Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Mirra Ginsburg papers, 1910-1999

Series II: Arranged Correspondence

Russian and English.

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Subseries II.1: Prominent Individuals

Incoming and outgoing high-volume (over 5 items) correspondence with friends, family, and colleagues. Photos separated, paper enclosures kept on file. Folders arranged alphabetically by personal name, correspondence within folder arranged chronologically.

Box 2 Folder 1 Allworth, Edward Columbia University - Program on Soviet Nationality Problems , New York, NY, Jan. 1972 - Dec. 1972

Box 2 Folder 2 Belinkova-IAblokova, Natalia , Washington, DC; Monterey, CA, Oct. 1972 - 1985

[Includes open letter by Belinkova to Raisa Orlova re: Belinkov, Arkadii]

Box 2 Folder 3 Blake Hill, Patricia , New York, NY, Jan. 1960 - Mar. 1975

[Includes enclosed The Journey (translation by Mirra Ginsberg of short story by Babel', Isaac) typescript edited by P. Blake Hill]

Box 2 Folder 4 Bokelman, Judith; Bokelman, Rinus , Charlotte, NC, Apr. 1975 - Jul. 1982

Box 2 Folder 5 Caplan, Minnie , Orangeburg, NY, May 1932 - Apr. 1933

Box 2 Folder 6 - 8 Carvajal, Shesha , Santiago, Chile; Berkeley, CA, Nov. 1957 - Jul. 1990

Box 2 Folder 9 Christesen, Nina Mikhailovna University of Melbourne , Victoria, Australia, Mar. 1969 - Oct. 1970

Box 2 Folder 10 - 12 Chukovskaia, E. TS. (Liusha) , Moscow, Russia, Nov. 1969 - Jan. 1999

Box 3 Folder 1 Congrat-Butlar, Stefan , Brooklyn, NY, Feb. 1967 - Mar. 1976

Box 3 Folder 2 Daniels, Winnie , n.p., Feb. 1931 - Jan. 1932

Box 3 Folder 3 Fanger, Don , West Newton, MA, Nov. 1970 - Dec. 1982

Box 3 Folder 4 Fedoulova (Touja), Roza , Toulouse, France, Feb. 1980 - Jul. 1987

Box 3 Folder 5 Fibich, Judith; Fibich, Felix , Jerusalem, Israel; Chicago, IL, [Jun. 1969] - Nov. 1977

Box 3 Folder 6 - 7 Ginsburg, Bronia , New York, NY; Hunter, NY; Rockville, MD, Jul. 1949 - Sep. 1966


Box 3 Folder 8 Ginsburg (Berkovitz), Lea (Lily) , Silver Spring, MD, Sep. 1935 - Sep. 1989

[Sister (10 years junior, married Jack Berkovitz)]

Box 3 Folder 9 Ginsburg, Lea (Lina) and Lev (Leva) , Riga/Libava, Latvia; Paris, France, Nov. 1925 - Apr. 1934

[School friends from Libava]

Box 3 Folder 10 Handelman, Jeannette , Newark, NJ; Chicago, IL, Dec. 1931 - Apr. 1934

[Also includes a letter from Norman [Handelman], and drafts of Mirra's letters to mutual acquaintance Patsy]

Box 3 Folder 11 Hoffman, Michael A. Agence Hoffman Attorney for heirs of Zamiatina (Tamara Jaba and Natalia Sollogub) re: copyright to works of Zamiatin, Evgenii Ivanovich, Paris, France, Apr. 1967 - Mar. 1970

[See also Jaba, Tamara; Sollogub, Natalia, Zamiatina, Liudmila]

Box 4 Folder 1 Kern, Gary Princeton University; University of Rochester , Princeton, NJ; Rochester, NY, Dec. 1967 - May 1972

Box 4 Folder 2 Klimovitskaya, Polina , New York, NY; Hanover, NH: Madrid, Spain; Lisboa, Portugal, Jul. 1977 - 1994]

[enclosed - draft of dissertation on Petrushevskaia, Liudmila]

Box 4 Folder 3 Lights, Judy , NY, Apr. 1931 - Apr. 1933

Box 4 Folder 4 Litvinova, Tania , Moscow, USSR, Nov. 1969 - Feb. 1976

[Friend of Chukovskii family]

