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Robert College records, 1858-2018

Series XIII: Historical Writings

This series contains a variety of published and some unpublished material. Included are many newspaper articles published in the United States and abroad spanning the dates 1870 to 1963. Some of the earliest ones were written by George Washburn and Caroline Borden.

There is significant biographical information on the life and family of Christopher Robert, Cyrus Hamlin, George Washburn, Cleveland Dodge and family, and Caleb F. Gates. Upon the retirement of Dr. Gates in 1932 a 60-page illustrated booklet was published containing appreciative essays by his colleagues.

There is a folder of material dated 1881-1883 pertaining to the suit contesting the will of Christopher Robert. Robert College was a major beneficiary under the terms of the will and the courts sustained it as originally drawn.

Of particular interest are the extensive notes of Keith M. Greenwood, an instructor at the College and author of "Robert College: The American Founders" (unpublished dissertation, Johns Hopkins University, 1965). These notes include extensive typescripts from the correspondence of Robert, Hamlin and Washburn.

This series also contains a number of articles and typescripts relating to Turkish history, the role of Americans in Turkey, and the work of missionaries, particularly under the Ottoman Empire.

Other historical works of interest include "History of the Kaidar Site (near Rumeli Hisar)" written by W. F. Clarke, to Secretary of I State William Seward, 1868, and a "Summary of the facts relating to the purchase of land at Rumeli Hisar," also by W. F. Clarke, 1868. There are brief unpublished historical sketches of the College written from 1903 to the 1950s. Included are typescripts by Caleb I Gates, Floyd Black, Lynn Scipio, and handwritten notes apparently by Harold Scott.

In addition there is a photocopy of a typescript history by Sylvia Kuran titled "A Legacy on the Bosphorus," and a more extensive draft of a history by several authors. Eshref Sakarya has written "The Robert College Natural History Museum," an account of this important I collection. Another typescript is a "fictional-memoir" by Ali Neyzi of his years as a boarding student at Robert College from 1938-1946. This is an English translation of a published Turkish I original. Professor Cyril Edwin Black has written a remembrance of his father Floyd Henson Black dated 1984, and Harry A. Dawe contributed a typescript titled "Istanbul Amerikan Robert Lisesi: I The Orphan Child of Robert College and the American College for Girls."

Finally there is a three volume typescript history of the College written by Herbert Lane (1913- 1976), longtime teacher of English, organizer of the alumni office in Turkey, editor of the Alumni Bulletin, and keeper of the College records. Although not footnoted, it represents the most complete account of the College's history at this time (1987). It contains an index and bibliography.

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Box 51 Folder 1 The Levant Times and Shipping Gazette, 1870

Box 51 Folder 2 Translation of articles from "Phare du Bosphore", ca., 1873

Box 51 Folder 3 Articles on Americans in Turkey, 1873

Box 51 Folder 4 Review of Edward Dicey's book on Bulgaria, with reference to Washburn,, 1894

Box 51 Folder 5 Newspaper articles on Turkey, 1890s

Box 51 Folder 6 Article on Robet College in The Outlook,1905

Box 51 Folder 7 Washburn's article on the revolt of, 1908

Box 51 Folder 8-9 Newspaper articles on Robert College, ca. 1917, 1928, 1917, 1928

Box 51 Folder 10 Newspaper articles on Lausanne Treaty, 1927

Box 51 Folder 11 Newspaper articles on Robert College and Turkey, 1920s-1930s

Box 51 Folder 12 Newspaper articles on Robert College, 1920s

Box 51 Folder 13 Newspaper articles on Gates and Robert College, 1920s, 1940, 1955, 1920s, 1940, 1955

Box 51 Folder 14 Newspaper articles on Robert College, 1930s-1950s

Box 51 Folder 15 Clippings on Atatürk's death and Inönü's election, 1938

Box 51 Folder 16 Newspaper articles on Robert College, 1960s

Box 51 Folder 17 Message of General Cemal Gürsel, Head of State of the Turkish Republic on the occasion of the Turkish American Celebration,, 1961

Box 51 Folder 18 Remarks by Adlai E. Stevenson at Robert College Board of Trustees Banquet, April 18; also, message sent by John Kennedy,, 1961

Box 51 Folder 19 "Robert College in its Centennial Year," address given by President Patrick Murphy Malin,, 1963

Box 51 Folder 20 "Robert College of Istanbul, Centennial Year, 19621963," Program of Centennial Dinner held, October 17, 1962

