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Robert College records, 1858-2018

Series XI: Official College Events

These records include Founders Day addresses, commencement addresses, the dedication of Henrietta Washburn Hall, and musical programs. Included in the speeches are tributes to Cyrus Hamlin, Cleveland Dodge and Caleb Gates. They span the years from the 1860s to the 1950s, though there are many gaps.

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Box 48 Folder 1 "Laying of the Cornerstone of Robert College", 1869

Box 48 Folder 2 Annual Examinations, 1868-1970s

Box 48 Folder 3 Founder's Day Address, "How Robert College Came Founded," by Van Millingen,, 1909

Box 48 Folder 4 Founder's Day Address, "Commemorative Exercises: Centennial of the Birth of Cyrus Hamlin," by Gates,, 1911

Box 48 Folder 5-7 Founder's Day Address by Gates, 1918-1926

Box 48 Folder 8 Founder's Day Address, "In Memory of Cleveland Dodge," by Gates, 1927

Box 48 Folder 9-11 Founder's Day Address by Gates, 1929-1932

Box 48 Folder 12 Founder's Day Address, "Tribute to Dr. H.H. Barnum, 1937

Box 48 Folder 13 Founder's Day, letter from Gates, 1946

Box 48 Folder 14 RC Commencement Addresses, 1943, 1948, 1952, 1943, 1948, 1952

Box 48 Folder 15 Dedication of Henrietta Washburn Hall, 1914

Box 48 Folder 16-17 RC Vacation Musicales and Services, 1917

Fundraising: Reports and Brochure:s

Box 48 Folder 18 "Robert College of Constantinople", 1873

Box 48 Folder 19 "Statements in Regard to Robert College", 1873

Box 48 Folder 20 "Shall Robert College be Sustained," "Why Should I Interest Myself in RC", [1878]

Box 48 Folder 21 Letter addressed to faculty on financial needs of RC (George Washburn),, 1880s

Box 48 Folder 22 "The Origin and History of Robert College", 1881

Box 48 Folder 23 "Robert College of Constantinople: 1863-1890"

Box 48 Folder 24 "Robert College, Constantinople, Turkey"

Box 48 Folder 25 "Robert College, its Work and its Needs"

Box 48 Folder 26 "Address of Rev. Gates to the Trustees"

Box 48 Folder 27 "The Story of Robert College at Constantinople"

Box 48 Folder 28 "Robert College at the End of the War"

Box 48 Folder 29 "What Robert College Needs"