C.V. Starr East Asian Library

The Tharchin Collection, 1901-1975, bulk 1923-1963

Series 4, Audiovisual Materials

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Subseries 1, Photographs

Sub-subseries 1, Tharchin Family Photo Album

These photographs, originally stored in a 1970s-style photo album with an orange and gold cover, have been rehoused in archival albums. Preservation photo of original presentation is available.

Box 8 Tharchin Family Photo Album

Sub-subseries 2, Other Photographs

Box 8 Other Photographs

Subseries 2, Black-and-white negatives

Originals range in size from 3.5 x 2.5 inches to 3.5 x 5.5 inches, but most are deteriorated. All are located offsite in refrigerated storage; digital versions available.

Box 9 neg-01 4 people setting up picnic

Box 9 neg-02 Religious procession with banners

Box 9 neg-03 Aristocrat in satin chuba and hat

Box 9 neg-04 Indecipherable

Box 9 neg-05 Kalimpong Merchant's Association

Box 9 neg-06 Man in glasses with wife(?) in white shawl and dress

Box 9 neg-07 Hillside with yaks and prayer flags

Box 9 neg-08 Kalimpong Merchant's Association (more people visible)

Box 9 neg-09 Young ngakpa (Tib. ngags-pa) with trident

Box 9 neg-10 Procession with western diplomats/visitors? (men and women)

Box 9 neg-11 Procession with western diplomats/visitors? (men and women)

Box 9 neg-12 Officials in front of building window (barely visible)

Box 9 neg-13 Oil cans? -- probably from inside of hut

Box 9 neg-14 Indecipherable

Box 9 neg-15 Back view of British (royalty?) and superimposed fragment of Tibetan aristocrat women

Box 9 neg-16 Pile of stones (mani stones or wall?)

Box 9 neg-17 Valley view

Box 9 neg-18 Crowd with Indian flags flying

Box 9 neg-19 Tibetan aristocrat women seated, poor condition

Box 9 neg-20 Procession of Indian visitors

Box 9 neg-21 Public Gathering with dais (Tibetan aristocrats in foreground)

Box 9 neg-22 Livestock grazing on arid soil, on Perutz film

Box 9 neg-23 Indecipherable

Box 9 neg-24 Photograph fragments (indecipherable) -- includes a landscape

Box 9 neg-25 Scene of small town in Tibet (probably Gyantse)

Box 9 neg-26 Indecipherable

Box 9 neg-27 Bridge (barely decipherable)

Box 9 neg-28 Bridge (barely decipherable)

Box 9 neg-29 Indecipherable

Box 9 neg-30 Indecipherable

Box 9 2 black-and-white negatives of Twan Yang

(In fair condition.)

Box 9 Other negatives

(In good condition.)

Subseries 3, Other Images

Box 10 Blockprints: Tibetan scenes and one image of Chinese soldier suppressing Tibetan

Box 10 Gong sa rgyal dbang thams cad mkhyen cing gzigs pa chen po mchog gi sku par dge'o

(Lithograph of HH Dalai Lama as a young adult)

Box 10 (Lithograph of HH Dalai Lama as a young child), (3 copies)

(Container includes note by H. Fader: "world famous photo of child Dalai Lama 14 sitting on chair at Kumbum Gompa holding Gospel of John text card on his lap. Taken by [Wn mary?] just prior to child being taken 1939 to Lhasa to be installed as DL 14.")

Box 10 Tsarong family, photographic prints (2 prints)

Box 10 Yul phyogs so so'i gsar 'gyur me long zhes bya ba dge 'o

(Handcrafted folder for storing Volume 15 of the Tibet Mirror newspaper; includes one page of photographic prints; very poor condition.)

Subseries 4, Audio Materials

Box 10 Phonograph record: "Lhasa Wedding Songs", damaged

Box 10 Tibetan Language Record

(Photocopy of printed book together with digital recordings of 14 sound discs; for access, search CLIO )