Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Rafael Steinberg Papers, 1903-2014, bulk 1944-1980

Series V: Personal and professional items, 1944-2002, bulk 1944-1975

Items in this subseries include Steinberg's phone books, passports and press cards, pocket books, pocket planners, business cards and miscellaneous notes; currency Steinberg saved from his time in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, as well as US Military currency; diplomatic phone books and directories used by Steinberg in his work; and materials on the classes Steinberg taught at New York University. Also included are research for unfinished projects on religion and cognition; materials on Steinberg's small business, RMS Word Processing; and materials on Steinberg's sailing hobby.

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Box 11 Journalism pocket books and notes, 1950-1975 undated, 1950-1975, undated

Box 23 Journalism pocket books and notes, 1950-1975 undated, 1950-1975, undated

Box 18 Pocket planners, 1982-2001 (intermittent), 1982-2001

Box 17 Folder 1 Rafael Steinberg curriculum vitae, undated

Box 17 Folder 2-3 Business cards, undated

Box 17 Folder 4 Personal phone books, undated

Box 17 Folder 5 Miscellaneous notes, undated

Box 17 Folder 6 Press cards, undated

Box 17 Folder 7 Passports, 1948-1975

Box 17 Folder 8 Currency (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, US Military)

Box 17 Folder 9 Diplomatic phone book, Tokyo, 1964 1966, 1964, 1966

Box 17 Folder 10 US Embassy telephone directory, Thailand, 1962

Box 17 Folder 11 US Embassy telephone directory, Tokyo, 1964

Box 17 Folder 12 Tokyo phone book, 1964

Box 17 Folder 13 Tokyo Lawn Tennis Club members list, 1966

Box 17 Folder 14 Japan Society guest lists, 1972-1973

Box 17 Folder 15 Memorabilia, 1944-1972

Box 17 Folder 16 NYU Teaching, 1980-1982 resources for instructors, syllabus, teaching materials, assignments, attendance sheets, NYU ID, 1980-1982

(includes correspondence with Stanley Gabor, Kathleen Murray)

Box 17 Folder 17 Research for "In the Name of God", 1980-1996

(includes correspondence with Judith L. Morris, Lloyd P. Wells)

Box 17 Folder 18 Research on left brain-right brain, 1973-1983

(includes correspondence with May a Pines)

Box 17 Folder 19 RMS Word Processing, 1984-1999

(includes correspondence with Gerald J. Rourke, Marvin Weinberg, Gary Weinberg)

Box 17 Folder 20 Flight TWA 800, 1996-2002

Box 17 Folder 21-22 Sailing, 1957-1999