Box 4 Folder 5 Lurie, Frieda , Moscow, USSR, Dec. 1967 - Oct. 1975

Box 4 Folder 6 McCleland, Bertha , Quebec, Canada, Mar. 1927 - May 1929

Box 4 Folder 7 Rosenthal, Raymond , New York, NY, May 1984 - Aug. 1984

[re: Babel's Zakat]

Box 4 Folder 8 Shane, Alex University of California; SUNY , Davis, CA; Albany-Gilderland, NY, Dec. 1967 - Feb. 1992

Box 4 Folder 9 Shindel, Morton , Weston Woods, CT, Nov. 1969 - Feb. 1980

Box 4 Folder 10 Slobin, Greta Wesleyan University , Middletown, CT, Dec. 1975 - Feb. 1990

Box 4 Folder 11 Spitz, Sheryl , Washington, DC, Nov. 1978 - Oct. 1981

Box 4 Folder 12 Stuhlman, Gunther Contains correspondence, book and translation contracts, enclosed letters to Stuhlman from the third parties re: MG's books, New York, NY, Nov. 1960 - May 1975

[Ginsburg's literary agent.]

Box 5 Folder 1 Taylor, Bonnie Highsmith re: copyright of MG fairy tales. Includes notes and drafts, Lebanon, OR, Feb. 1992 - Feb. 1994

[See also Flower, Mary.]

Box 5 Folder 2 Vasil'ev, Mikhail (Vassilieff, Michel) , Paris, France, Apr. 1969 - Apr. 1971

Box 5 Folder 3 Wigley, Eve , Villequier, France, Nov. 1980 - Nov. 1982

Box 5 Folder 4 Wolff, Nancy Cavallo & Wolff: Attorneys at Law re: Philomel Books, New York, NY, Jul. 1992 - Dec. 1992

Box 5 Folder 5 [Zimmermann], Gunther , [Frankfurt am Maine], Germany, Jan. 1958 - Sep. 1959

Subseries II.2: Organizations

Correspondence with publishers, professional and funding organizations, includes enclosures, such as book contracts, royalty statemtents, book reviews, publishers booklets and catalogs, notes and letter drafts by MG, proofs and illustrations. Folders arranged alphabetically by company name, correspondence within folder - in chronological order.

Box 5 Folder 6 Gostautas, Stasys American Litarary Translators Association (ALTA) , Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Apr. 1982 - Mar. 1985

Box 5 Folder 7 Solov, Liuba Amrus Literary Agency includes book report on Tsvetaeva, Marina, My Pushkin, New York, NY, Jan. - Mar. 1968

Box 1 Folder 21 Ardis Publishers

[Filed under Cataloged Correspondence - Proffer, Carl]

Box 5 Folder 8 Aiken, Paul; Pallante, Maria; Stout, Rex Authors Guild, Inc. re: Philomel Books (Clay Boy); re: Eridanos/Marsilio (Lieutenant Kije), Apr. 1970 - May 1994

Box 5 Folder 9 Douglas, John; Moldow, Susan; Rashbaum, Beth Avon Books re books: Obukhova, Lidiia, Daughter of Night; Zamiatin, Evgenii, We; New York, NY, Oct. 1981 - Jan. 1996

Box 5 Folder 10 Armstrong, Gregory; Burbank, Toni; Murphy, Patricia Bantham Books Zamiatin, Evgenii, We; Dostoevskii, Fedor, Notes From Underground; Anthology The Dead Fiddler (rejected), New York, NY, Mar. 1969 - Mar. 1981

Box 5 Folder 11 Gill, Keith Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) re: radio production of Bulgakov, Fatal Eggs, Toronto, Canada, Apr. 1984 - Jan. 1985

Box 5 Folder 12 Wilkin, Refna Coward, McCann & Geoghan, Inc. (Putnam Publishing Group) The Magic Stove, New York, NY, May 1981 - Dec. 1983

Box 6 Folder 1 - 3 Brooks, Donna; Gipson, Morrell; Sawicki, Norma Jean; Crown Publishers, Inc. Diary of Nina Kosterina; Russain and regional folk and fairy tales (Fox and the Hare, Master of the Winds, the Kaha Bird, How Wilka Went to Sea, etc.); Aitmatov, Chingiz, The White Ship; Chukovskii, Korney, Ookie-Spooky; Suteyev, Victor, misc. tales., New York, NY, Oct. 1967 - Feb. 1987

[Includes photocopy of letter from I.B. Singer to M. Gipson re: Fox and the Hare, Nov. 11, 1969]

