court--Civil Rights Litigation--and Déjà vu," Cornell University, November 30, 1989

Subseries VII.D.: 1990s and 2000s, 1990-2003

Box 14 Address at Martin Luther King Jr. Lectures, Vanderbilt University School of Law, January 24, 1990

Box 14 Commencement Address, Tulane University School of Law, May 13, 1990

Box 14 "Opportunities for Minorities in the Legal Profession--A Look at the Judiciary," University of Kansas School of Law, September 25, 1990

Box 14 Remarks for Design Award Ceremony for the New Foley Square Courthouse, March29, 1991

Box 14 Columbia Law School Commencement Address, May 15, 1991

Box 14 Claremont Address-Panel on the Bill of Rights, Claremont University Center and Graduate School, May 18, 1991

Box 14 "The Legacy of Brown," Fordham University School of Law Tribute to Justice Thurgood

Box 14 Marshall, March24, 1992

Box 14 Remarks at New York City Bar Association's Tribute to Justice Thurgood Marshall, March24, 1992

Box 14 "Opportunities for Minorities in the Legal Profession--A Look at the Judiciary," American Bar Association Convention, San Francisco, August 7, 1992

Box 14 Remarks at the Annual Cannon Lecture, University of Toledo College of Law, October 14, 1992

Box 14 "Thurgood Marshall, an Authentic American Hero," Marshall Tributes, August 17, 1993

Box 14 "Higher Education and Affirmation Action," Indiana University School of Law, October 6, 1993

Box 14 Memorial Service for Justice Thurgood Marshall, 1993 November 15, 1993, 1993, November 15, 1993

Box 14 "The Violence that Accompanied Desegregation in Mississippi," Trinity College, Burlington, Vermont, October 5, 1994

Box 14 Remarks at the Celebration of the African-American Contribution to the Legal Community, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, November 1, 1994

Box 14 "The Roles of Women in Civil Rights Struggles," New York Federal Women's History Program, The New York Federal Executive Board, April 4, 1995

Box 14 Response Upon Receipt of the "Distinguished Alumni Award," Columbia University, April 4, 1996

Box 14 Remarks at the Thurgood Marshall Commemorative Luncheon, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, April 24, 1996

Box 14 Remarks at the Memorial Service for Haywood Burns, City College, May 7, 1996

Box 14 "The Road from Brown," University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, September 30, 1996

Box 14 Response as Recipient of the 20th Anniversary Gala Award of the Association of Black Women Attorneys, October 5, 1996

Box 14 Remarks at the Kate Stoneman Day Celebration, Albany Law School, April 30, 1997

Box 14 Remarks at the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund's Dinner Gala, Washington D.C., May 21, 1997

Box 14 Remarks at the Annual Dinner & Installation of Officers, Westchester Women's Bar Association, Mamaroneck, New York, June 11, 1997

Box 14 Remarks for the James Weldon Johnson Award to Jessye Norman, The Schomburg

Box 14 Center, December 21, 1997

Box 14 Remarks at the Stanley H. Fuld Award Presentation Section on Commercial and Federal Litigation, New York State Bar Association, January 28, 1998

Box 14 Remarks at the Panel Discussion "Challenges of Black Leadership and Responsibility in the New Millenium," Paul Robeson Symposium, Columbia Law School, April 18, 1998

Box 14 "The New Face of Civil Rights," University of Southern Alabama, May 13, 1998

Box 14 Remarks at Forum 98, University of Rochester, July 16, 1998

Box 14 "America's Twentieth Century Activists," National Women's Studies Assocation, SUNY

Box 14 Oswego, June 13, 1998

Box 14 Remarks Upon Receiving the Emory Buckner Award, November 22, 2000

Box 14 Remarks at the Amistad Celebration, New Haven, Connecticut, July 15, 2000

Box 14 Remarks at the Association of Black Women Attorneys Annual Meeting, September 30, 2003