Wilfred Feinberg Papers, 1936-2011, bulk 1960-2011

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Series IV: Subject Files, 1961-2010

This series consists of topical material related to the functioning of the court, the court's official rules, and Feinberg's research files. It includes materials from both his district court service and his time on the appellate bench. This series includes four subseries: General; Advisory Committee Service; Points of Law; and Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Subseries IV.1: General, 1962-2010

This subseries includes subject files related to the court's functioning. The bulk of the materials are memoranda between the judges and the Clerk and Circuit Executive, as well as reports and statistics. There are thirteen topical files in this subseries, and material within each file is arranged reverse-chronologically.

Box 173 Attorney Grievance Committee, 1979-2009, (9 folders)

Box 173-175 Bankruptcy, 1973-2008, (27 folders)

Box 220-221 Committee Reports, 1964-2008, (12 folders)

(Includes assorted correspondence and reports from minor committees and commissions with which Judge Feinberg was associated)

Box 175 Congressional Judiciary Committees, 1962-1999, (10 folders)

Box 175-176 Criminal Justice Act, 1984-2007, (10 folders)

Box 176 Judicial Ethics, 1969-2010, (6 folders)

Box 176 Juries, 1963-1989, (7 folders)

Box 176-178 Law Clerks, 1974-2010, (30 folders)

Box 178 Magistrates, 1968-2000, (6 folders)

Box 178-179 Sentencing, 1973-2008, (13 folders)

Box 179-180 Significant Issues in Cases Heard, 1990-2010, (21 folders)

Box 180 Speedy Trial Act, 1970-1987, (9 folders)

Box 180-181 Supreme Court of the United States, 1969-2011, (11 folders)

Subseries IV.2: Advisory Committee Service, 1968-2001

This subseries includes Feinberg's official committee service, excepting his work on the Judicial Conference's Long Range Planning Committee, which can be found in Subseries V.3. Committee reports from informal committees, Second Circuit standing committees, and committees where Feinberg was not a member can be found in Subseries IV.1.

The Advisory Committee on Civil Rules and Federal Courts Study Committee were under the aegis of the Judicial Conference. The Advisory Committee on Experimentation in the Law, Advisory Council for Appellate Justice, and Committee on Future Needs and Practices were sponsored by the Federal Judicial Center. Materials in this subseries include clippings, correspondence and memoranda, drafts, meeting minutes, programs, reports, and statistics. Within each file, materials are arranged reverse-chronologically.

Box 181-182 Advisory Committee on Civil Rules, 1964-1970, (17 folders)

Box 182 Advisory Committee on Experimentation in the Law, 1978-1985, (13 folders)

Box 182-183 Advisory Council for Appellate Justice, 1971-1975, (33 folders)

Box 183 American Bar Association Special Committees, 1975-1986, (7 folders)

Box 183 Committee on Future Needs and Practices, 1991-1994, (5 folders)

Box 183-184 Federal Courts Study Committee, 1988-1991, (11 folders)

Box 184 New York City Bar Special Committees, 1978-1983, (6 folders)

Box 184 State-Federal Judicial Council, 1968-2001, (7 folders)

Subseries IV.3: Points of Law, 1961-2010

Feinberg maintained a subject file for points of law, arranged alphabetically by topic, where he filed offprints of case rulings responsive to the topic. The bulk of the offprints come from Second Circuit decisions, but other courts are represented. Many of the labeled folders are empty but have been retained to maintain Feinberg's research system. In addition to offprints, folders occasionally include carbons of Feinberg's opinions and notes.

Box 153 Index; A, 1963-2009, (66 folders)

Box 154 A-C, 2000-2010, (96 folders)

Box 155 C-D, 1970-2010, (85 folders)

Box 156 D-E, 1971-2009, (43 folders)

Box 157 E-F, 1966-2010, (108 folders)

Box 158 F-H, 1971-2009, (74 folders)

Box 159 I, 1963-2010, (47 folders)

Box 160 I-L, 1961-2010, (76 folders)

Box 161 L-P, 1969-2009, (90 folders)

Box 162 P-R, 1991-2009, (69 folders)

Box 163 R-S, 1975-2008, (56 folders)

Box 164 S, 1971-2010, (62 folders)

Box 165 S-T, 1971-2009, (54 folders)

Box 166 T-W, 1965-2008, (65 folders)

Box 167 W-Z, 1966-2003, (20 folders)

Subseries IV.4: Rules of Practice and Procedure, 1961-2010

This subseries includes copies of rules and amendments that govern the functioning of the court system as a whole, the Second Circuit specifically, and the Circuit's bankruptcy and district courts. The subseries is divided into nine files, one for each set of rules (five federal, three circuit, and one local by district) and within each file folders are arranged numerically by rule number.

Box 167 Admiralty Rules, 2000, (5 folders)

Box 167-168 Circuit Court Procedure, 1966-2008, (19 folders)

Box 168 Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, 1969-2009, (21 folders)

Box 168 Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, 1989-2003, (2 folders)

Box 168-170 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 1961-2007, (68 folders)

Box 170 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, 1963-2004, (40 folders)

Box 170-171 Federal Rules of Evidence, 1983-2004, (45 folders)

Box 171-173 Local Rules-Circuit Court, 1971-2010, (44 folders)

Box 173 Local Rules-District Courts, 1964-1991, (16 folders)