Box 6 Folder 4 Fogelman, Phyllis G.; Gavril, Jean; Johnson, Mary Parke Dial Press Fairy Tales (One Trick Too Many), Obukhova, Lidiia, Lilith (rejected), New York, NY, Jun. 1969 - Apr. 1983

Box 6 Folder 5 Macrae, John III; Skedgell, Marian E. P. Dutton & Co. Platonov, Andrei, Foundation Pit; Platonov, Andrei, Chevengur (Book Report by MG)), reports on other works of Soviet fiction by MG., New York, NY, Jan. 1969 - Nov. 1976

Box 6 Folder 6 - 7 Garcia de Oteyza, Juan; Phelan, Lisa; Eridanos Press, Inc; Marsilio Publishers Corp. Tynianov, IUrii, Leitenant Kije/Young Vitushishnikov. Includes photocopies of letters by Sir Isaiah Berlin & others re: Tynianov's book, Hygiene, CO; Boston, MA; New York, NY, Aug. 1988 - Jan. 1994

[Eridanos was acquired by Marsilio in 1991.]

Box 7 Folder 1 Bobko, Jane; di Capua, Michael; Meiselas, Nancy; Meyer, John Farrar, Straus & Co; Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc. Book rejections, correspondence re: Chukovskaia, Lidiia Korneevna, Pamiati Detstva., New York, NY, Sep. 1949 - Aug. 1987

Box 7 Folder 2 Mainiero, Lisa Frederick Ungar Publishing Co, Inc. Article on Zamiatin for Encyclopaedia of World Literature, New York, NY, Apr. 1970 - May 1970

Box 7 Folder 3 Caldwell, George; Keene, Frances, Miller Jo An; Morley, Perry; Funk & Wagnalls Fairy Tales [rejected]; Bulgakov, Mikhail, Life of Monsieur De Moliere; New York, NY, Feb. 1968 - Jan. 1971

Box 7 Folder 4 - 6 Hirschman, Susan; Shub, Elizabeth (Libby) Greenwillow Books (William Morrow & Co.) Tales: The Strongest One of All; Good Morning, Chick; Little Rystu; Fisherman's Son; The Night It Rained Pancakes; Across the Stream; Where Does the Sun Go at Night? The Sun's Asleep Behind the Hill; etc, many rejected., New York, NY, Mar. 1976 - Aug. 1993

Box 7 Folder 7 Braverman, Harry; Meeker, Marilyn, Seaver, Richard Grove Press Bulgakov, Mikhail, (Master and Margarita, Flight, Bliss, Heart of the Dog, [Fatal Eggs]). Book reports on Annenkov, UIrii; Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich; Kuzmin, Mikhail; Modern Russian Short Stories; Platonov, Andrei, Olesha, IUrii; Vosnesenskii, Andrei; Amal´rik, Andrei., New York, NY, Mar. 1967 - Jun. 1997

Box 7 Folder 8 Decter, Jacqueline Harcourt Brace Jovanovich The Chinese Mirror, New York, NY, Apr. 1971 - Mar. 1994

Box 7 Folder 9 Ignatowicz, Nina; Lindley, Frances; Shub, Elizabeth (Libby); Zolotow, Charlotte Harper & Row, Publishers , New York, NY, Jan. 1965 - May 1986

Box 7 Folder 1 Wang, Arthur W. Hill & Wang, Inc Book report: Boguslavskaia, Zoia, I Zavtra; Russia's Other Writers, Russian poetry., New York, NY, Oct. 1967 - Oct. 1968

Box 7 Folder 2 Chaikin, Miriam; Cheshire, Mark; Exman, Wallace (Wally); Kroll, Steven; Macrae, John III; Holt, Rinehart, & Winston The Ultimate Threshold (Soviet Science fiction); Regional Folk Tales, New York, NY, Jun. 1967 - Aug. 1986

Box 7 Folder 3 Gallman, John; Rabinowitch, Janet Indiana University Press Bulgakov, Mikhail, (Master and Margarita, Life of Monsieur de Moliere), Bloomington, IN, Aug. 1973 - Dec. 1981

Box 7 Folder 4 Eisele, Elizabeth (Betsy); Stevenson, Dinah J. B. Lippincott Co. Twelve Clever Brothers, other tales rejected, New York, NY, Nov. 1978 - Apr. 1981

