C.V. Starr East Asian Library

The Tharchin Collection, 1901-1975, bulk 1923-1963

Series 2, Archival Materials from the Tibet Mirror Press Editorial Offices (Kalimpong, India)

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Subseries 1, Biographical and Personal Papers, 1923-1974

(See also: Box 2, Folder 1, for accounts which include biographical notes in the marginalia, and Box 8 for the Tharchin Family photo album)

Box 1 Folder 1 Diary of Tharchin, 1923 January -September 9,, 1923, English, handwriting

Box 1 Folder 1 Diary notes of Tharchin, 1931 January,, 1931, English, handwriting

Box 1 Folder 2 Personal notes by Tharchin, 1916-1948

Box 1 Folder 3 Biography of Late Rev. Gergan Tharchin, Part 1: Chapters 1-16, (176 pages); English, typeset; pages 1-2 are photocopies

Box 1 Folder 4 [Biography of Late Rev. Gergan Tharchin, Part 2: Chapters 17-28], photocopy

(Retyped version by H. Fader, with memo: "Because over the years these sheets became so marked up by the undersigned's numerous notes and editorial refining, [I] decided to create--on 8 1/2" x 11" sheets--a TRUE COPY of the original text of these concluding 12 chapters of the GT 'memoirs' manuscript.")

Box 1 Folder 5 Brief Biography of the Editor of the Tibetan Newspaper Yul-chhog-So-soi Sangyur [sic] Melong Printed and Published at Kalimpong, District Darjeeling, (5 pages); photocopy

Box 1 Folder 6 Will and testament of Rev. G. Gegen Tharchin, 1974 April 4, 1974, photocopy

Box 1 Folder 6 Prescription from Dr. Yen Singh, 1947 [October 11?], 1947

Box 1 Folder 7 Letters of condolence on the demise of Rev. G. Tharchin la, in envelope from the Political Officer in Sikkim, in English, handwriting and typed

Box 1 Folder 7 Programme: On the occasion of the 88th Birth Anniversary of the Late Rev. G. Tharchin, 1978 April 18, 1978

Box 1 Folder 8 Letters of condolence on the passing of Karma Dechhen [Tharchin's first wife], 1955

Box 1 Folder 9 "My Reminiscences of Bapu" by Indira Gandhi, 1957

Box 1 Folder 10 Correspondence to H.L. Fader regarding the life of Gegen Tharchin

Box 1 Folder 10 Bray, John

Box 1 Folder 10 Lambert, Eric T.D., 1991 December 16,, 1991

(Written in Dublin; Lambert, who worked for the Indian Police, states: "I was responsible for Tibetan Intelligence [from late 1942-1947 June ]" and "[Tharchin] was my most useful source of information in Tibet.")

Box 1 Folder 10 Patterson, George

Box 1 Folder 10 Snellgrove, David L., 1994 September 25, 1994, (2 pages)

(Account of Kalimpong in the 1940s with remarks about Tharchin and other acquaintances: David MacDonald, Rani Chuni, Lha Tsering, Rigzin Wangpo, etc.)

Box 1 Folder 10 Tharchin Family, (2 insert folders)

Box 1 Folder 10 Other

Subseries 2, Financial Accounts, 1918-1955

Box 2 Folder 1 Accounts, 1918-1924, 1944, 1955, 1918-1924, 1944, 1955

Box 2 Folder 1 Accounts, 1956 1963-1966, 1956, 1963-1966

(Housed in adjacent four-flap enclosure. The expenditures in 1956 seem press-related, but expenditures from 1963-1966 may be related to the family's running of the orphanage.)

Box 2 Folder 2 "Travel expense diary for GT's travels in Sikkim in January 1919"

(Title from description by H. Fader; includes note from 1915 about Sikkimese minister allowing traders to cross border, but they must register their prices, etc.)

Box 2 Folder 2 Daily Income-Daily Expenditures, 1923, photocopy

(Accounts from period when Tharchin was headmaster of school in Gyantse, Tibet, [1921-1924].)

