Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Mirra Ginsburg papers, 1910-1999

Series VII: Writings by Others

Typescripts or unbound photocopies, often inscribed to Mirra Ginsburg by authors. Series does not include materials translated by MG (for original texts used for translation see Background Materials series). Alphabetical by author.

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Box 30 Folder 1 - 2 Aksenov, Vasilii Ozhog

Box 30 Folder 3 Belinkov, Arkadii "Pis'mo kritika A. Belinkova", Posev, Aug. 1968 and misc. articles re: Belinkov

[Inscribed to MG by author, New Haven, CT, Jan. 1969]

Box 30 Folder 4 Belyi, Andrei; Trahan, Lisa (translator) Gogol

[Inscribed to MG by L. Trahan]

Box 30 Folder 5 Brodsky, Joseph; Tsvetaeva, Marina (about) Ob odnom stikhotvorenii

Box 30 Folder 6 Chukovskaia, Lidiia Korneevna Predsmertie

Box 30 Folder 7 Dubnova-Erlich, S. Obshchestvennyi oblik zhurnala Letopis', 1963

[Inscribed to MG by author]

Box 30 Folder 8 Gorbanevskaia, Natal'ia Poems

Box 30 Folder 9 Kristi, G. Stanislavskii I Meierkhol'd

Box 30 Folder 10 Levin, Vadim Poems

[Enclosures, removed from the book Glupaia Loshad']

Box 30 Folder 11 McPhee, John; Dodge, Norton Townsend (about) The Ransom of Russian Art

Box 30 Folder 12 Nitsberg, A. Glubina kartinnoi ploskosti

Box 30 Folder 13 Rudich, Vasily Keepers of the Flame, 1991

Box 30 Folder 14 Rybakov, Anatolii Leto v Sosniakakh, 1964

Box 30 Folder 15 Sample, Norman Thoughts from Golgotha, 1992

[Letter to MG from author enclosed (copy - original removed to Correspondenc e series)]

Box 30 Folder 16 Shmukler, IUliia Short stories

Box 30 Folder 17 Siniavskii, A. (Andrei) [title unknown], Glava 3: Otets.

Box 30 Folder 18 Solov'ev, Vladimir Ne plach' obo mne, 1982

[Inscribed to MG by author.]

Box 30 Folder 19 Sosin, Gene Thirty-three Days in the Soviet Union

Box 30 Folder 20 Tucker, Lisa; Tsvetaeva, Marina; Original poems and translations of Marina Tsvetaeva

Box 30 Folder 21 Ventslova, Tomas Natsional'nye problemy v SSSR I sovremennaia sovetskaia literatura, 1987