Box 7 Folder 5 - 6 Larkin, Phyllis; Shub, Elizabeth (Libby); Macmillan & Co. Obukhova, Lidiia, Daughter of Night; Suteyev tales; The Air of Mars Anthology, New York, NY, Dec. 1968 - Nov. 1992

Box 8 Folder 7 - 8 Ooms, Alexander National Endowment for Humanities (NEH) Creative Writing Fellowships, 1994-1995 - applicants texts and reviews by MG, Washington, DC, Aug. 1992 - Sep. 1994

Box 9 Folder 1 Glassgold, Peter New Directions Bulgakov, Mikhail, ( Flight, Bliss, Life of Monsieur de Moliere)., New York, NY, Jun. 1950 - Jul. 1991

Box 9 Folder 2 Brown, Francis New York Times Book Review re: Bulgakov, Mikhail, Master and Margarita translations; Zamiatin, Evgenii, New York, NY, Mar. 1967 - Aug. 1983

Box 9 Folder 3 Harris, Susan; Yost, Lee Prater Northwestern University Press A Soviet Heretic: Essays by Yevgeniy Zamyatin, Evanston, IL, Jun. 1991 - Apr. 1992

Box 9 Folder 4 Cloud, Robert Panteon Books re: Razgon, Lev, Memoirs, New York, NY, Nov. 1990 - Dec. 1990

Box 9 Folder 5 Friedlander, Christine; Glassgold, Peter; Mihalski, Kirsten; Morrone, John PEN American Center re: PEN Translation Committee; PEN Translation prize, New York, NY, Feb. 1971 - Mar. 1992

Box 9 Folder 6 Penguin Books; Viking Penguin Inc. The Ultimate Threshold, New York, NY, Jan. 1978 - Mar. 1982

Box 9 Folder 7 Gouch, Patricia Lee; Wiseman, Paula Philomel Books; The Putnam Publishing Group Clay Boy. Book Report: Dubov, N, The Runaway., New York, NY, Nov. 1989 - Nov. 1992

[See also Authors Guild]

Box 9 Folder 8 Culler, Shirley; Hoffman, Berenice; Random House Zamiatin, Evgenii, New York, NY, Aug. 1961 - Apr. 1985

[Random House correspondence with Toni Morrison is filed under Cataloged Correspondence - Morrison, Toni;]

Box 9 Folder 9 Phillips, Sydney S. G. Phillips Inc. Last Door to Aiya , New York, NY, Sep. 1967 - Apr. 1967

Box 9 Folder 10 Anderson, Elliot; Newman, Charles Tri-Quarterly - Northwestern University Remizov, Evanston, IL, Mar. 1972 - Nov. 1975

Box 9 Folder 11 - 12 Fitchen, Allen N.; Philipson, Morris; Young, Bruce University of Chicago Press A Soviet Heretic: Essays by Yevgeniy Zamyatin; Zamiatin, Evgenii - Plays (rejected), The Dragon, Chicago, IL, Jan. 1967 - May. 1991

Box 10 Folder 1 University of Chicago Press Reviews and Ads for The Soviet Heretic, Chicago, IL, 1970 - 1971

Box 10 Folder 2 Shale, Alida; Sifton, Elizabeth The Viking Press Zamiatin, We; New York, NY, Oct. 1971 - Jun. 1983

Box 10 Folder 3 Guarnascelli, Maria; Laychak, Mary; Queen, Lisa William Morrow & Co. New York, NY, Mar. 1975 - Jan. 1984

[See alse Greenwillow Books]

Box 10 Folder 4 Kraus, Robert Windmill Books , New York, NY, Nov. 1974 - Jun. 1976

Box 10 Folder 5 Brent, Jonathan Yale University Press re: translation of Diary of Kornei Chukovskii. Includes samples of original Russian text and various translations, New Haven, CT, May 1993 - Aug. 1995

Subseries II.3: Subject Files

Arranged Chronologically

Box 10 Folder 6 Aisenschtadt, Liuba; Vikhman, Galia; [...], Ava; [...], Berta; [...], Niusha, [...]; Liza; [...], Rafail; School Friends from Libava, Libava, Latvia, 1925 - 1927

Box 10 Folder 7 [...], Sarah; [...], Esther; [...], Mildred; [...], Rivka; [...], Bella. School Friends from Montreal, Montreal, Canada, 1927 - 1930

Box 10 Folder 8 Letters to family from Mirra and Lily Ginsburg, Gloversville, NY, Jun. - Aug. 1942