Box 2 Folder 2 Account ledger for trip to Lhasa, Gyantse, Nyethang, etc., circa, 1937

(Mentions visit to the Regent's house and "Mr. Bernard")

Box 2 Folder 3 Statement of the account of the Tibetan Mirror Press, 1945-1947

Box 2 Folder 3 Loan, 1949-[1951?]

Box 2 Folder 3 Statement regarding benefit of Tibet Mirror for India, [1950/51?]

Box 2 Folder 3 Notes on newspaper financing, 1950 1954 [1961?], 1950, 1954

(See also: Box 6, Folder 1, Church of Scotland, for notes by George Sherriff, 1943 etc.)

Box 2 Folder 4 Vouchers [= Receipts], 1950-1954

Box 2 Folder 5 Register of letters sent by Tharchin, 1950-1953

(Includes H. Richardson, etc., and list in cursive Tibetan of the recipients in Tibet and their locations.)

Subseries 3, TIBET MIRROR PRESS Related

Box 3 Folder 1 Advertising

Box 3 Folder 2 Printing-Press Purchase and Tibetan Type

Correspondence regarding Printing Press, 1947-1954

Box 3 Folder 2 Draft letter from [Tharchin?] (194-)

(Includes this remark: "The warsup department arranged for my visit to Budgebridge to see the printing and lithographic materials and…")

Box 3 Folder 2 Letter from the Tibet Liaison Officer in Kalimpong to the Political Officer in Sikkim, Gangtok regarding purchase of new printing equipment, 1948 February11, 1948

Box 3 Folder 2 "Rapida di lusso -- Cylinder Printing Machines, made in Italy by Soieta Nebiolo, Torino."

Box 3 Folder 2 Other

Box 3 Folder 2 Correspondence with Joseph V. Nunes, 1949 June 14--1949 December 10

(Includes information on Albert Printing Works letterhead with details regarding possible purchase of machinery, 1949 August 31.)

Box 3 Folder 2 1958-1962 Printing Press and Typesetting Machine Purchase, 1958-1962

(Includes invoice from Otani University.)

Box 3 Folder 2 Tibetan Type Purchase, 1948-1961

Box 3 Folder 3 Registrations

Box 3 Folder 3 Hindi Tibetan Self Taught, 1950 February 6, 1950

Box 3 Folder 3 Yul chog sosoi sargyur melong.

(Notes that circulation of the newspaper on 1953 February 27 is 300 to 400 copies; according to marginalia by Fader: Tharchin noted 300-500 copies in circulation.)

Box 3 Folder 3 Tibetan Primer Revised Edition, 1953

Box 3 Folder 3 "The Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867 (as modified up to 1956 April 1)", 1867, 1956

Box 3 Folder 3 Letter from Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Darjeeling, to Sub-Divisional Officer, Kalimpong, 1956 August 23, 1956

(Regarding supply of books printed or lithographed to the Parliament Library and National Library; marginalia includes: "Bod gyal Bandnyamde... republic of Tibet... Constiution of the republic of Tibet--by Chhogyel Lha.")

Box 3 Folder 4 Employees, 1949

Box 3 Folder 5 Subscriptions and Distribution

Box 3 Folder 5 Distribution lists and Mailing Labels, 1926-[1943?]

Box 3 Folder 5 List of Tibetan traders who subscribed the Tibetan newspaper, 1947

Box 3 Folder 5 Circulation, 1945-1949

Box 3 Folder 5 Statement of Monthly Despatch [form], 1950-

(Lists countries to which the newspaper was distributed.)

Box 3 Folder 5 Two unclaimed issues of Tibet Mirror, 1949

(Includes mailing wrapper and addresses in Yatung and Gyantse.)

