C.V. Starr East Asian Library

The Tharchin Collection, 1901-1975, bulk 1923-1963

Series 6, Miscellaneous

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Box 6 Folder 8 Photocopies of forms from US Copyright Office, Tribhuvan University, etc. regarding H. Fader's application for "Rev. Gergan Tharchin's Autobiography," 2002.

Box 6 Folder 8 Pentecostal Evangel, 2010 October, 2010

(Journal issue provided by Herbert Fader, includes article about Victor and David Plymire, missionaries in Tibetan areas of northwest China.)

Box 13 Chronology of Tibetan History : Handwritten manuscript in dbu can Tibetan. 33 cm.

(Unpublished table of historical events in Tibet, arranged by calendar cycle, starting with the year 1027 ACE through 1950.)

Box 13 Copybook with transcriptions of historical documents : Handwritten manuscript in dbu can Tibetan.

(Includes three texts: 1. [Shing stag Rgya gar 'phags pa'i yul du Dbyin Bod Rgya gsum chings mol mdzad lugs kun gsal me long], a record of the Simla conference (1913-1914), pages 1-229; 2. "Shing stag Dbyin Bod gnyis kyi sa mtshams dang tshong don skor bka' mol ching 'jog mdzad lugs dge" [An account of English-Tibetan discussions about border and trade in 1914 probably regarding the McMahon Line?], pages 1-22 ; and 3. a text regarding Songtsen Gampo and Thonmi Sambhota, pages 1-21.)

Box 13 Copybook with five essays on how to apply democratic principles in Tibet under self-government : Handwritten manuscript in cursive Tibetan. , 1955-1956?

Contents: 'Bangs rgyal gsar pa'i ring lugs lam gsar 'thabs phyogs [1955]--'Bangs rgyal ring lugs kyi gsar pa'i bstan bcos dri len snang ba'i sno[?] 'byed / Chos rgyal lhas -- Bod rgyal mi rigs chog sgril chen po'i zhes bya ba'i bstan bcos -- Bod rgyal 'khrug thig gi gtam -- Yang dag rnying sar des sa phun tshogs phan bde 'byung ba'i legs bshad / Chos rgyal lha [1956].

These essays cover various sectors of society [political administration, economy, military, etc.], as well as the broader Tibetan geographic area, including Khams and Amdo. More research is needed, but it seems possible that these texts were originally written by Pandatsang Rapga (Spom mda' tshang Rab dga') or a close associate, and transcribed here. The author of the last essay remarks that s/he is from "Khams lho brgyud." The notebook also contains a few brief and unidentified writings, including one verse in romanized Tibetan.