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Oscar Newman papers, 1959-1998

Series IX: Film & TV

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Box 13 Folder 36 Poster for "No Place to Rest His Head", undated

[2 copies] Film by ON for HUD

Box 13 "'Stringer': An Original Screenplay by Paul Robert Newman", undated

[2 copies]

Box 13 Folder 37 Notes on Program ideas, undated

"Pts to be made in NBC Film" ; "Structure for the Film: Writing on the Wall Revisited"

Box 13 Folder 38 Themes & Bibliography for TV Series on Architecture, undated


Box 13 Folder 39 MacNeil/Lehrer Report - "South Bronx Revival?", 1978

Box 13 Folder 40 WGBH TV for Man Made America, 1980

Includes correspondence, outline, notes and "Concepts & Treatment for WGBH Boston Man-Made America" [2 copies] postmarked 1980 May 27 & 30

Box 13 WGBH TV Boston proposal, 1980 Jun 1

Box 13 Folder 41 Notes for Phil Donahue Show, 1982

"Chicago Aug. 18, 82 (Natl. 19th)"

Box 13 Folder 42 "BBC Film Script: Crime and Punishment", ca. 1983

Box 13 Folder 43 "Behavior Control in Mass-Housing", 1984

[2 copies] Proposal for a sequel to the 1974 BBCTV HORIZON show "The Writing on the Wall"

Box 13 Folder 44 "Working Title: Shelter, Symbol, and Stage: A Social History of Architecture", 1984

[2 copies] Schematic for an Eight Part TV Series on Architecture

Box 13 Folder 45 Proposals for Creating Defensible Space Video, 1996-9

WGBH, HUD, Ford Foundation

Box 13 Folder 46 Script for a Film with the Working Title of: "Creating Defensible Space in New Housing Developments", undated