Box 3 Folder 5 Assam, Political Officer, 1948

Box 3 Folder 5 Delhi, American Embassy, 1950

Box 3 Folder 5 Kalimpong, Tibetan Liaison Officer, 1947

Box 3 Folder 5 Lhasa, British Mission, 1942-1943

Box 3 Folder 5 Lhasa, Indian Mission, 1948-1950

Box 3 Folder 5 Sikkim, Political Officer, 1947-1963

Box 3 Folder 5 United States, International Broadcasting Service, 1952

Box 3 Folder 5 United States, New York Public Library

Box 3 Folder 5 United States, University of Washington, 1952-1957

Box 3 Folder 5 Other Documents and Correspondence

Box 3 Folder 6 Bible-Related Projects.

(See also: Box 5, Correspondence: Shelton, Flora Beale)

Box 3 Folder 6 Bible Society of India, Pakistan & Ceylon

(See also: Box 6, Folder 2)

Box 3 Folder 6 Tibetan Fellowship of India

Box 3 Folder 6 Other

Box 3 Folder 7 Dictionary Projects

(See also: Box 5, Correspondence: Kazi, Sonam T.)

Box 3 Folder 7 Wylie, Turrell V. and Univeristy of Washington, correspondence, 1964-1967

(For additional correspondence by Wylie, see: Box 5, Correspondence; for correspondence regarding the University of Washington's subscription to Tibet Mirror, see: Box 3, Folder 5, Subscriptions.)

Box 3 Folder 7 American Consulate General, correspondence regarding dictionary project[s], 1965

Box 3 Folder 7 Fader, Herbert, Notes regarding dictionary of "60,000 words"

Box 3 Folder 7 Fader, Herbert, Correspondence regarding Geshe Chodrak, Gedun Chopel, dictionary projects, etc., 2005-2006

Box 3 Folder 7 Correspondence with Dorris Shelton Still about English-Tibetan-Hindi dictionary

Box 3 Folder 7 Other correspondence about dictionary projects

Other Drafts, Translations, and News Sources

Box 3 Folder 8 Translation of folktales (e.g. Aladdin) into Tibetan (dbu can script), (pages 37-83)

(Cover: "Chapters 6-7, 10, 12-13"; with editorial marks.)

Box 3 Folder 9 "Tibet Tribesmen Defy Chinese," 1956 May 4, 1956, (2 pages)

(About Golok resistance to Communist troops; transcribed from The Times; includes Tibetan translation, handwriting.)

Box 3 Folder 10 "Shing gi bstan bcos bzhi = 4. The book of tree"

Box 3 Folder 11 Historical account of British and Tibetan army in early 20th century. (Handwritten by Tharchin)

Box 3 Folder 11 "Rough translation from the Tibetan newspaper, vol. 22, no. 2", 1954 June 1, 1954

(Concerning Simla Treaty; includes letters to the editor.)

Submissions from Organizations

Box 3 Folder 11 India Information Services

Box 3 Folder 11 Maha Bodhi Society (Calcutta)

Box 3 Folder 11 Publicity Office (Delhi)

Box 3 Folder 11 Submission to other News Organizations (e.g. The Statesman)

Box 3 Folder 11 "Buddhism in Bhutan" [1956?]

(Includes request from Tharchin to "Mr. Ray" that he translate this article into Hindi.)

Box 3 Folder 11 "2500th Buddha Jayanti Celebrations in India"

(The Dalai Lama was invited to this event and spoke there.)

Box 3 Folder 11 "Mahatma Gandhi on Indian's Mission"

Box 3 Folder 11 "Ideal of a Bodhisattva"

(Translation from Tibetan)

Box 3 Folder 11 "Problems in Agriculture [in China]"

Box 3 Folder 11 Steele, A.T. "Chicago Daily News" correspondent. "In the Kingdom of the Dalai Lama: Last days in Shangri-la," 1945 June, 1945

Box 3 Folder 11 English translation of Tibetan account about Inner and Outer Mongolia under Chinese Communist rule, (pages 6, 8, 9)

Box 3 Folder 11 "News of Tibet" and "News about Tibet", 1947

(Regarding rebellion by monks of Sera Monastery and arrest of Reting Regent, and other developments in Lhasa, etc.)