Box 51 Folder 21 Excerpts from an address given by Averrell Harriman, Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs, at the Centennial Dinner in New York,, 1962

Box 51 Folder 22 Program of Centennial celebration held at Robert College, May 18, 1963

Box 51 Folder 23 Centennial booklets, 1963

Biographical Material

Box 51 Folder 24 Dr. C.Gates: An Appreciation, published by the Robert College Herald Board of 1931-32

Box 51 Folder 25 Biographical sketch of Gates, ca., 1940s

Box 51 Folder 26 Biographical material on Gates, 1970s

Box 51 Folder 27 Herbert Lane's correspondence with Gates family, 1960s-1970s

Box 51 Folder 28 Biographical information on Dodge family and on E.D.H. Clarke,, 1976

Box 51 Folder 29 Dodge family sketch and interview with Bayard Dodge, 1950s

Box 51 Folder 30 Biographical sketch of Hamlin published by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions,, 1907

Box 51 Folder 31 Biographical information on Hamlin with correspondence by researchers,, 1985

Box 51 Folder 32 Material on Hamlin, 1960s

Box 51 Folder 33 Profile of George Washburn by Lane, 1961

Box 51 Folder 34 Biographical material on Washburn collected by Lane, 1970s

Box 51 Folder 35 Correspondence re Arthur Washburn (grandson of George Washburn),, 1971

Box 51 Folder 36 C.R. Robert: family history with cover letter, 1958

Box 51 Folder 37 Biographical material on Robert, 1970s


Box 52 Folder 1-2 Material relating to legal suit contesting Robert's will, 1881-1883

Box 52 Folder 3 "The Founders of Robert College," by Lane, 1973

Box 52 Folder 4 "Panorama of Constantinople, 1806," by Murhard, 1807

Box 52 Folder 5 "A Private Journal," written by Ward M. Beckwith, 1881

Box 52 Folder 6 "Historical Sketch of the Missions of the American Board in Turkey" and "Sunday School Missionary Concert Exercise", 1889, 1895, 1889, 1895

Box 52 Folder 7 "The Duty of the United States to American Citizens in Turkey," by Everett Wheeler,, 1896

Box 52 Folder 8 "American Territory in Turkey" an address by Ralph Prime, 1908

Box 52 Folder 9 "Sunshine in Turkey," by Howard S. Bliss, 1909

Box 52 Folder 10 "Exit the Turk," by H.G. Dwight, [undated]

Box 52 Folder 11 "Lausanne Treaty -Relation with Robert College", ca., 1919

Box 52 Folder 12 "The American Club of Constantinople, 1921-1922", 1922

Box 52 Folder 13 Correspondence Gates/Charles Robert, grandson of Robert, 1928

Box 52 Folder 14 Typescripts on topics pertaining to Turkish history, 1930s

Box 52 Folder 15 Keith Greenwood; notes for dissertation and outline of chapters,, 1945

Box 52 Folder 16 Greenwood; notes from microfilm of Robert-Hamlin correspondence (1868-1871),, 1960s

Box 52 Folder 17 Greenwood; general notes on the early years at Robert College,, 1960s

Box 52 Folder 18 Greenwood; typed excerpts from correspondence written by Hamlin, Robert, Washburn, George A. Perkins,, 1862-1870

Box 52 Folder 19 Greenwood; typescript entitled "Washburn's Personal Recollections",, 1960s

Box 52 Folder 20 Greenwood; typed notes on Washburn's correspondence for 1873-1874, 1960s, 1873-1874, 1960s

Box 52 Folder 21 Greenwood; typed notes re Hamlin's thoughts, excerpts of Hamlin- Robert-Washburn letters, extract of Robert's autobiography, and Hamlin's memorandum to his children,, 1960s

Box 52 Folder 22 Greenwood: typed notes include a short biography of Robert possibly written by Harold Scott, a brief early history of the college, excerpt from a letter written by William Dwight to Washburn,, 1960s

Box 52 Folder 23-24 Greenwood: typed excerpts from Robert's correspondence, 1960s

Box 52 Folder 25 Correspondence from the Byzantine Institute, 1947-1950

Box 52 Folder 26 The Turkish Straits and the Great Powers, by Cyril Black, 1947

Box 52 Folder 27 Reprints of articles written by Walter Wright, "Truths about Turkey," and "Our Near Eastern Policy in the Making",, 1948

