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The Tharchin Collection, 1901-1975, bulk 1923-1963

Series 5, Printed Materials

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Subseries 1, Publications and Imprints of the Tibet Mirror Press

Only titles housed in archival boxes are listed here. For additional titles held by Columbia University, including a 5-volume Tibetan-Tibetan dictionaryCLIO Link drafted by Tharchin, and many more titles, search CLIO by keyword for "Forms part of the Tharchin Collection." For a working list of all Tibet Mirror Press publications, see theExcel spreadsheet accompanying this finding aid.

Sub-subseries 1, Printed Materials Housed in the Archival Collection

Box 11 Astrological/Calendrical Text. (Incomplete)

Box 11 Bible verse bookmarks on traditional paper., in Tibetan

Box 11 Bod skad bslab bya dang po [Tibetan language primer] Publ. by Negi Sanggye Tenzin of Rarang; Himalchal Pradesh (Simla); printed by Tharchin at the Tibet Mirror Press, Kalimpong, 1949. 16 pages

Box 11 Bod yig gi ka dpe dang po bzhugs so (undated ); printed by Tharchin, at the Tibet Mirror Press, Kalimpong.

(Three uncut quarto sheets for 39-page book)

Box 11 Bya chos rin chen 'phreng ba = The religion of birds . Kalimpong: Tibet Mirror Press, 1960. 2nd ed. (1st edition publ. in 1903.) 40 pages

Box 11 Bya sprel gyi gtam rgyud bzhugs so = The Story of Birds and Monkeys (1960) 44 pages, 17 cm.

Box 11 Chos kyi 'khor lo rab tu bskor ba'i mdo (1957) [10] pages, 23 cm.

Box 11 ʼDzam gling Ge-sar ʼphrul gyi rgyal poʼi rtogs brjod las : Phyi gling ʼJar gling rgyal khaṃs btul baʼi gʹyul ʼgyed Dpaʼ bo snying gi dgaʼ ston ngo mtshar gtam gyi leʼu dang ʼbrel baʼi dril rdzong dang go rdzong gtsor gyur paʼi gʹyang gter gyi sgo mo phyes paʼi gtam ngo mtshar dgos ʼbyung bsam ʼphel nor buʼi mdzod khang. (Ka-sbug [Kalimpong]: Me-long par khang, 1961.) 87 (i.e., 173) pages ; 9 x 37 cm

(This is an unbound duplicate of a text already held at Columbia. See CLIO for access ( CLIO Link ).

Box 11 [First Five Year Plan of India] Gangtok, Sikkim: [Government of India Information Office]; printed by Tibet Mirror Press, /010/1957. 38 pages., in Tibetan and Hindi

Box 11 Gong sa lnga pa chen po mchog gis mdzad pa'i lugs zung dang 'brel ba'i bslab bya mu thi li'i phreng ba = Precepts On Religion And Politics Entitled 'Pearl Necklace' by His Holiness The Fifth Dalai Lama / Tharchin (1960), 24 pages ; 18cm

(Scanned image available in Sub-subseries 2.)

Box 11 Gong sa rgyal dbang sku 'phreng 13 pa chen po mchog dang Bod gzhung bka' shag nas gnang ba'i bka' yig ... Dpal ldan mi rje Bka' drung Nor rgyan nang pa mchog nas brtsams par mdzad pa'i yig bskur rnam (ka-nya, 266 pages)

Box 11 Kalimpong and the Sikkim Hills : A guide and handbook on touring / by Annie Perry. Kalimpong: Tibet Mirror Press, [1949 ?]

(Includes list of travellers' bungalows in Darjeeling District. Sikkim and Tibet, with elevation.)

Box 11 Lha chos dang mthun pa'i gtam padma tshal gyi zlos gar bzhugs so / by Dpal sprul O rgyan 'jigs med chos kyi dbang po. Publisher not identified, but it appears to be printed by the Tibet Mirror Press. Original was 56 leaves. Library copy is incomplete, with 40 leaves.

Box 11 Lugs kyi bslab bya Legs par bshad pa'i gter : Sunīti śāstram; a moral lessons [sic] in simple poetry / by Shakya Pandit [1182-1251], and Dudjom Rinpochhe. Edited and published by G. Tharchin. (Kalimpong: Tharchin, 1960), 16 pages

Box 11 Mahat ma Gan-dhi'i [Memorial to Gandhi]. In Tibetan and Hindi. Gangtok, Sikkim: [Government of India Information Office] ; printed by Tibet Mirror Press, February1958. 12 pages

Box 11 Mthun pa spun bzhiʾi lo rgyus bzhugs so = The story of the four harmonious brethern . Kalimpong: G. Tharchin, 1960. 14 pages

Box 11 Rgya gar 'phags pa'i yul du nang pa'i mchod rten dang gnas mchog byin can rnams kyi bshad pa mthong thos kun grol = [Cover for brochure on Buddhist stupas and holy places in India?], 1956 23 cm., 1956

Box 11 Rgyal blon gyi bstan bcos zhes bya ba bzhugs so = The story of King Hashang Deo and his young minister / trans. From Tibetan into Hindi by G. Tharchin.

