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Rafael Steinberg Papers, 1903-2014, bulk 1944-1980

Series II: Nonfiction, 1965-1985, bulk 1965-1967, 1978-1980

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Subseries II.1: Postscript from Hiroshima (1966), 1965-1980, bulk 1965-1967

This subseries includes drafts and a manuscript ofPostscript from Hiroshima,as well as research, notes and ephemera from Steinberg's work on the book. Also included are letters to and from Steinberg regarding the book, Steinberg's contract with Random House and pay slips, and reviews of the book.

Box 5 Folder 1 Postscript from Hiroshima manuscript, 1965 (1 folder and 1 binder), 1965

Box 5 Folder 2-3 Postscript from Hiroshima drafts,, undated

Box 5 Folder 4 Postscript from Hiroshima notes, research, ephemera,, undated

Box 6 Folder 1 Postscript from Hiroshima letters, 1965-1980 [Bulk Dates: 1965-1966], 1965-1980

(includes contract with Random House, pay slips, clips -- some by Steinberg, and correspondence with Albert Erskine, Suzanne Baskin, Roberta Pryor, Kaoru Ogura, William V. Shannon, Charles W. Bailey, Anthony Bastionelli, John A. Ritter, Herb Jaffe, Marjorie E. Tobey, Jean Ennis, Selma Shapiro, John Ciardi, Archibald MacLeish, Christina Stead, Norman Cousins, Isaac Stern, Bella Spewack, Kermit Lansner, Jesse Birnbaum, Larry Collins, Shinzo Hamai, E. J. Kahn, Robert Manning, Nathan Polowetzky, Edward Seidensticker, Andrew Stern, A. M. Rosenthal, Hubert H. Humphrey, J. William Fulbright, Larry Collins, Robert Evett, Bella Spewack, E. J. Kahn, Sandra Schmidt, Hessell Tiltman, J. R. Wiggins, Lea Heine, Jason Epstein, Shin Hojashi, Roy Newquist, Douglas Domeier, James H. Laird, Edna Harren, Jo Woestendiek, Stephen Barber, Carter Brooke Jones, Oscar Handlin, Douglass Cater, James A. Michener, George B. Darling, Otto Friedrich, Edwin O. Reischauer)

Box 6 Folder 2 Postscript from Hiroshima reviews, 1966-1967 (1 binder), 1966-1967

Subseries II.2: Javits: The Autobiography of a Public Man (1981), 1977-1984, bulk 1978-1980

This subseries includes a wealth of materials on Steinberg's co-authored biography of the New York Senator. They include transcripts of conversations with Javits, research, notes, drafts for several chapters, and letters regarding the book—many with Javits and his staffers. Also included are notes for a fiction project on Javits' marriage which was not completed.

Box 7 Folder 1 Javits logs, 1977-1980 (3 binders), 1977-1980

Box 7 Folder 2 Javits notepads, 1977-1980 (9 notepads), 1977-1980

Box 7 Folder 3 Javits letters, 1978-1981

(includes contract with Houghton Mifflin Company and correspondence with Jacob K. Javits, Daphne Abeel, Ilana Stern, John Trubin, Nancy F. Wechsler, Austin Olney, Randall Warner, Esther Newberg, Herbert Salzman, Frances Klenett, Tex McCrary, Eileen Herbert Jordan, Lewis H. Lapham, Lisel Eisenheimer, Mary E. Guimaraes, Connie Leisure, Silvia Koner, Kathy McVey)

Box 7 Folder 4 Chapter 5, 1980 undated

Box 7 Folder 5 Chapter 8, 1980

Box 7 Folder 6-7 Chapter 8 notes for a fiction project (DD), 1979-1980 undated, 1979-1980, undated

Box 7 Folder 8 Annotated transcripts of Javits, undated

Box 7 Folder 9 Javits miscellaneous drafts and notes, prob., 1978-1981

Box 7 Folder 10 Javits miscellaneous, 1977-1984 [Bulk Dates: 1979-1981], 1977-1984

(includes reviews)

Box 7 Folder 11 Study on Javits campaigns, 1979

Subseries II.3: Other Nonfiction, 1969-1983, bulk 1969-1979

This subseries includes materials on other nonfiction projects, among themReturn to the PhilippinesandPacific and Southeast Asian Cooking:copy, notes, letters and memos, contracts, invoices, expense reports and business cards.