Box 3 Folder 11 The Mirror. "Editor's Note" and "News from Inside Tibet,", 1958

(Editor's note begins: "With the enclosed pamphlet as the first of its series I intend to publish a monthly circular mainly to inform you of the situation… in Tibet.". 4 pages.)

Box 3 Folder 11 "Imperialist Designs of China and India on Tibet"

Box 3 Folder 11 Indian news agency sources

Box 3 Folder 11 [Grub-mtha' text, excerpt] (folia 35-36), in Tibetan, handwriting

Box 3 Folder 11 Tibetan Translation Sentences

Box 3 Folder 11 Tibetan calligraphy practice and Tibetan primer draft

Box 3 Folder 12 Correspondence regarding translations

Subseries 4, Subject Files

Box 4 Folder 1 Education

Box 4 Folder 2 Ganden Tharpa Chholing [Dga' ldan Thar pa Chos gling]

Box 4 Folder 2 Letter noting presence of police guards, 1954 January 21, 1954

Box 4 Folder 2 Letter regarding conflict, Tharchin's offer to act as arbiter, etc.

Box 4 Folder 2 Reports on situation at monastery Ganden Tharpa Chöling, monks who had not been keeping vows and must sign agreement, etc.

Box 4 Folder 3 Himalayan Childrens Home

Box 4 Folder 3 Memorandum, Regulations and Bylaws of the Himalayan Children Home

Box 4 Folder 3 Letter from Rev. C. Arangaden, Bangalore, with reference to Dr. Sherwood Eddy, 1962 September 2, 1962

Box 4 Folder 3 Letter from W. Thielmann, Kindernothilfe, West Germany, to the Himalayan Children Home in Kalimpong, founded by Mrs. Tharchin, 1965 September 7, 1965

Box 4 Folder 4 Missionaries

(See also Series 6: Miscellaneous, Box 6, Folder 8 forPentecostal Evangelarticle about Victor Plymire.)

Box 4 Folder 4 "The Story of the Christian Mission to Tibet", compiled by Rev. G. Tharchin and Others

Box 4 Folder 4 "How I Became a Christian," by Rev. E.T. Phuntsog

Box 4 Folder 4 British and Foreign Bible Society, Translations and Library Subcommittee Minutes, Cambridge University Library, England, photocopy

Box 4 Folder 4 "Tibetan Congregation,", 1965

(Description, or general letter, by Tharchin describing Tibetan Christian population and activity in Kalimpong, etc.)

Politics, (2 folders)

(See also Series 6: Miscellaneous for two unique notebooks.)

Box 4 Folder 5 "Brief Account of Tibet and its Government,", (8 pages)

(Summary of governmental positions, military, trade, etc.; includes remarks such as: "the prime minister... has no power in affairs. The usual law is that he and the Regent have to work together. But the ex Regent redeng [Reting] was not good terms with him and...".)

Box 4 Folder 5 Appeal from student of Sera monastery who must sponsor 30,000 monks for debate and geshe examination, [1947 ?], large paper folded in quarters; in English and Tibetan

(Note on verso regarding purchase of 87 rifles.)

Box 4 Folder 5 Letterhead, "Bod rigs bstan srung dang len dmag sgar gzhung."

(From Andrug Gonpo Tashi's group in Lithang?)

Box 4 Folder 5 Seal imprint, accompanied by English text: "Future Democratic Tibet Government," 1956 September 18, 1956

Box 4 Folder 5 Letter from Amdo Tansung to Prime Minister of India, 1962 October 31, 1962, Typewritten in English

(Representative of Chhushi gang drug-Danglang Mag offering volunteer troops for the Sino-Indian War.)

Box 4 Folder 6 Reincarnate Lama and Kumbum Monastery, undated

(Handwritten note about the possible incarnation of a rinpoche [Panchen Lama?], Tashilhunpo, and the need to invite Kumbum child quickly; also mentions golden vase.)

Box 4 Folder 7 Notes on how Nepal can help with Tibetan and economy, [1946 ?], Tibetan handwriting, with some terms in English

Box 4 Folder 7 Letter from Nima Isaac [Isaacs?], 1948 February5, 1948

(Refers to "agents sent by President Ma of Qinghai Province" and their presence in Calcutta.)

