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Wilfred Feinberg Papers, 1936-2011, bulk 1960-2011

Series VIII: Columbia University Alumni Activity, 1959-2010

Feinberg spent his postsecondary education at Columbia University, attending Columbia College and Columbia Law School. He is an active alumnus and this series includes more than fifty years of his involvement with Columbia University. Feinberg kept separate records of his alumni activity for the college and the law school, and that arrangement has been maintained. A third subseries consists of records relating to Columbia University more generally, including the umbrella alumni group for all Columbia schools, and material related to President Lee Bollinger and long-time law school professor Maurice Rosenberg.

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Subseries VIII.1: Columbia College, 1959-2008

Columbia College is one of the two undergraduate schools at Columbia University. Feinberg graduated from Columbia College in 1940 and remained active in the alumni association, serving on the Board of Directors. Records in this subseries include clippings, correspondence, meeting agendas, memoranda, minutes, reports, reunion programs, and statistics. Materials are arranged reverse-chronologically.

Box 193-194 Correspondence, 1965-2008, (23 folders)

Box 194 Committee Minutes and Reports, 1966-1977, (16 folders)

Box 194 Governance, 1959-1999, (12 folders)

Box 195 Reunions, 1990-2005, (7 folders)

Subseries VIII.2: Columbia Law School, 1962-2010

Feinberg enrolled in Columbia Law School in 1940 and, after a three year break for his Army service, graduated in 1946. While at Columbia Law School he was the editor-in-chief of the Law Review and after graduating became active in the alumni association. Throughout his career, he made sure that one of his two law clerks was a Columbia Law School graduate. He served on the Columbia Law School Alumni Association Board of Directors and was a member of the nomination committee for the Medal for Excellence. Of particular note is the file on the Feinberg Prize and Scholarship, which includes material on the Wilfred Feinberg Prize (established 1998) and Wilfred Feinberg Scholarship in Law (established 2010), both created by some of Feinberg's former law clerks.

Records include agendas, clippings, correspondence, memoranda, programs, and reports. Within each file, materials are arranged reverse-chronologically.

Box 195 Correspondence, 1967-2010, (18 folders)

Box 196 Committees, 1962-1994, (16 folders)

Box 196 Conferences, 1965-1984, (9 folders)

Box 196 Feinberg Prize and Scholarship, 1998-2010, (3 folders)

(The Wilfred Feinberg Prize, established in 1998 and the Wilfred Feinberg Scholarship in Law, established in 2010 were created by a group of Feinberg's former law clerks.)

Box 196-197 Governance, 1964-2006, (15 folders)

Box 197 Medal for Excellence, 1972-2008, (6 folders)

Subseries VIII.3: Columbia University, 1970-2008

This subseries includes Columbia-related material that is not specific to Columbia College or Columbia Law School. The subseries is divided into three sections: Alumni Federation; Correspondence with President Lee Bollinger; and Maurice Rosenberg. Within each section materials are arranged reverse-chronologically.

The Alumni Federation (superseded by the Columbia Alumni Association in 2005) is the umbrella alumni group responsible for Columbia University as a whole and materials in this file include clippings, correspondence, and meeting programs.

Lee Bollinger, the 19th President of Columbia University, is a fellow Columbia Law School alumnus, and one of Feinberg's law clerks (1971-1972). Although Feinberg and Bollinger kept in touch throughout the years, Feinberg's dedicated correspondence file was created in 2002, after Bollinger's inauguration as President of Columbia University.

Maurice Rosenberg was a classmate of Feinberg's at Columbia Law School and then a professor there for almost forty years. He and Feinberg were close (Rosenberg wrote "Chief Judge Wilfred Feinberg: A Twenty-Fifth Year Tribute" for theColumbia Law Reviewin 1986), although the bulk of their personal correspondence can be found in Subseries IX.3. The Rosenberg materials include letters of nomination and recommendation from Feinberg regarding Rosenberg's consideration for a variety of awards, correspondence and programs from Rosenberg's memorial service in 1995, and records relating to the Maurice Rosenberg Memorial Lecture established at Columbia in 1996.

Box 197 Alumni Federation, 1970-2003, (9 folders)

Box 197 Correspondence with President Lee Bollinger, 2002-2007, (2 folders)

Box 197 Maurice Rosenberg, 1991-2008, (3 folders)