Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Robert College records, 1858-2018

Series V: Records of the Dean

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Subseries V.1: Edgar Fisher

Box 29 Folder 10-11 Correspondence Gates/Fisher, 1924

Box 29 Folder 12 Correspondence to Fisher from Gates, 1928

Box 29 Folder 13 Correspondence Albert Staub/Fisher, 1927-1929

Box 29 Folder 14 Correspondence to Fisher from Huntington, 1928-1932

Box 29 Folder 15 General correspondence, 1930-1932

Box 29 Folder 16 Correspondence Staub/Fisher/Helen Deering, 1920

Box 29 Folder 17 Correspondence Fisher/Staub/Deering/Moore, 1931-1933

Box 29 Folder 18 Correspondence Fisher/Monroe/college officials, 1933-1934

Box 29 Folder 19 Correspondence re Fisher, 1933

Box 29 Folder 20 Correspondence re Fisher (written in Turkish), 1933

Box 29 Folder 21 "History Outline," circular letter, copies of clippings, 1932-1933

Box 29 Folder 22 Addresses on Near East political situation given by Fisher, 1933

Subseries V.2: Laurence S. Moore

While serving as dean, Moore was designated acting president during Monroe's absence from the campus for several months at a time.

Box 29 Folder 23-25 General correspondence, 1927-1935

Subseries V.3: Harold Scott

The dean was occupied with many administrative matters including teaching appointments, housing for faculty, salaries, and textbooks. Dean Harold Scott's records reflect these duties. But there is also a considerable amount of correspondence with friends and former colleagues that provides information about the college and Robert Academy, as well as comments on the Near East.

Scott corresponded with Floyd Henson Black while Black served as president of the American College in Sofia during the 1930s. During J. Black's presidency of Robert College (1944-1955) they corresponded while the latter traveled to the U.S. to recruit faculty and raise funds.

Scott also continued to correspond with George Huntington following the latter's retirement. Huntington reported extensively on the activities of faculty and alumni in the U.S. The Huntington home often served as "home base" for visitors from Turkey.

With the corning of World War II, Scott's correspondence conveys the problems facing college administrators during the war years. Scott remained in Turkey until the 1950s and was active in college affairs until his death in 1958.

Box 30 Folder 1 Correspondence to Black from Scott, 1923-1936, 1941-1942, 1923-1936, 1941-1942

Box 30 Folder 2 Correspondence to Scott from Black, 1929-1942

Box 30 Folder 3 Correspondence to Black from Scott, 1945-1955

Box 30 Folder 4-5 Correspondence to Scott from Black, 1948-1955

Box 30 Folder 6 "A Trip to Beirut", 1948

(account of Scott's trip to inauguration of Stephen Penrose as President of the American University of Beirut)

Box 30 Folder 7 Correspondence to Scott from Huntington, 1922-1933

Box 30 Folder 8 Correspondence to Huntington from Scott, 1929, 1933-1940, 1929, 1933-1940

Box 30 Folder 9 Correspondence to Scott from Huntington, 1935-1948

Box 30 Folder 10 Correspondence to Huntington from Scott, 1941-1948, 1951, 1941-1948, 1951

Box 30 Folder 11-22 General correspondence, 1922-1936

Box 30 Folder 23 Lecture notes, [1925]

(probably prepared at Columbia University)

Box 31 Folder 24-38 General correspondence, 1937-1957

Box 31 Folder 39 Memorial eulogy; miscellaneous correspondence, 1939-1962

Subseries V.4: Harold Hazen

This subseries contains Hazen's general correspondence, principally to RC administrators and trustees.

Box 31 Folder 40 Correspondence to Ballantine from Hazen, 1955-1967

Box 31 Folder 41 Correspondence to Hazen from Ballantine, 1955-1959

Box 31 Folder 42 Correspondence re Acting President position for Hazen, 1961

Box 31 Folder 43 Correspondence to Hazen from Marjorie Hyde Bond, 1961