Box 52 Folder 28 "An Experiment in Bilingual, Bicultural Education" by David Garwood,, 1962

Box 52 Folder 29 "American Alma Maters in the Near East," by Maynard Owen Williams, reprint from the National Geographic Magazine,, 1945

Box 52 Folder 30 Commemorative booklet on David A. Scott (son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. and Eveline Thomson Scott), 1924-1944, 1945, 1924-1944, 1945

Box 52 Folder 31 "American Doctors in the Crimean War, 1857-1855," by Albert Parry. Also contains correspondence Parry/Scott,, 1955

Box 52 Folder 32 "The World at the Time of the Opening of Robert College," by Herbert Lane,, 1961

Box 52 Folder 33 Translation of a document issued to Hamlin with reference to permission to establish a school,, 1963

Box 52 Folder 34 "Some 16th and 17th century visitors to Constantinople" (author unknown), [undated]

Box 52 Folder 35 John Dewey: his works on Turkey, bibliography with Xerox reprints,, 1929

Box 52 Folder 36 Film scripts, 1970s

Manuscripts and typescripts

Box 53 Folder 1 Miscellaneous notes on Robert College history, [undated]

Box 53 Folder 2 "A History of Robert College 1858-1878" Chapter 1, "Loomings," ms. Notes, [undated]

Box 53 Folder 3 History of Campus at Bebek with abstracts of correspondence prepared by W.Clarke,, 1868

Box 53 Folder 4 Summary of facts relating to purchase of land at Rumeli Hisar (Bebek Campus) prepared by Clarke,, 1868

Box 53 Folder 5 "Robert College," synopsis of college history written by George Washburn, [undated]

Box 53 Folder 6 Description of the founding of Robert College apparently written by George Washburn, [undated ca. 1903]

Box 53 Folder 7 "Robert College," by Gates, 1905

Box 53 Folder 8 "Return to the Straits," by Floyd Black (a chapter from ms. entitled "A Brief Account of My Experience at Robert College"),, 1954

Chronicles events from 1919-1925

Box 53 Folder 9 "Survey of Education in Turkey," by L.A. Scipio, 1926

Box 53 Folder 10 "Robert College," a short history written by Gates, 1938

Box 53 Folder 11 Notes on history and status of Robert College and other educational institutions [Scott?],, 1957

Box 53 Folder 12 "Foreign Schools in Turkey, 1914-1926," by Scott, 1927

Box 53 Folder 13 Unfinished history of Robert College, by Scott, 1950s

Box 53 Folder 14 "Robert College in Istanbul" by Jane N. Page (reprint from The Chapin School Alumnae Bulletin),, 1960s

Box 53 Folder 15 "Robert College -Its History," by Greenwood, 1963

Box 53 Folder 16 Correspondence relating to the early history of Robert College,, 1956

Box 53 Folder 17 Article on athletics at Robert College by Kerry Wood, athletic director,, 1965

Box 53 Folder 18 Outline for a Robert College history written by Hilary Sumner Boyd, with correspondence,, 1971-1972

Box 53 Folder 19 Paper on education in Turkey, written by Edward Webster, director of the Orta School,, 1976

Box 53 Folder 20 Ms. entitled "A Legacy on the Bosphorus" (incomplete) written by Sylvia Kuran,, 1982

Box 53 Folder 21 Ms. entitled "The Robert College Natural History Museum," by Esref Sakarya,, 1982

Box 53 Folder 22 "The Robert College Natural History Museum," Sakarya, 1982

Box 54 Folder 23 "Memoirs," years at Robert College Boarding School (1938-1946) by Ali Neyzi, Part I,, 1986

Box 54 Folder 24 "Memoirs," by Neyzi, Part II

Box 54 Folder 25 "Memoirs," by Neyzi, Part III

Box 54 Folder 26 "Floyd Hensen Black, 1883-1983 A Remembrance by his Son," Cyril Edwin Black, 1984, 1883-1983, 1984

Box 54 Folder 27 "Istanbul Amerikan Robert Lisesi: the Orphan Child of Robert College and American College for Girls" by Harry Dawe,, 1986

Box 54 Folder 28 Draft of a "Robert College History", Anonymous, n.d.

Box 54 Folder 29 Robert College Research Center Journal, June 1966 (Year 4 no 5)

Box 54 Folder 30 Robert College Research Center Publications, June 1965

Box 54 Folder 31-32 Robert College Research Center Publications, June 1966