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Oscar Newman papers, 1959-1998

Series XV: Personal Papers

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Box 15 Dutch Photocord, undated

[Cover only]

Box 15 Folder 11 Correspondence, 1991 Aug 2, undated

Complaint to Sonny & Judy Irons re: Right-of Way; Christmas Card to David Scheisskopf

Box 15 Folder 12 Correspondence with Malka Newman, 1959-60

Letters from ex-wife during their separation

Box 15 Folder 13 Prints of Trip West, undated

San Francisco

Box 15 Folder 14 Negatives, ca. 1960s

Negatives of family, Kopper, Paul, & cat

Box 15 Folder 15 Prints of Oscar Newman, 1972, 1979, undated

Includes negatives, photo from Penny

Box 15 Folder 16 Prints of House and Kitchen woodwork, 1996 Jan, undated

Includes Native American mural

Box 15 Folder 17 "St. Michael", undated

Reference images

Box 15 Folder 18 Totem Exhibitions, 1995-8

Exhibition at First Peoples' Gallery; Potential customers

Box 15 Folder 19 Watershed Grant, 1995-2004

Grant application; correspondence; receipts; floppy disc

Box 15 Folder 20 Carvings & Totems, undated

Includes sketches, drawings, myth information

Box 15 Folder 21 American Indian Festival, 1998

Correspondence, notes, pamphlets

Box 15 Folder 22 Special to Newsday Magazine, 1976 Aug 4

Article about painting fire hydrants in Great Neck, NY

Box 15 Folder 23 Unmasking a King Reviews and Articles, 1981

Box 15 Folder 24 Copyright agreement with The Mountain Eagle, 2000

Includes correspondence and notes

Box 15 Folder 25 Visualizing Myth, 1999-2001

Macmillan contract; correspondence; notes; publishing information

Box 15 Folder 26 Short Stories, 1984, 1985, undated

"Inkwells"; "Beets and Potatoes"; "Piano Lessons"; "A Meatless Christmas Eve"; "All that Jazz at Windham Civic Centre"; He Said, She Said "What's Cooking on the Mountain Top?" "Flicks" "Waiting for the Millennium or How to Get Raptured" "Florida" "Avoiding Responsibility" "L vs Non-L"

Box 15 Folder 27 "COP Drafts", 1974 Nov; 1976 Apr; 1976 May 14; undated

Drafts, retyped material