Box 12 Folder 1 Arthur Ross article for The New Leader and book, 1977-1979 clips, copy, notes, correspondence, 1977-1979

(includes correspondence with Arthur Ross, Richard M. Clurman, Don A. Schanche, Edward T. Thompson, Robert Barnes)

Box 12 Folder 2 Time-Life Books letters, memos and telegrams, 1969-1983 [Bulk Dates: 1969-1978], 1969-1983

(includes outlines forReturn to the Philippines, contracts, invoices, expense reports, and correspondence with Dave Thomson, Fred K. Iwama, Y. Ernest Satow, Ida Bagus Mantra, Siegfried Beil, Tjokorda Agung, George E. Lang, R. M. Arajad Alihasan, Roberta Pryor, Richard Williams, Martin Mann, Maitland Edey, Harvey Loomis, Colonel Sutikno, H. V. Worang, George Bang, Amir Daud, Tommy Graciano, Dolores Morrissy, William K. Goolrick, Connie Strawbridge, Gilbert Cant, Gerald Simons, Sheldon Cotler)

Box 12 Folder 3 Pacific and Southeast Asian Cooking (1970): copy, notes, contract, correspondence and business cards,, 1969-1970

(includes correspondence with Helen B. Sheard, Jim Boyack, Michael Field, Doreen G. Fernandez, Peter Lim, Joe Reyes, Barbara Ensrud, Chona Trinidad)

Box 12 Folder 4 Pacific and Southeast Asian Cooking Expense reports and invoices, 1969

Box 12 Folder 5 HBJ Press letters and memos, 1977-1980

(includes contract, expense reports and correspondence with Marcia Heath)

Subseries II.4: Published Books by Steinberg, 1966-1985

Copies of 13 books authored or co-authored by Steinberg:Postscript from Hiroshima(1966),Japan(1969),The Cooking of Japan(1974),Language(1975),Man and the Organization(1978), Pacific and Southeast Asian Cooking(1979),Return to the Philippines(1980),Religion at the Crossroads: Byzantium, The Turks(1980),Javits: The Autobiography of a Public Man(1981),Island Fighting(1981),Prisoners of War(1981),The Aftermath: Asia(1983),Japan(1985).

Box 13 Jacob K. Javits with Rafael Steinberg Javits: The Autobiography of a Public Man, 1981

(signed by Javits)

Box 13 Rafael Steinberg Japan, 1969

Box 13 Rafael Steinberg Postscript from Hiroshima, 1966

Box 13 Editors of Time-Life Books Japan, 1985

Box 13 David S. Thomson and Editors of Time-Life Books Language (Human Behavior Series), 1975

Box 13 Rafael Steinberg and the Editors of Time-Life Books Return to the Philippines (World War II Series),, 1980

Box 13 Rafael Steinberg and the Editors of Time-Life Books Island Fighting (World War II Series), 1981

Box 13 The Editors of Time-Life Books The Aftermath: Asia (World War II Series), 1983

Box 13 Ronald H. Bailey and the Editors of Time-Life Books Prisoners of War (World War II Series), 1981

Box 13 Joyce Milton, Rafael Steinberg and Sarah Lewis Religion at the Crossroads: Byzantium, The Turks (Imperial Visions Series: The Rise and Fall of Empires),, 1980

Box 13 Rafael Steinberg and the Editors of Time-Life Books The Cooking of Japan (Foods of the World Series),, 1974

Box 13 Rafael Steinberg and the Editors of Time-Life Books Pacific and Southeast Asian Cooking (Foods of the World Series),, 1979

Box 13 Rafael Steinberg and the Editors of Time-Life Books Man and the Organization (Human Behavior Series),, 1978