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Dawn Powell papers, 1890s-2012, bulk 1890s-1965

Series IX: Family Materials, 1891-1992

This series contains material related to Powell's husband, son, and other extended family members. The records include address books, clippings, correspondence, diaries, financial records, journals, obituaries, school magazines, theater scrapbooks, and wills.

All photographs can be found in Series VI: Photographs.

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Subseries IX.1: Joseph R. Gousha, 1891-1962

This subseries contains materials related to Joseph R Gousha (1890-1962), Powell's husband. The records include a baptismal certificate, correspondence, legal documents, theater scrapbooks, and writings.

The theater scrapbooks (1909-1916) contain records related to the theatrical performances that Gousha attended in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The scrapbooks include clippings, programs, and ticket stubs.

This subseries also contains some writings by Gousha. Gousha served on the staff and editorial board of "Spice," the literary magazine of Norristown High School, and his records include original copies of the magazine for 1903-1907. The collection also includes clippings of articles written by Gousha, probably during the 1910s.

Box 66 Folder 1 Joseph R. Gousha--Baptismal Certificate, 1891

Box 66 Folder 2 Joseph R. Gousha--Clipping of Article by, 1910s

Box 66 Folder 3 Joseph R. Gousha--Correspondence to, 1917-1920

Includes correspondence from Charlie, H. Long, and Dawn Powell.

Box 66 Folder 4 Joseph R. Gousha--Correspondence to, 1948

Correspondence from Joseph's mother.

Box 66 Folder 5 Joseph R. Gousha--Correspondence to, 1950

Postcards sent from France by Powell.

Box 66 Folder 6 Joseph R. Gousha--Correspondence and Other Materials, 1959-1961

Correspondence to; handwritten resumés; condolences; notes, etc.

Box 5 Joseph R. Gousha--Correspondence and Other Materials, 1931-1962

Box 66 Folder 7 Joseph R. Gousha--Obituaries, 1962

Typescript, and clipping.

Box 66 Folder 8 Joseph R. Gousha--Power of Attorney for, 1961

Box 79 Folder 2-5 Joseph R. Gousha--Spice Magazine, 1903-1907

Volumes VIII-XI. Spice is the literary magazine of Norristown High School (Norristown, PA). Gousha was on the publication's staff and editorial board. The issues have been bound into volumes; bindings are fragile.

Box 75 Folder 8 Joseph R. Gousha--Stage Magazine, 1937 August

This copy is a limited edition, printed especially for Gousha. Copy is bound in blue covers.

Box 10 Joseph R. Gousha--Theater Scrapbooks, 1909-1912

Box 11 Joseph R. Gousha--Theater Scrapbooks, 1911-1914

Box 76 Folder 1 Joseph R. Gousha--Theater Scrapbook, 1912-1913

Box 76 Folder 2 Joseph R. Gousha--Theater Scrapbook, 1914-1915

Box 77 Joseph R. Gousha--Theater Scrapbook, 1915-1916

Box 5 Gousha Family

Includes correspondence from the Gousha family.

Subseries IX.2: Joseph "Jojo" R. Gousha, Jr., 1921-1997

This subseries contains records related to Joseph "Jojo" R. Gousha, Jr. (1921-1998), Powell's son. These records were either created or received by Jojo himself, or are directly related to his care. Although some of these records do not relate directly to Powell, any records related to Jojo have been preserved and kept in this collection, as there may be interest in Jojo himself.

From his early years, Jojo was considered to be mentally impaired. He was classified and treated as either "retarded" or "schizophrenic" but may have been autistic, a diagnosis that did not exist at that time. Jojo spent much of his life in hospitals and other institutions including Gladwyne Colony, Devereux School, and after 1954, state institutions in New York State.

Jojo was highly intelligent, and many records created by him survive, including records created after Powell's death. The collection includes a substantial amount of correspondence written by Jojo to his parents, to Jacqueline Miller Rice, and to his cousin John (Jack) Sherman, who became his guardian after Powell's death. There are also several diaries and journals (1958-1961, 1992) and a handwritten account of his memories of his mother (1993).

There is also correspondence, as well as financial, legal, and other records related to Jojo's care and condition kept by his parents, by Jacqueline Miller Rice, and by John Sherman. These records are also included in this subseries.

Box 73 Folder 8 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Address Book, circa 1952

Includes addresses, as well as tabs for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas Card lists.

Box 63 Folder 1 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Birth Certificate (Copy), 1921

Box 63 Folder 2 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Correspondence to, 1959

Correspondence written to Jojo from Powell and Hannah Green.

Box 63 Folder 3 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Correspondence to Parents, 1931-1965, undated

Correspondence written by Jojo to his parents.

Box 63 Folder 4 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Correspondence pertaining to, 1930-1963, undated

Includes correspondence pertaining to Jojo's activities and care.

Box 6 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Correspondence from Howard Zucker, 1959-1966

Correspondence written to Jojo from Dr. Howard Zucker.

Box 63 Folder 5 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Devereux School, 1936-1941, 1951

Includes correspondence from Jojo, and other correspondence and newsletters from the school.

Box 63 Folder 6 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Diary, 1958

Box 63 Folder 7 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Diary, 1959 January

Box 63 Folder 8 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Diary, Primarily 1959

Box 63 Folder 9 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Diary, 1960

Box 63 Folder 10 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Diary, 1961

Two small notebooks, and a few loose pages.

