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Oscar Newman papers, 1959-1998

Series VII: Slides

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Box 23 Folder 1 China Slides, 1982 Jul

Shanghai Old Town & Commune; Hangchow/Shanghai, Pagoda & Westlake; Hangchow Misca.; Dalian; Harbin: Sun Park; Shenyang; Beijing: Nursery, Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Peking High Rises, Summer Palace; Hong Kong: Hotel, Top of Victoria

Box 23 Folder 2 Project Slides, 1989 Apr, May; 1992 Jan, May, Oct; 1994 Nov; 1995 Jan, Apr, Oct; 1998 Oct; undated

Denver, CO; Aurora, CO; Flint, MI; Yonkers, NY; St. Louis; Bridgeport; Dayton, OH; Plantation, FL; Misca.

Box 23 Folder 3 Unidentified Slides, 1961, 1965-7, undated

City scenes, housing, St. Louis, city plans & diagrams, shopping centers, Scarborough; slides printed in Halifax, N.S, possibly for teaching i.e. historic architecture around the world; Yugoslavia Adriatic coast, Sibernik, Italy; misca. printed in Canada and the USA; images of drawings and models, possibly Dutch

Box 23 Folder 4 [Group 1], undated

History of Architecture (1908-1940); McHarg Origins of Planning

Box 23 Folder 5 [Group 2], undated

Scarborough College; Washington University Campus; Cedar Riverside; Cars; Sterling; Mies van der Rohe; Meramac; Cambridge; Cumbernauld; Misca. US New Towns; D.ca. Area including Rosslyn, Crystal City, Charles Center, Reston; NYU/Columbia Course in Theory?

Box 23 Folder 6 [Group 3], undated

Bridgeport; Chicago; Detroit; Franklin; Hartford; Minneapolis; New Haven; Pittsburgh; Rochester; Syracuse; Virgin Islands; Samarkand; Kizhi; Novgorod; Forest; New Orleans; the Netherlands

Box 23 Folder 7 [Group 4], undated

Diagrams and Illustrations

Box 23 Folder 8 [Group 5], undated

Markham; Edenwald; Parks & Playground Equipment; Hardware; Misca.; North Beach; Statistics; Bronxdale & Van Dyke; Chicago Cabrini Green; Geneva Towers; Tom Paine; Yerba Buena; St. Francis Square

Box 23 Folder 9 [Group 6], undated

Downtown St. Louis; Washington; Clayton, MO; Alaska; Montreal, Espl. Av., St. Urb.-Bagg, Downtown, Mn. Street, St. Cath., McGill

Box 24 Folder 1 [Group 7], undated

Toronto; Breukelen; Bronxdale; Charc?; Columbus Houses; Newark Mod. Hs.; First Houses; Gravesend; Hamel; Harlem River Houses; Highbridge; Kingsboro; Spangen; Throgg's Neck; Robert Taylor; Raymond Rosen; Brownsville-Van Dyke; Williamsburg; Mill Creek; Park-West Village; River-bend Liquor Store; Riverbend; Pruitt Igoe; Sauer, Philadelphia; Tower Hill, St. Louis; Westgate, St. Louis; Defensible Space Theory Diagrams; Defensible Space Consumer Survey; LaClede Town; Fear Maps; Hyde Park; Miami; Californian, Tustin; 560 Riverside; Misca. Projects

Box 24 Folder 2 [Group 8], undated

Plug-in City; Yona Friedman; Shadrach Woods; Kenzo Tange; Case; Louis Kahn; Haussmann's Paris; D. Crane; Montgomery; Chicago, Burnham; Webber; Broadacre City, Frank Lloyd Wright; Ohtaka Maki; Huston; Mahaddie; Smithson; ca. Alexander; Hook N.T.; Bakema; Team 10; Rome, Sixtus V; Ideal Cities of the Renaissance; Washington Year 2000 Plan; "Real Zoom"; "Traffic"; "Visual Survey"; "Light as Arch"; Brooklyn Store; Pop. Aesthetic; Misca. Slides.

Box 24 Folder 3 [Group 9], undated

Vallingby; Pendrecht; Lombardijen; Farsta; Nagele; Los Angeles; Holland Dyke; Bredang; Groningen; Amsterdam; Lijnbaam; Rotterdam; Stockholm; Hotorget; Freisland; Halifax; Boston/East Coast; North Carolina; Miami; San Francisco.

Box 24 Folder 4 [Group 10], undated

Clason Point: Dwgs, Before, During, After; Markham; Union-Market; Misca. English Housing; Robin Hood; Aylesbury; "Dreadful English Brutalism"; Pollard's Hill?; Camden?; Sheffield; Leeds; Greenwich; Thames Mead?; Puerto Rico.

Box 24 Folder 5 [Group 11], 1987,88, undated

NYC; Plantation, FL; Pruitt-Igoe; Misca. Housing Projects; Toronto Mall; Dutch Organ