Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Rafael Steinberg Papers, 1903-2014, bulk 1944-1980

Series VI: Early years, 1936-2010, bulk 1936-1950

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Subseries VI.1: Childhood to Navy, 1936-1990, bulk 1936-1945

Items in this subseries include childhood letters to parents, childhood diary and pocket diary, school notebooks, a paper on Steinberg's family history, report cards and an autograph book. Also included are materials on Steinberg's 45th high school reunion. From Steinberg's year in the navy, the collection includes letters to parents and brother; documents and IDs from navy service, Citizens Defense Corps and selective service; notes on Steinberg's studies and fiction written during this period; and a greeting card illustrated by Isador N. Steinberg.

Box 15 Folder 1 Diary, 1936-1940, 1942-1943

Box 15 Folder 2 Pocket diary, 1944-1945

Box 15 Folder 3 Autograph book, 1941

Box 15 Folder 4 School notebooks, 1938

Box 15 Folder 5 School notebooks, 1941

Box 15 Folder 6 School notebooks, 1942

Box 15 Folder 7 School notebooks, undated

Box 15 Folder 8 June Mad production, 1942

Box 15 Folder 9 High school compositions, 1943-1944

Box 15 Folder 10 High school notebook, undated

Box 15 Folder 11 "Threshold of Freedom": Paper on family history, 1945

Box 15 Folder 12 Report card, 1944

Box 15 Folder 13 High school reunion, LREI Class of 1945, 1945-1990

Box 15 Folder 14 Navy year fiction and studies, 1945-1946

Box 15 Folder 15 Navy service, Citizens Defense Corps, selective service, 1943-1951 (includes photo and greeting card illustrated by Isador N. Steinberg), 1943-1951

Box 15 Folder 16 Childhood letters to parents, 1938-1942

Box 15 Folder 17 Letters to parents from camp, 1944

Box 15 Folder 18 Letters to parents from the Navy, 1945-1946

(includes letters to brother, David Steinberg)

Subseries VI.2: Harvard College, 1946-2010, bulk 1946-1950

Materials from Steinberg's college years include letters to parents from Harvard, notes, diary and pocket diary, notebooks, papers, exams, report cards, honors thesis, B.A. diploma, and various Harvard ephemera. Steinberg's work at the Harvard Crimson is documented, as well as letters later exchanged with editors at the Harvard Bulletin (some deeply personal). This subseries includes copies of the newspaper Steinberg edited and published upon his graduation (1949-1950),The Fire Island Reporter,and materials on Steinberg's 25th, 50th and 60th Harvard reunions.

Box 16 Folder 1 Diary, 1946-1947

Box 16 Folder 2 Diary and pocket diary, 1948

Box 16 Folder 3 Miscellaneous Harvard ephemera, 1946-1950

Box 16 Folder 4 Harvard notes, 1946-1950

Box 16 Folder 5 Harvard notebooks, 1946-1950 (4 binders), 1946-1950

Box 16 Folder 6 Harvard papers, 1946-1950

Box 16 Folder 7 Harvard exams, 1946-1950

Box 16 Folder 8 Honors thesis, 1950 (2 binders), 1950

Box 16 Folder 9 Harvard report cards, 1947-1950

Box 16 Folder 10 Harvard Crimson, 1948-1950

(includes correspondence with Pierre Emmanuel )Noël Mathieu(, Edith Melcher, Robert Grinnell, Michel Dumont, E. W. Ridings, Preston E. James, René de Messières, Albert Chambon, Marjorie Ilsley, LeRoy C. Breunig, Jr.)

Box 16 Folder 11 Harvard Bulletin letters, 1958-1979

(includes correspondence with Norman A. Hall, Marcia K. Mitchell, John T. Bethell)

Box 16 Folder 12 Harvard 25th Reunion, 1975

(includes correspondence with Fred L. Glimp, Morris Gray)

Box 16 Folder 13 Harvard 50th Reunion, 1999-2000

(includes correspondence with Mark E. Gordon, Donald Connery, Leslie Connery)

Box 16 Folder 14 Harvard 50th Reunion education project, 2000

(includes correspondence with Charles Bailey, Robert Coles, Donald Connery, Nicolas Cunningham, Blair Fuller, Herbert Gleason, Alfred Hoagland, George Mumford, Samuel P. Peabody, Steve Schwebel, Jon Spivak, Peter Davies, Phyllis Davies, Barbara Weil Snelling, Nathan Glaser, Robert Graham, Joy Graham)

Box 16 Folder 15 Harvard 60th Reunion, 2010

(includes correspondence with Larry Nathanson, Gordon Abbott, Jr.)

Box 16 Folder 16 Harvard Diploma, 1950

Box 16 Folder 17 Letters to parents from Harvard, 1946-1950

Box 6 Folder 3 The Fire Island Reporter , 1949-1950