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Wilfred Feinberg Papers, 1936-2011, bulk 1960-2011

Series VI: Professional Development, 1961-2011

This series includes materials relating to Feinberg's participation in professional organizations and continuing education. Records consist of conference materials, correspondence, directories, educational materials, official membership documents, reports, and workshop materials. This series is divided into three subseries: Bar Associations, Federal Judicial Center, and Legal Societies and Professional Organizations.

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Subseries VI.1: Bar Associations, 1961-2010

Feinberg was a member of the New York City Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, and the American Bar Association, and all three groups are represented in this subseries. Maintaining his original order, the subseries is divided by document type, and each section includes items from all of the bar organizations. Records in this subseries include admissions and membership records (although his first admissions are in Series I), correspondence, programs, reports, and workshop and educational materials.

Within each file, records are arranged reverse-chronologically.

Box 185 Admissions, 1964-1979, (1 folder)

Box 185 Correspondence, 1961-2010, (13 folders)

Box 185 Legal Education, 1989-1990, (3 folders)

Box 185-186 Reports, 1981-2003, (5 folders)

Box 186 Workshops, 1991-1999, (10 folders)

Subseries VI.2: Federal Judicial Center, 1976-2008

The Federal Judicial Center, formed in 1967, is the official educational organization for the federal courts. While materials from Feinberg's service on Federal Judicial Center committees is in Subseries IV.2, this subseries includes educational and research material from FJC conferences and workshops. Records consist of agendas, correspondence, manuals, programs, research publication, and reports. Records are divided into three files by document type, maintaining Feinberg's original order, and arranged reverse-chronologically.

Box 186 Correspondence, 1985-2008, (8 folders)

Box 187 Manuals and Reports, 1985-1999, (4 folders)

Box 187 Workshops and Conferences, 1976-2008, (11 folders)

Subseries VI.3: Legal Societies and Professional Organizations, 1961-2011

This subseries collects records from a number of lesser professional groups and organizations. It consists of various biographical directories and judicial almanacs that included entries on Feinberg, along with twelve non-profit and continuing education groups that Feinberg occasionally participated in. Materials are primarily correspondence (including form renewals and questionnaires) and meeting and conference programs. The subseries is arranged alphabetically by organization name, then reverse-chronologically.

Box 187 Almanacs and Directories, 1961-2011, (10 folders)

Box 188 American Historical Association-Project '87, 1978-1987, (2 folders)

Box 188 American Inns of Court, 1986-2008, (3 folders)

Box 188 American Judicature Society-Devitt Awards, 1983-2010, (7 folders)

Box 188 American Law Institute, 1970-2007, (7 folders)

Box 188 Fair Trial Free Press, 1979-1989, (2 folders)

Box 189 Federal Judges' Association, 1986-2008, (5 folders)

Box 189 Ford Foundation-Study of Law and Justice, 1971-1982, (3 folders)

Box 189 International Bar Association, 1985-1986, (4 folders)

Box 189 Judiciary Leadership Development Council, 1993-1999, (2 folders)

Box 189 Legal Aid Society, 1981-2000, (5 folders)

Box 189 National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade, 1993-2001, (3 folders)

Box 189 New York Public Library-Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution,, 1985-1987, (4 folders)