Box 11 Folder 1 Beddoe, Josephine; Commire, Anne; Kay, Ernest Gale Research Company, International Biographical Centre, Biography International Biographical Enries on Ginsburg. Publications: Directory of British and American Writers, Dictionary of International Biography, Contemporary Authors, Who's Who of American Women; The World Who's Who of Women, The International Authors and Writers Who's Who; The World Who's Who of Authors, 1969 - 1992

Box 11 Folder 2 Unidentified Correspondence , 1931 - 1997

Subseries II.4: Other

Arranged alphabetically by author (personal or corporate)

Box 11 Folder 3 Aguirre, Gary J.; Aleksander, Irina; Anderson, David; Anderson, Paul B. - see YMCA;[Argus], M. K.; Arno, Enrico; Aronian, Sona; Avnet, Rosalind; Babyonyshev, Sarra; Bakst, Elana Sarah; Barton, Byron (outgoing); Beil, Frederick C.; Bell, Pearl K.; Benedikt, Michael; Benn, Anna; [Berkowitz], Mitchell; Bespalova, [Larisa]; Bird, Thomas E.; Borishansky, Elliot; Braginsky, Tania and Aleksandr; [Brittain], Vera; Brudne, Eva; Buehl, Ron - see Dell Publishing Co. American Folklore Society; American Translators Association; Asia Society; The Babbling Bookworm; Beauty and the Beast Storytellers; Correspondence: A - B

Box 11 Folder 4 Cannon, Kristin; Casanova, Mercedes; Chalidze, Vera; Chute, Joy; Codray Natalie; Corzin, Steven - See Columbia University Libraries; Costlow, Jane; Cote, Maureen; Crafton, John - see Dover Publications; Graig, Jean; Curley, Laurie; Curtis, Frank; Cushman-Miller, Kathleen - see D.C. Heath & Co.; Cuyler, Margery; De Donato, Diego; Delap, Richard; Deshell, Maier - see Jewish Publication Society; Donovan, John - see Children Book Council; Dorfman, Jeannette; Caedmon Records; Candlewick Press; Chelsea Theater Center of Brooklyn; Children Book Council; Columbia University Libraries - Bakhmeteff Archive; Curtis Brown, Ltd.; D.C. Heath & Co.; Dell Publishing Co.; Dover Publications; Dramatists Guild; Dramatists Guild Quarterly Correspondence: C - D

Box 11 Folder 5 Ebon, Martin - see Playboy Press; Eilan, Arieh; Elinson, Genry; Epstein, Natalie & Joseph; Erlich, S.; Etkind, [E.]; Fabricant, Mona; Farrell, MacLennan; Filipoff, Boris; Fischer, George; Fletcher, Edward A.; Flower, Mary; Frankel, Richard - see Chelsea Theater Center of Brooklyn; Francis, Barbara - see Prentice Hall; Frenaye, Frances; Freedgood, Anne; Friedman, Ernestine L.; Geier, Fred and Nora; Geier, Frederic M. and Susan; Geier, Len and Gloria; Gershkovich, Alexander; Gir[lant], Lynn; Girshin, Mark; Gollancz, Livia; Gotlieb family; Graham, Patricia Albjerg - see Radcliffe Institute; Greenfeld, Howard; Grinberg, Victor; Grodman, Bea and Manny; Grodman, Lawrence K.; Guarnaschelli, Maria - see William Morrow & Co. Easton Press; Envision Entertainment; Esquire Magazine; Ginn & Co; Grany; Guggenheim Foundation - See John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Correspondence: E - G

Box 11 Folder 6 Haugh, Richard; Halbert, Nancy L.; Halpert, Carol - see Caedmon Records; Heacock, Paul - see Perigee Books; Hills, Rust - see Esquire Magazine; Howe, Irving; Huff, Barbara - see Junior Literary Guild; Jacobson, Ruth; Jones, Phillip; Jurasas, Jonas; H. W. Wilson Company; Hamish Hamilton Ltd.; Highlights For Children; Indiana University Library; Inter-Language Literary Associates; Internal Revenue Service; International Rescue Committee; Iskander Ltd.; Jewish Publication Society; John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation; Junior Literary Guild. Correspondence: H - J