Box 63 Folder 11 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Diary, 1961 April

Box 9 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Journals, 1992

Box 66 Folder 9 Joseph R. Gouha, Jr.--Financial, 1945, 1954-1965

This file contains various bills and statements, primarily related to the State of New York Department of Mental Hygiene.

Box 66 Folder 10 Joseph R. Gouha, Jr.--Financial--Expense Ledger, circa 1962-1964

Ledger entitled "Account for Joseph R. Gousha, Jr. Expenditures on His Behalf". The ledger is arranged chronologically.

Box 63 Folder 12 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--First Birthday Letter, 1922 August 22

Written by Powell.

Box 9 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--"My Book of Memories of My Mother Dawn Powell", 1993

Handwritten journal.

Box 63 Folder 13 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Plays, Songs, Stories, etc., undated

Box 63 Folder 14 Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.--Various Materials, 1937-1965

Includes bills, correspondence with and pertaining to Jojo, and place cards and songs written by Jojo.

Box 62 Folder 1-2 Jacqueline Miller Rice--Correspondence from Joseph R. Gousha, Jr. (Opened), 1960s-1990s

Box 62 Folder 3-7 Jacqueline Miller Rice--Correspondence from Joseph R. Gousha, Jr. (Unopened), 1981-1996

These items were still sealed in their original envelopes, and were opened by the archivist at Columbia University.

Box 62 Folder 8 Jacqueline Miller Rice--Miscellaneous Notes and Records related to Joseph R. Gousha, Mr., circa 1980s

These include a few items of correspondence, bills, and various handwritten notes on Gousha's care, etc.

Box 64 John Sherman--Correspondence from Joseph R. Gousha, Jr., 1967-1993

Includes some additional correspondence and materials kept by Sherman related to Gousha, Jr.

Box 65 John Sherman--Correspondence from Joseph R. Gousha, Jr., 1995-1997

Includes some additional correspondence and materials kept by Sherman related to Gousha, Jr.

Box 65 John Sherman--Estate Files, 1990s

Sherman kept files related to Dawn Powell's remains, Margaret DeSilver's will, the Gousha Trust, and burial plans for Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.

Subseries IX.3: Other Family Materials, 1930s-1994

This subseries contains clippings, correspondence, wills, and other materials related to Powell's aunt, cousins, nieces, and sisters, and other extended family members.

Box 66 Folder 11 Phyllis Powell Cook (Mrs. Morgan)--Correspondence to, 1957-1982

Correspondence from Aunt Bessie, John Sherman, Jacqueline Rice, and Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.

Box 66 Folder 12 Phyllis Powell Cook (Mrs. Morgan)--Correspondence from, 1949-1965, undated

Box 5 Phyllis Powell Cook (Mrs. Morgan)--Correspondence from, 1949-1965, undated

Box 66 Folder 13 Hoover Family, 1956-1957, 1963-1965

Correspondence, primarily to members of the Hoover family - Powell's niece Alice, as well as Richard and Holly - and includes a few letters to Carol Warstler, her niece. These letters are signed "Aunt Dawn". Also includes a few letters to Jackie Miller.

Box 6 Alice Cook Mollet, 1963-1965, undated

Powell's niece.

Box 6 Phyllis Cook Poccia, 1965, undated

Powell's niece.

Box 6 Keith Pocock, undated

Powell's nephew.

Box 6 Mabel Powell Pocock (Mrs. Edgar) and family--Correspondence from, 1949, undated

Box 66 Folder 14 Mabel Powell Pocock (Mrs. Edgar) and family--Correspondence from, 1935-1949, undated

Several letters from Mabel. There is one letter from Powell's nephew, Keith Pocock (1945).

Box 6 Powell Family, 1923

Letter from Powell's father, Roy King Powell.

Box 66 Folder 15 John Sherman--Correspondence, 1945-1963

Box 86 Folder 1-2 John Sherman--Correspondence, 1936-1965

2nd folder is photocopies. Folders were originally in Box 6, but no longer fit in that box.

Box 66 Folder 16 John Sherman--Correspondence from Dawn Powell, 1931-1965

Box 66 Folder 17 Sherman Coat of Arms, undated

Description of, with some notes on descendants.

Box 6 Sherman Family--Correspondence, 1946, undated

Box 6 Orpha May Steinbrueck--Correspondence, 1928, 1943-1950

Box 67 Folder 1 Orpha May Steinbrueck--Correspondence from, 1941, 1953

Box 67 Folder 2 Orpha May Steinbrueck--Will, 1953

Box 67 Folder 3 Carol Cook (Mrs. Dwaine) Warstler--Correspondence to, 1994

Correspondence from John Sherman, including a letter from Margaret C. Barnett.

Box 67 Folder 4 Correspondence from Powell's Nieces, 1962-1965

Correspondence from Carol Warstler, and another person.

Box 67 Folder 5 Powell's Correspondence to Family and Friends, circa 1914-1918

Box 67 Folder 6 Family Correspondence--Miscellaneous, 1936-1963

This includes a few items of correspondence from Joseph Gousha's siblings, a letter from Dawn Powell to her grandmother, and a few other items.

Box 67 Folder 7 Notebook of Clippings, 1930s, undated

Includes a covering letter to Tim and Vanessa Page. This notebook includes clippings on Powell and on the Pocock family.