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Oscar Newman papers, 1959-1998

Series X: Publications

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Box 13 Folder 1 "Basic Conclusions of the Defensible Space Study", undated

Box 13 Folder 2 "Modifications to Public Housing", undated

"O.N. talk (not given)"

Box 13 Folder 3 "The Peculiarities of the Drug Problem in Public Housing", undated

Box 13 Folder 4 "Restructuring Cities for Community Control", undated

Box 13 Folder 5 Seminar at University of Colorado, Denver, undated


Box 13 Folder 6 Talk to Koppelman's Class, undated


Box 13 Folder 7 Montreal Articles, 1959 Sep, Dec

Includes "Current Events: a Weekly Guide for Visitors to Montreal" with cover illustration by ON; ON's "Some Views of the New Montreal" in The Montrealer

Box 13 Folder 8 "Magazines", ca. 1961-2

The Canadian Architect?

Box 13 Folder 9 "Jacob Bakema: Holland", 1962 May

The Canadian Architect p. 43-50.

Box 13 Folder 10 "Architecture Hot & Cold", 1964

Includes notes

Box 13 Folder 11 "Habitat '67: A Critique", 1964

The Canadian Architect 1964 Oct: includes research materials, notes, drafts, prints of drawings and models; includes Time 1964 Jun 19, The Montreal Star 1964 Jun 26 p. 17-20, Maclean's 1964 Aug 8.

Box 13 Folder 12 Architectural Forum on Montreal, 1965-6

Correspondence with Architectural Forum re: Peter Blake "Montreal in 3-D"

Box 13 Folder 13 "The New Campus", 1966 May

Architectural Forum p. 30-54. [2 copies]

Box 13 Folder 14 "New Directions in Campus Architecture", 1966 Aug

"published: Journal of the Society of Campus & University Planners, Winter 1967"

Box 13 Folder 15 "Countdown for Small Towns." Esquire., 1969 Dec

Contains draft and published version

Box 13 "Countdown for Small Towns." Esquire., 1969 Dec

Full published version

Box 13 Folder 16 "Shaping Our Cities for the Seventies", ca. 1970s

Book Proposal

Box 13 Folder 17 Book Review, Progressive Architecture, 1970 Sep

On Joedicke, Jurgen. Architecture Since 1945: Sources and Directions [2 copies]

Box 13 Folder 18 Articles for New York Times Magazine, undated, 1972

Box 13 Folder 19 "Prison Talk in Vancouver", 1976 May

Box 13 Folder 20 "The Failure of a Misconception-Modern Architecture in the Latter-half of the Twentieth Century", 1978


Box 13 Folder 21 "Double Bind in the South Bronx", 1978

[2 copies]

Box 13 Folder 22 "Dynamics of Stability: A Time-series Study of the Effects of Changes in the Socioeconomic Characteristics of Neighborhoods on Changes in Crime Rates, Instability and the Socioeconomic Characteristics of Residents in Public Housing Authority Projects", 1979, undated

Proposed study

Box 13 Folder 23 "Repercussions of Dishonesty in Research Reporting", 1980 Sep

Social Science Quarterly Vol. 61, No. 2

Box 13 Folder 24 "Setting the Stage for Human Encounter", 1980-2

Talk given at the Minneapolis Walker Art Center and published in Design Quarterly, includes correspondence, list of illustrations, and lecture brochure.

Box 13 Folder 25 "The Determined Environment", 1981

Book proposal with Karen Franck

Box 13 Folder 26 CUNY Lecture Series, 1981

Contains correspondence and brochure

Box 13 Folder 27 "The Futility of Government Intervention in Housing and City Planning", 1982

Talk given at Bellarmine College and published in New Perspectives on Community Development, includes note

Box 13 Folder 28 "China Moves Faster Than the Times", 1982 Dec

Book Review of Butterfield, Fox. China: Alive in the Bitter Sea in Reason

Box 13 Folder 29 "Expanding the Design Concerns of the Housing Architect", 1984

Progressive Architecture, includes correspondence

Box 13 Folder 30 "Reversing Community Decline and Crime", 1985

Proposal to the National Institute of Justice

Box 13 "Issues in Housing Discrimination: A Consultation/Hearing of the United States Commission on Civil Rights", 1985 Nov 12-13

Volume 1: Papers Presented

Box 13 "Issues in Housing Discrimination: A Consultation/Hearing of the United States Commission on Civil Rights", 1985 Nov 12-13

Volume 2: Proceedings

Box 13 Folder 31 AIAS Thanksgiving Lecture, 1985 Nov


Box 13 Folder 32 World Book Encyclopedia, 1985-6

Notes, drafts, and correspondence re: review of encyclopedia articles

Box 13 Folder 33 "Outline for Proposed Book by Oscar Newman tentatively titled: Taking Back Our Streets", post-1989

Box 13 Folder 34 JAPA Article, 1994-5

Includes correspondence; "Defensible Space: A New Physical Planning Tool for Urban Revitalization" APA Journal, 1995 Spring.

Box 13 Folder 35 EDRA Article, 1996

Includes correspondence; "Defensible Space: A New Physical Planning Tool for Urban Revitalization" ; Franck, Karen A. "An Interview with Oscar Newman" EDRA.

Box 13 "Defensible Space: Neighborhood Design for Safety", 1997 May/Jun

Shelterforce, The Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Building Strategies