Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Rafael Steinberg Papers, 1903-2014, bulk 1944-1980

Series IV: Letters (professional and personal), 1938-2006, bulk 1946-1989

This subseries includes personal and professional letters, sent to and from Steinberg over the course of seven decades. Professional letters include correspondence with colleagues, editors, publishers, agents and sources. Personal letters were primarily exchanged between Steinberg and his parents during his stays in Korea, London and Japan, compiling a valuable and revealing account of Steinberg's work life as a foreign correspondent. Also included are several letters in Japanese and a collection of Christmas cards and lists.

Additional letters can be found in Series I, II, III, V, VI, and VII

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Box 14 Folder 5 Letters to parents from Korea, 1951-1952 undated, 1951-1952, undated

Box 14 Folder 6 Telegrams from Japan, 1952

Box 14 Folder 7 Letters to parents from London, 1955-1958

Box 14 Folder 8 Letters to parents from Japan, 1959-1967

(includes letters from Tamiko Steinberg, Summer Steinberg, Nathan Weisman, Isador N. Steinberg and Polly N. Steinberg)

Box 14 Folder 9 Letters to Rafael Steinberg from family, 1940-1944

Box 14 Folder 10-12 Letters to Rafael Steinberg from family, 1945-1950

Box 14 Folder 13-14 Letters to Rafael Steinberg, 1942-1947

Box 14 Folder 15 Letters to Rafael Steinberg, 1950-1959

(includes correspondence with Anne Tolstoi)

Box 14 Folder 16 Letters to Rafael Steinberg, 1960-1969

(includes correspondence with Norman Sklarewitz, Esther Sklarewitz, Irvin Sablosky, Francesca Siboeea, Monroe S. Singer, Andrew A. Stern, Lois Cunniff, Julie Smith Sewell, Isaac Stern, Paul Sack, William Steinberg, Jim Truitt, William C. Trueheart, Warren W. Unna, May nard Frank Wolfe, Charles R. Temple, L. J. (Tony) Wilkinson, Sally Anderson, Carroll Shershun, Tom Pepper, Anne Angus, James P. Pickerell, Richard W. Petree, Edwin O. Reischauer, Barbara Reynolds, Joseph L. Rauh, Earle Reynolds, Richard H. Riddell, David Berman, Gordon Manning, Archibald MacLeish, John M. Mecklin, David E. Lilienthal, Jr., Robert Gibson, Burt Glinn, Philip L. Graham, Marshall Green, Eldon Griffiths, Eugene S. Staples, Thomas B. Morgan, Fred Emery, Edward J. Clarkson, Michael Tuchner, Deanna P. Bautista, C. R. Beecham, Stimson Bullitt, Dennis Bloodworth, Kim Hyun Cook, Lorna Kreiss, Selig S. Harrison, Woburn Abbey Bletchley)

Box 14 Folder 17 Letters to Rafael Steinberg, 1970-1979

(includes correspondence with Arthur H. Schwartz, William S. Savestrom, Harry C. Thompson, Nathaniel B. Thayer, Jacqueline Villere, Rebecca Wilson, Roger H. Wilson, Jay Weiss, Gerald Weissmann, Emerson Chapin, K. V. Narain, Jane Posten, George R. Packard, Senkuro Saiki, Kichimasa Soda, Greg Rehard, Chalmers M. Roberts, Donald M. Murray, Anthony Lewis, Henry Anatole Grunwald, Linda Grover, Paul B. Finney, Lenore de Koven, Peter A. Derow, Martin R. Bauer, Donald S. Connery, Gilbert Cant, V. Weltzien, Peter Braestrup, Lester Bernstein, Edward Behr, Peter Kalishcer, Edward Klein, William Klein II, Barbara Kraus, Alexander C. Hoagland, Jr., Susan Heath, Selig S. Harrison, Terry Hill, Ernest Kay)

Box 14 Folder 18 Letters to Rafael Steinberg, 1980-1989

(includes correspondence with Polly N. Steinberg (mother), Monroe S. Singer, Lynn Seligman, Twyla Tharp, Earl W. Redding, Nancy F. Wechsler, Daphne Atseel, T. D. Allman, Philip Van Slyck, Igor Oganesoff, Zalman P. Puchkoff, Robert C. Pierpoint, Curtis Prendergast, Chalmers M. Roberts, Joan Thursh, Frank L. Florian, Albert R. Erskine, Mary K. Doris, Joel Davis, Frances Carlisle, Robert E. Boorstin, Ravelle Brickman, Lynn Seligman, Jerry Korn, Edward Klein, Alexander C. Hoagland, Jr., Caroline Keith Ehlers)

Box 19 Folder 1 Letters to Rafael Steinberg, 1990-1999

(includes correspondence with Bill Shinn, David Steinberg, Yun Kil Yang, Marshall Ackerman, Mignonette Mintzer, Bernie Krisher, Laurence Jolidon)

Box 19 Folder 2 Letters to Rafael Steinberg, 2000-2006

(includes correspondence with Andy Singer, Karen Wilder, Kaye D. Proctor, Kathi Foisie, Sharon Delmendo, Max Kortepeter)

Box 19 Folder 3 Letters to Rafael Steinberg, undated

(includes correspondence with Anjani N. Singh, Ruth Soika, Elaine Sciolino, Norman Sklarewitz, Monroe S. Singer, Joyce Carol Oates, B. Podesta, Pauline R. Goger, Otto Friedrich, Caroline Keith Ehlers, J. W. Cohn, Eve Berliner, Edward Kosner, D. F. Hopkins)

Box 19 Folder 4 Letters from Rafael Steinberg, 1958-2005

(includes correspondence with Isaac Asimov, Lynn Seligman, Norman Sklarewitz, Andrew A. Stern, Donald A. Schanche, Julie Smith Sewell, Ryuji Takeuchi, Bruce Van Voorst, Robert Vermillion, Earl W. Redding, May nard Frank Wolfe, T. Yamane, Ambassador Kenneth Young, Gerald Walker, James H. Pickerell, George R. Packard, David A. MacEachron, Robert M. Ruenitz, Chalmers M. Roberts, Michael Ruby, Edwin O. Reischauer, M. E. Rappaport, Robert Manning, Jay D. Moses, Larry Martz, Webb McKinley, Donald H. McLean, Olvin McBarnette, George Lang, Anthony Lewis, Herbert P. Gleason, Henry A. Grunwald, Sheila Gary, Eldon Griffiths, Frank B. Gilbert, Philip Foisie, Eugene S. Staples, Thomas Morgan, Osborn Elliott, Albert Erskine, Peter Derow, John Mack Carter, Robert O. Boorstin, Otis Cary, Leon Botstein, Mary Suggatt, Robert Kelly, Ravelle Brickman, Julian Bach, Lester Bernstein, Michael Tuchner, Steve Barber, Louis Banks, Edward Kosner, Bernard Krisher, Richard Kimball, Stan Karnow, Jun Kawashima, Kim Hyun Cook, Stan Karnow, Emmet John Hughes, Selig S. Harrison)

Box 19 Folder 5 Christmas notes, 1954-1985 (intermittent), 1954-1985

Box 19 Folder 6 Letters in Japanese, undated