Box 12 Folder 1 Kadin, Daniel Scot; Kalfin, Robert - see Chelsea Theater Center of Brooklyn; Kan, [Maria] (Musia); Katz, Shlomo; Kellman, Lillian; Khomiakov, Gennadii; Kiselev, Alexey A.; Klein, Judith - see Highlights For Children; Klose, Eliza; Kosterin family; Kovarsky, Vera; Kramer, Hilton; Kresh, Paul; Krotkov, IUrii [Karlin, George]; Ktorova, Alla (Sander, Victoria); Kuz'min, Nikolai Kerlan Collection (University of Minnesota) - see Nelson, Karen Correspondence: K

[Kiselev - enclosed arctile on Platonov's Kotlovan (The Foundation Pit); ]

Box 12 Folder 2 Labedz, Chester S., Jr; Lane, Helen; Lang, Olga; Lanning, George; Lanskoy, Yevgeny (Evgenii); Lawrence, Starling - see W. W. Norton & Co.; Lebedev, Fedor; Levin, Elena; Levin, Vadim; Levine, Berta; Levitas, Mitchel; Lipson, Rita; Lokshina, Valeria; Lubensky, Sophia; Luplow, Carol; Lurie, Lisa; Mackler, Mary; Magidoff, Robert; Marlow, Marilyn -see Curtis Brown, Ltd.; Martins, Peter; Matlaw, Julia (Mrs. Myron); Menendez, Aurora; Miller, Tina - See Ginn & Co.; Mills, Robert P.; Mora, Barbara; Muchnic, Helen Ladies Home Journal; Leifer & Youdelman; Library of Congress - Slavic and Central European Division; McDougal, Littell & Co.; McGraw-Hill Companies; Correspondence: L - M

Box 12 Folder 3 Nedela, George; Nelson, Karen; Nickson, Richard; Obolensky, Ludmila; Ohly, Nick and Sara; Olsoufieva, Maria; Oppenheim, Joanne - see Oppenheim Toy Portfolio National Public Radio; National Register of Prominent Americans; National Writers Union; New York Public Library; New Yorker Magazine; Noonday Press; North Point Press; Novoye Russkoye Slovo; Novyi Mir; NYNEX; Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Correspondence: N - O

Box 12 Folder 4 Payne, Robert; Pennant, Edmund; Pia, Pamela - see Easton Press; Pirog, Gerald; Pollett, Elizabeth; Pope, Martin; Prashker, Betty; Ptacek, Gloria; Rechtin, Rita; Reed, Phyllis A.; Reginald, Robert; Reiner, Paula; Rifkin Sterling, Nancy; Robinson, John; Roman, Amy; Rosenstein, Sylvia J.; Rosenthal, Charlotte Perigee Books/Putnam Publishing Group; Playboy Press; Popular Library/Fawcett Books; Prentice Hall ; Princeton University Library; Publishers Weekly; Radcliffe Institute; Correspondence: P - R

Box 12 Folder 5 Sadomskaya, Natalia; Sahdev, Deshdeep; Sample, Norman; Scheffler, Leonore; Schroeter, Leonard; Schmookler, Yulia; Schneider, Alan; Seidelman, [Berta]; Seldes, Timothy; Sergeev, A. (Kapralov, Anatolii); Shub, Elizabeth (Libby); [Silnicky], Larisa; Sinany, Helene; Sinclair, Kim - see H. W. Wilson Company; Skir, Leo; Smith, Edith A.; Smith, Roger - see Publishers Weekly; Sokol, Elena; Sol'skii, V. ; Somlyo, Roy A.; Sperry, Ralph; Stacy, R. H.; Steefel, Jeffrey; Stephenson, Jane; Sutherland, Zena Societe de Gens de Lettres; Story Magazine; Correspondence: S

Box 12 Folder 6 Tafuri, Nancy; Thompson, Ralph; Tinsley, Royal L.; Tuttle, Cheryl; Villicana, E. C.; Vinkovetskii, Yakov & Diana; Voronina, Lidiia; Vovsi-Mikhoels, Natalia; Wallis, Nigel; Weiant, Edmund T.; Wilkinson, Natasha; Wilson, Tyrell; [Wisotsky], Sam; Wittlin, Joseph; Wohl, John; Woland, James; Wolberg family; Wolfson, Barbara; [Yakushev], Evgeniia; IUrieva, Zoia (Yurieff, Zoya I.); Zaslow, Shana University of California Press; Victor Kamkin, Inc.; W. W. Norton & Co.; William Morrow & Co; Woman's Home Companion; Yale University Library; YMCA; Correspondence: T - Z