Box 4 Folder 7 Notes by Tharchin, 1951 January 1, 1951, Tibetan handwriting, with some terms in English

(Notes from meeting with Lhalu Kalon, D.L. Matuchi, Indian Mission Leader, regarding events in Lhasa on 1950 October 1, etc.)

Box 4 Folder 7 Letter from American Consulate General, Calcutta,1952 August 26

(Asks Tharchin to provide information to Gerard Chaput, Director of The Instant File.)

Box 4 Folder 7 Dalai Lama XIV. Sems gso 'tshams 'dri'i phyag bris, 1954

(Public notice by the Dalai lama, with red seal and photo of the Dalai Lama.)

Box 4 Folder 7 Panchen Lama X. Sems gso 'tshams 'dri'i phyag bris, 1954 May 20, 1954

(Public notice by the Panchen lama, with red seal and photo of the Panchen Lama.)

Box 4 Folder 7 Other Politics

Box 4 Folder 8A Sherpa Community of Kalimpong

Box 4 Folder 8B Sundar Singh

(See also: Box 5, Correspondence: Singh, Sundar)

Box 4 Folder 8B Replies [by Tharchin] to remarks contained [in?] Rev. H. Hosten, etc., 1920s

Box 4 Folder 8B Appasamy, A.J. [Anglican Bishop and biographer of Sundar Singh], 1950, (2 letters)

Box 4 Folder 9 Tibetan Kirk Session

Box 4 Folder 10 Tibetan Mission

Box 4 Folder 11 Trade

Box 4 Folder 11 Tharchin, News on Cotton Sales, 1947

Box 4 Folder 11 Tibetan Traders Association, 1948

Box 4 Folder 11 List of applicants for cotton licenses, 1951

Box 4 Folder 11 Certificate for Traders, Muleteers and Porters

(Trilingual booklet, in Hindi, English and Tibetan; may be printed by the Tibet Mirror Press. For other publications, see Series 5: Tibet Mirror Press Publications.)

Box 4 Folder 11 Wool, 1943-1946

Box 4 Folder 11 Balkisandas Shyamrattan, 1948 May 24, 1948

(Letter regarding the commerce of yaktails.)

Subseries 5, Other Materials

Box 4 Folder 12 Journal of Dawa Zangpo [a.k.a. Hsiao Kimura] from Kpol and Kyikodo, 1947

(Note on cover: "this is the school notebook of Tsering Norbu in high school writing on 1947 January 24"; records trip to Lhasa and Kham; notes about Karto Rinpoche, being detained by Tibetan soldiers, etc.)

Box 4 Folder 13 Handlist of holdings at Derge Dpal spung Monastery, in Tibetan

Box 4 Folder 14 Handwritten reference to Dge 'dun chos 'phel, 1949 December 11, in Tibetan cursive

(Mentions that Gedun Chöpel is writing a history book and may need 500 sgor; also mentions a few kalon or cabinet ministers.)

Box 4 Folder 15 Church of Scotland Medical Mission to Kalimpong, Report, 1955

Box 4 Folder 15 Pradhan, K.D., Prof., Farewell ceremony announcement, with handwritten comments [to be made in speech by Tharchin?]

Box 4 Folder 15 Yoseb Gergan, "Translating the bible into Tibetan," 1929 January, 1929, (1 pamphlet)

Box 4 Folder 15 King of Bhutan, wedding announcement, 1951 September 21, 1951

Box 4 Folder 15 Handwritten Tibetan-Mongolian chart; i.e. copy book of Tibetan terms translated into Mongolian.

Box 4 Folder 15 Section of hymnal in English and Tibetan, (pages 67-96 only)

Box 4 Folder 15 Poem in praise of Lama, in Tibetan, author not identified, manuscript

Box 4 Folder 15 Miscellaneous Other Papers, 1947

Box 6 Folder 9 Woodblock for one page of Nyi-ma'i rnam thar