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Oscar Newman papers, 1959-1998

Series XI: Conferences

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Box 14 "Design for Improving Safety in Residential Environments", 1969 Nov 13, 14

Stenographic Transcript of Proceedings; Columbia University

Box 14 Folder 1 "Design for Improving Safety in Residential Environments", 1969

Columbia University: includes "Physical Parameters of Defensible Space, Past Experience and Hypothesis" [2 copies], "Questionnaire: Design for the Improvement of Security in Urban Residential Areas" [2 copies]

Box 14 Folder 2 HUD Task Force on Housing Operations, 1981

Correspondence, agenda, and notes

Box 14 Folder 3 "Reducing the Destabilizing Effects of Crime and Racial Transition in Urban Neighborhoods and Housing Projects", 1983 Feb 12

Lincoln Institute in Los Angeles: includes "The Private Streets of St. Louis" and " Factors Influencing Crime and Instability in Federally Assisted Housing Developments"

Box 14 Folder 4 "The Re-Use of Land and Buildings", 1983 Jun 28-30

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Parliament Square, London: includes Newman's "Re-Using Undesired Assisted Housing and Stabilizing Streets in Areas of Transition" and draft of "The Private Streets of St. Louis

Box 14 "The Re-Use of Land and Buildings", 1983 Jun 28-30

Program for Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Parliament Square, London

Box 14 Folder 5 "Improving Urban Transport: The Role of the Developer", 1983 Sep- 1984 Feb

University of Southern California Law Center, sponsored by Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Southern California Rapid Transit District

Box 14 Folder 6 Oak Park Exchange Congress, 1984 Oct

Includes correspondence, notes, maps, and program

Box 14 Folder 7 NCDH Legal Fair Housing Conference, 1984 Dec-1985 Jan

Potomac Institute: includes correspondence, list of attendees, and notes

Box 14 Folder 8 "Adolescent Violence: Research & Public Policy", 1987 Feb 5-7

Columbia University: includes roster of participants, schedule, and workshops

Box 14 Folder 9 "Urban Management and Public Housing", 1988 Mar 22-5

Nationale Woningraad 75th Anniversary Conference: includes "The Re-use of Existing High-Rise Housing to Create Vibrant New Urban Milieus"

Box 14 Folder 10 EDRA 26, 1994 Jul - 1995 Mar

Twenty-Sixth Annual Conference of the Environmental Design Research Association in Boston, Massachusetts: includes correspondence, outline of paper, program, and poster

Box 14 Folder 11 Greater Dallas Planning Council Annual Meeting, 1994 Aug-Nov

Includes correspondence and notes

Box 14 Folder 12 White House Conference on the Protection and Development of Public Spaces, 1994 Feb-May, 1991-4

The Communitarian Network; includes correspondence, Newman's "Random Thoughts on the Loss of Public Spaces," and reference material [arranged by date]

Box 14 Folder 13 "Putting Our Communities Back on Their Feet: The Next Step", 1994 Dec-1995 May

Local Government Commission in Los Angeles: includes correspondence and program

Box 14 Folder 14 U.S. Conference of Mayors, 1995 Mar-Jun

Includes correspondence, draft agenda, registration form, speakers list

Box 14 Folder 15 Misca. Conference Requests, 1995 May

Includes Reason Foundation Conference: 21st Century Government and The Foundation for Architecture Francisville Housing Competition