Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Robert College records, 1858-2018

Series XIV: Oversize and Miscellaneous Material

This series contains a varied group of documents. These include a manuscript of an autobiographical essay of Christopher R. Robert (undated), apparently written in his own hand, drafts of letters, apparently written by Cyrus Hamlin (undated), newspaper articles reporting Robert's visit to Robert College in 1870, copies of diplomas from Robert College and ACG in various languages, and a printed copy of the Treaty of Peace with Turkey signed at Sèvres, 1920.

Several folders pertain to the Engineering School. Included are a copy of the Imperial Irade, dated 1928, authorizing the school's establishment, Annual Reports from 1916-1932, and a report on the school written by Harold Hazen in 1955.

There is a folder containing faculty proposals to the Ford Foundation, 1950s and 1960s, and a document entitled "The Official Regulations of the Istanbul American College" [1950s].

This series also includes five copies of Robert College's Seventy Fifth Anniversary Publication, 1863-1932, as well as messages of congratulations from colleges in the United States in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of Robert College's founding.

There are several publications pertaining to Turkey, e.g., Turkey the Beautiful (1939). Additional oversize materials include two bound volumes titled "Extracts From the Correspondence of the President, Director and Treasurer of Robert College of Constantinople Essential to its History." They cover the measures period February 1868 to January 1875. These represent copies of a major portion of the correspondence of Hamlin and Washburn whose originals are elsewhere in the collection. (Note: these volumes have suffered water damage.)

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Box 55 Folder 1 Christopher R. Robert; autobiography, [undated]

Box 55 Folder 2 Hamlin correspondence to Robert, [undated]

Box 55 Folder 3 Newspaper articles re Robert, [undated]

Box 55 Folder 4 Handwritten essay on Benjamin Franklin by Hamlin, [undated]

Box 55 Folder 5 The Times, London, entire issue devoted to Turkey, 1938

Box 55 Folder 6 A copy of the "Treaty of Peace with Turkey," signed Sèvres, August 10, 1920

Box 55 Folder 7-13 Records of the Engineering School, includes reports and curricula,, 1916-1955

Box 55 Folder 14 Ford Foundation, proposals for projects at Robert College, 1950s

Box 55 Folder 15 Minutes of the President's Advisory Committee, 1961

Box 56 Folder 1 75th Anniversary booklets (6 copies), 1938

Box 56 Folder 2 Congratulations from U.S. colleges honoring 100th anniversary of Robert College (1963),, 1963

Box 56 Folder 3 "Asia"; Journal of the American Asiatic Association, 1919

Box 56 Folder 4 "St. Sophia and Constantinople", 1920

Box 56 Folder 5 "La Turquie Kemaliste", April 1936-August 1938

Box 56 Folder 6 "La Turquie Kemaliste", October 1938

Box 56 Folder 7 "Turkey the Beautiful", 1939

(Note: there is nothing in this folder)

Box 56 Folder 8 "Aya Sophia," Ali S. Boyar, 1943

Box 56 Folder 9 "Uncle Sam in Turkey", "Turkey's Foreign Relations in 1952", "Modern, Turkey", 1950s

Box 56 Folder 10 "When Latticed Windows Opened", by Phoebe Clary, 1969

Box 56 Folder 11 "Turkiyemiz", 1983

Box 56 Folder 12 "Diploma Samples"

Box 57 "Letter Book of Cyrus Hamlin", from approximately 1864., a large bound book

Box 57 "Copie de Lettres", April 1, 1863-November 21, 1864 (bound volume, mostly blank), April 1, 1863-November 21, 1864

Box 117 Extracts from the Correspondence of the President, Director and Treasurer of Robert College of Constantinople Essential to its History (contiued in next box),, February 7, 1868-December 31, 1872

Box 118 Extracts from the Correspondence of the President, Director and Treasurer of Robert College of Constantinople Essential to its History,, February 7, 1868-December 31, 1872

Box 57 Extracts from the Correspondence of the President, Director and Treasurer of Robert College of Constantinople Essential to its History, Volume 3,, January 1873-January 1875

Box 58 The Orient, 1914-1915

Box 59 The Karacan Case, 1943, (3 Folders)

Box 59 Correspondence to Paul Monroe from U.S. Consulate regarding Edgar Fisher,, 1933-1934

Box 59 Memos re. sensitive materials, 1961-1986

Box 59 Donkey incident, 1925

Box 59 Sensitive [material] marked, to discuss, 1970s

Box 59 RC.NY Office. Commencements: telegrams/programs, 1971-1985

Box 59 Unsigned copy of a letter to Senator Lodge re. Armenians, 1923

Box 59 C.Gates "Problem of an Armenian Principality", 1919

Box 59 Memo to trustees submitted by Paul Monroe "on the Attitude of Government Officials and Turkish People Towards the American Colleges", 1934

Box 59 File 9 – Hold

Box 59 Materials from Duncan Ballantine's papers to review for sensitivity

Box 59 Middle East Survey Commission Report, 1961, (2 Folders)

Box 60 Robert College – Old and New (4 copies)

Box 60 Development of the American College for Girls at Istanbul by Marjorie L. McKillop (M.A. theses),, 1949, (2 Folders)

Box 60 Kemmerer report on the economic situation in Turkey, 1934 (3 Folder), 1934

Box 61 Pocket dictionaries (5) and date books (5), 1926-1932

Box 61 RC Student Handbook 1972-1973 (2 copies), 1972-1973