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Rafael Steinberg Papers, 1903-2014, bulk 1944-1980

Series VII: Steinberg Family, 1903-1994

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Subseries VII.1: Steinberg Family, 1909-1990, undated

Materials from the Steinberg family collection include "A Special Couple," a story by Rafael Steinberg about his parents (1981); invitations to Rafael Steinberg and Tamiko Okamoto's wedding (1953); a family photo published inForward(circa 1930); Steinberg's parents' Ketubah (1923); and greeting cards and family illustrations by Isador N. Steinberg. Other materials shed light on Isador N. Steinberg's career, among them pocket books whose covers Steinberg illustrated throughout several decades and materials on his work for the U.S. Army during World War II and after (including correspondence with military officials), as well as on the parents' involvement with the Commercial Artists' Union in the 1930s. Also included are unpublished short stories by Polly N. Steinberg and correspondence with editors; the parents' copies of socialist magazine The Liberator (1918-1920); phonebooks and diaries from 1911 to 1990 (intermittent); letters, passports, diplomas, report cards, and other memorabilia from their school years.

Box 20 and 24 Polly N. Steinberg diaries, 1911, 1954-1975, 1977-1990

Box 20 and 24 Isador N. Steinberg diary, 1987

Box 20 and 24 Isador N. Steinberg notebook, undated

Box 20 and 24 Pauline Rifkind school diplomas and report cards, 1909-1918

Box 20 and 24 Polly N. Steinberg and Isador N. Steinberg phonebooks, undated

Box 21 Folder 1 Steinberg family, 1923-1966

(includes invitations to Rafael Steinberg and Tamiko Okamoto wedding, 1953 family photo fromForward, circa 1930, parents' Ketubah, 1923)

Box 21 Folder 2 "A Special Couple", story by Rafael Steinberg on parents, 1981)

Box 21 Folder 3 Family illustrations and greeting cards, 1945 undated

Box 21 Folder 4 Isador N. Steinberg memorabilia from school, 1915 1917 1921 undated, 1915, 1917, 1921 undated

(includes "East Orange High School News")

Box 21 Folder 5 Isador N. Steinberg career, 1935-1983

(includes correspondence with Leopold Arnaud, Edith Horton, David Steinberg, Wheeler Sammons, Jr., Mrs. George Pratt, William L. Longyear, Edward Mills, Jr., Narcisse Chamberlain, M. B. Glick, Lloyd Goodrich, Etta Ress, Piet E. Schreuders)

Box 21 Folder 6 Isador N. Steinberg work for U.S. Army, 1943-1945 1960, 1943-1945, 1960

(includes correspondence with O. A. Gottschalk, J. W. Labine, William Allison, O. L. Nelson, S. E. Gerard, L. George Horowitz, Ross Barrett, Jr., Maxwell Dauer)

Box 21 Folder 7 Commercial Artists' Union, 1934-1936 undated, 1934-1936, undated

Box 21 Folder 8 The Municipal Art Society of New York membership, undated

Box 21 Folder 9 Isador N. Steinberg letters, 1942 1955 1966, 1942, 1955, 1966

(includes correspondence with John T. Madden, David Steinberg)

Box 21 Folder 10 Drafts of Isador N. Steinberg letters, undated

Box 21 Folder 11 Polly N. Steinberg letters, 1923-1957 undated, 1923-1957, undated

(includes correspondence with David Rockefeller, David Steinberg, Jerome Davis Ross, Jacob Seeger, William M. Jayme, N. A. Benderly, Henry Gladstone, Albert Lorch, Daniel Chase)

Box 21 Folder 12 Polly N. Steinberg stories + letters from editors, 1951 1956 undated, 1951, 1956 undated

Box 21 Folder 13-14 Polly N. Steinberg notes, undated

Box 21 Folder 15 Polly N. Steinberg and Isador N. Steinberg passports, 1956-1961

Box 21 Folder 16 Liberator (socialist magazine),, 1918-1920

Box 21 Folder 17 Pocket book covers illustrated by Isador N. Steinberg, 1939-1982

Box 21 Folder 18 Clips saved by Polly N. Steinberg, 1955 1974, 1955, 1974

Subseries VII.2: Family Estate, 1903-1994, bulk 1935-1994

Materials on the Steinberg family finances and real estate holdings, including a New Jersey farm (Stonehill Farm) and a Manhattan apartment.

Box 22 Folder 1-4 Stonehill Farm, 1935-1994

Box 22 Folder 5 Apartment on 57 West 69th Street, New York NY, 1950-1973

Box 22 Folder 6 Family real estate (miscellaneous), 1903-1989 [Bulk Dates: 1935-1982], 1903-1989

Box 22 Folder 7 Family finances, 1935-1983

Box 22 Folder 8 Forest management plan and farms conservation plan, Estate of Isador N. Steinberg,, 1993