Box 11 Rje btsun Thub bstan 'jam dpal ye shes rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po'i yang srid mchog spul rin po che 'khrul bral myur byon gsol 'debs bzhugs so / [= Prayers for the speedy birth of the reincarnation of Jetsun Jam dpal ye shes rgyal mtshan [aka Rwa sgreng regent]. Kalimpong: Tibet Mirror Press, nd. 4 folia (i.e. 8 pages); 26" x 10" (small pecha style).

Box 11 Rmi lam lha mo'i bstan bcos dge slong gzhon nu rab gsal gyi dris lan / Slu yon a na (1930), 16 pages

Box 11 Sdig can rnams la dkon mchog gi thugs rje'i gnang sbyin mngon par gyur nga'i skor mdor tsam bshad pa bzhugs so = Brief Description of Gods Grace to Sinners / World Mission Prayer League (1959), 8 pages

Box 11 Young Lepcha, 1931

Box 11 Photocopies of miscellaneous book covers, with notes by Herbert L. Fader

Box 11 Tibetan translations of Bible stories, with illustrations, (4 large folders)

Sub-subseries 2, Digital Images of publications in the archival collections of the museum established in 2014 at Tharpa Choling Monastery., 2014

(High resolution images of the full work of several Tibet Mirror press publications; photographs taken by Markus Viehbeck from original publications in Kalimpong; DVD-R is housed in the front of the box 11. For original copies of several of the titles held by the C.V. Starr East Asian Library, search CLIO.)

Box 11 Dbyin Bod Hin gsum shan sbyar gyi tsig mdzod rin chen do shal zhes bya ba bzhugs so = The English Tibetan Hindi Pocket-Dictionary / Tharchin (1965), 382 pages

Box 11 Dmyal khams nas mtho ris su = From Hell to Paradise, A True Statement Related by Ashang Lobsang Jampa, a Ladakhi Refugee Lama / Tharchin (1962), 50 pages

Box 11 Gong sa lnga pa chen po mchog gis mdzad pa'i lugs zung dang 'brel ba'i bslab bya mu thi li'i phreng ba zhes bya ba bzhugs so = Precepts On Religion And Politics Entitled 'Pearl Necklace' by His Holiness The Fifth Dalai Lama / Tharchin (1960), 24 pages

Box 11 Gong sa rgyal dbang sku 'phreng 13 pa chen po mchog sngon spyi lo 1911 lor rdor gling du sku bzhugs gnang skabs mi dbang shel gling mchog nas btsams mdzad lha sa dren glu dang ka ashad bcas bzhugs so = A Song of Lhasa Memories & A Poem in Alphabetical Order / Sherkarlingpa (1965), 16 pages

Box 11 Gtsang sbyar spyod pa'i lam lnga zhes bya ba bzhugs so = The Five Hygiene Paths of Morality and Spirituality / Wangpo (1965), 100 pages

Box 11 Gtso bo Yi shu'i chos dang sangs rgyas kyi chos gnyis kyi byed brag 'byed pa'i bshad pa bzhugs so = The difference between Christian and Buddhist teaching concerning God, Creation, Man, Sin and Salvation / Sorenson (1962), 17 pages

Box 11 Rgya Bod skad gnyis shan sbyar sgyas pa kun phan me long zhes bya ba bzhugs so = The Hindi Tibetan Self Taught / Tharchin (1938 Fourth Edition 1960 1963 Printing), 93 pages, 1960, 1963

Box 11 [Tibetan-Tibetan Dictionary], volume 2 / Tharchin, 411 pages

Sub-subseries 3, Materials housed in other locations

Please also search the phrase "Forms part of the Tharchin Collection" in the Columbia Online Catalog (CLIO).

Subseries 2, Publications by other India-based publishers

Box 12 Himalayan Times, Vol. 5, No. 37, 1952 April 27, 1952

Box 12 Maha-Bodhi : Journal of the Maha Bodhi Society, vol. 59, no. 12, 1951 December, 1951

Box 12 Tshe dbang rnam rgyal, Khu nu bla ma (1896-1973). 'Byung rtsis man ngag zla ba'i snying po bzhug so. Delhi?, 196-?

Box 12 Um Tibet

Box 12 Yindu Ri bao (various issues, unopened), 1950

Box 12 "Rang dbang gsar shog = Freedom" newspaper, 1961 November 4 (vol.2, no.35), 1961

Box 12 Miscellaneous

Subseries 3, Publications published outside of India

Box 12 Adullam Mission (Yunnanfu, Yunnan, China): News No. 30

Box 12 Hu lan deb gter [Hulan deb gter; Hu lan deb ther], (Japanese offprint)