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Constance Baker Motley Papers, 1935-2006

Series III: NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, 1948-1991, bulk 1948-1964

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Subseries III.A.: Cases, 1948-1991, bulk 1948-1963

Box 5 Constance Baker Motley Cases -- Lexis Nexis print out. List of cases argued and Motley's NAACP Legan Defence and Education Fund business card

Box 5 David Brown vs. W.P. Baskin, et al., July, 1948

Box 5 "Gladys Noel Bates Teacher-Equalization Pay Suit" (First Trial Participation of Constance Baker Motley), 1948-1950

Box 5 Racial Discrimination by the Federal Housing Administration, February, 1949

Box 5 New York State Employment Discrimination, 1960-1961 1960-1961, 1960-1961, 1960-1961

Box 5 Desegregation Cases, 1954-1963. Legal Defense Fund Supreme Court cases

Box 5 Lucy v. Adams, University of Alabama 1955-1963 Newspaper articles, case review and narrative, 1955-1963

Box 5 Florida Public Schools, 1956-1962. Newspaper clippings and Hawkins v. Board of Control case narratives

Box 5 Arkansas Public Schools June, 1956 newspaper article, June, 1956

Box 5 Ward v. Regents of University of Georgia-Trial Transcript Part I, December, 1956

Box 5 Ward v. Regents of University of Georgia-Trial Transcript Part II, December, 1956

Box 5 Ward v. Regents of University of Georgia, 1957-1991. 191 Federal Supplement 491, Atlanta Journal articles, convention speech referencing the case, and case narrative

Box 5 Louisiana Public Schools, 1957-1961 Newspaper clippings, 1957-1961

Box 6 Darby v. Daniel -- Election Laws, 1958. Newspaper clippings

Box 6 New York State Civil Service Rules for Classified Service, 1959

Box 6 Alabama Public Schools, 1959-1963. Newspaper clippings

Box 6 Atlanta Public Schools, 1959-1963 Newspaper clippings, 1959-1963

Box 6 Hamilton M. Holmes, a minor by next friend, et al. v. Walter N. Danner , 1961

Box 6 Hamilton v. State of Alabama-Criminal Law, Right to Counsel, 1961 Newspaper clippings, 1961

Box 6 James Meredith Case, 1961-1963. Articles on case, biographies of James Meredith, and case narrative

Box 6 University of Georgia Desegregation Case, 1961-1963

Box 6 Jones v. May er -- Election Laws, 1961-1967. Supreme Court publications case

Box 6 Gantt v. Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina 1962 Newspaper articles, 1962

Box 6 Constance Baker Motley Taxicab dispute, 1962. Correspondence and investigation reports

Box 6 Watson et al. v. Memphis Court Transcript, 1962

Box 6 Hamm v. Rock Hill. Court Transcript, October 1964

Box 6 Swain v. Alabama , 1964-1965

Box 6 Denial of Union Membership on Account of Race and Color, undated

Subseries III.B.: NAACP Publications and Related Materials, 1948-1976, bulk 1948-1964

Box 7 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Brochures, 1948-1963

Box 7 Memorandum to James E. Allen from NAACP 1956-1957 Regarding desegregation in NY State public schools, 1956-1957

Box 7 Integration and Race, General Topics, 1957-1974. Articles and correspondence

Box 7 Toward Equal Justice, The Story of NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, 1950s

Box 7 The Grenville Clark Plan, 1961

Box 7 White House Press Release June 19, 1963 John F. Kennedy press release concerning civil rights and job opportunities, June 19, 1963

Box 7 Medgar Evers Slaying, 1963. Newspaper clippings

Box 7 Publications Honoring Constance Baker Motley while at NAACP LD+EF, 1963-1964

Box 7 Events Honoring Constance Baker Motley while at NAACP LD+EF, 1963-1964

Box 7 The Crisis publications, 1964-1976

Subseries III.C.: Clippings, 1958-1964

Box 8 NAACP Award Clippings, 1958

Box 8 NAACP Clippings: 1960 1960 Newspaper clippings, 1960, 1960

Box 8 NAACP Clippings [acid-free copies]:, 1960

Box 8 NAACP Clippings:, 1961

Box 8 NAACP Clippings [acid-free copies]:, 1961

Box 8 NAACP Clippings:, 1962

Box 8 NAACP Clippings [acid-free copies]:, 1962

Box 8 NAACP Attorney Clippings:, 1962-1963

Box 8 NAACP Clippings:, 1963

Box 8 NAACP Clippings [acid-free copies]:, 1963

Box 8 NAACP Press Clippings, 1963

Box 8 Current Biography, Volume 25, Number 5, May, 1964