Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Dawn Powell papers, 1890s-2012, bulk 1890s-1965

Series V: Personal and Biographical Files, 1914-1965

This series contains address books, appointment books, biographical statements, clippings files, diaries, financial records, notebooks, obituaries, personal documents, school notebooks and records, travel records, and copies of Powell's will.

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Subseries V.1: Address and Appointment Books, 1920s-1964

This subseries contains address books, appointment books, miscellaneous calendar pages, and telephone books.

Many of the appointment books and calendar pages also contain short notes on Powell's activities, similar to diary entries.

Box 52 Folder 1 Address Books, circa 1920s

2 items.

Box 52 Folder 2 Address Books, Probably 1950s

2 items.

Box 52 Folder 3 Address Book, circa 1964

Box 52 Folder 4 Address Book, undated

Box 52 Folder 5 Address Book, undated

Box 52 Folder 6 Address and Telephone Book, Probably 1960s

Box 52 Folder 7 Address Book--Miscellaneous Pages, undated

Box 50 Folder 17-20 Appointment Books, 1962-1964

Many of these also include notes about the actual events, similar to a diary.

Box 50 Folder 21 Calendar Pages, 1954-1957, 1961-1962

Various daily and monthly calendar pages, many with appointment notes.

Box 50 Folder 22 Calendar Pages, 1965 January 6-October 2

Subseries V.2: Diaries, 1914-1965

This subseries contains Powell's diaries.

Although Powell's appointment books contain some short entries similar to what might be found in her diaries, all appointment books are filed together in Subseries V.1.

An abridged version of Powell's diaries (approximately 1/5 of the content) was edited by Tim Page and published in 1995 by Steerforth Press.

Tim Page created a web page with detailed information about the diaries when he offered them for sale in 2012 at https://www.dawnpowelldiaries.com/.

Link to Archived Website on Diaries Created by Tim Page

Box 51 Folder 2 Diary, 1914-1915

Box 51 Folder 3 Diary, 1915

Tim Page refers to this as the "Woggs Diary" as many entries are written to "Woggs".

Box 81 Folder 1 Diary "The Book of Joe", 1920-1921

Box 81 Folder 1 Diary, 1925

Box 81 Folder 1 Diary, 1926

Box 81 Folder 1 Diary, 1927

Box 81 Folder 1 Diary, 1930

Box 81 Folder 2 Diary, 1931

Box 81 Folder 2 Diary, 1932

Box 81 Folder 3 Diary, 1933

Box 81 Folder 3 Diary, 1934

Box 81 Folder 4 Diary, 1935

Box 82 Diary, 1936

Box 82 Diary, 1937

Box 82 Diary, 1938

Box 82 Diary, 1939

Box 82 Diary, 1940

Box 82 Diary, 1941

Box 82 Diary, 1942

Box 82 Diary, 1943

Box 82 Diary, 1944

Box 81 Folder 5 Diary, 1945

Box 83 Diary, 1946

Box 83 Diary, 1947

Box 83 Diary, 1948

Box 83 Diary, 1949

Box 83 Diary, 1950

Box 83 Diary, 1951

Box 83 Diary, 1952

Box 83 Diary, 1953

Box 83 Diary, 1954

Box 83 Diary, 1955

Box 84 Diary, 1956

Box 84 Diary, 1957

Box 84 Diary, 1958

Box 84 Diary, 1959

Box 84 Diary, 1960

Box 84 Diary, 1961

Box 84 Diary, 1962

Box 84 Diary, 1963

Box 84 Diary, 1964

Box 84 Diary, 1965

Subseries V.3: Notes and Notebooks, circa 1918-1963, undated

This subseries contains several notebooks and loose notes found in Powell's papers. These deal with various subjects, but most have no titles.

A few notebooks clearly related to Powell's writing activities are filed in Subseries III.8: Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Notes.

A few notebooks solely related to Powell's education at Lake Erie College are filed with papers related to the college in Subseries V.4.

Box 52 Folder 8 Notebooks, circa 1918-1930

2 items. These include some drafts, as well as notes on what Powell was writing at the time.

Box 52 Folder 9 Notebook, circa 1924

This includes notes about writing work that Powell sold around 1924.

Box 52 Folder 10 Notebook, 1934

Box 52 Folder 11 Notebook, circa 1930s-1940s

Box 52 Folder 12 Notebook, circa 1949-1950

Box 52 Folder 13 Notebook, 1950s

Box 53 Folder 1 Notebook, circa 1930s-1951

Box 53 Folder 2-2a Notebook, circa 1960-1962

Small notebooks with various notes. Several items were slipped into the notebook, including clippings, an annotated copy of the commencement program for the receipt of Powell's honorary degree at Lake Erie College (1960), a postcard, and a small photograph of her husband (circa 1920).

Box 53 Folder 3 Notebook, undated

Box 53 Folder 4 Notebook, undated

Box 51 Folder 1 Notebook, undated

In poor condition.

Box 53 Folder 5 Notebook, undated

Box 53 Folder 6 Notebook, undated

Box 53 Folder 7 Notebook, undated

Box 53 Folder 8 Notebook, undated

Box 54 Folder 1 Notebook--Casts, etc.; Lists, circa 1962-1963

Box 53 Folder 9 Notebook--German Literature, undated

Box 54 Folder 7-14 Notebooks--Unbound, undated

These folders contain several notebooks that were originally in small three ring binders but were unbound at the time of processing. As these loose pages were found piled together in a single box, it was no longer clear how the individual notebooks were ordered or constructed.

Box 54 Folder 2 Notes Re: Lists of Stories, 1959, 1962, undated

Box 54 Folder 3 Notes Used, undated

Box 54 Folder 4 Miscellaneous Notes, etc., undated

Box 54 Folder 5 Micellaneous Notes, undated

Box 54 Folder 6-6a Miscellaneous Notes and Notebook, 1937-1953, undated

Many pages of handwritten notes, story ideas, etc. as well as what appear to be handwritten drafts of correspondence. This was originally bound in small a three-ring binder that was in poor condition; pages were removed from the binder and placed in a folder.

Subseries V.4: Other Papers, 1910s-1965

This subseries contains various biographical statements and personal papers, including clippings files (not directly related to Powell), financial records, Powell's honorary doctorate from Lake Erie College, obituaries, passports, personal stationary, printed ephemera, programs, school notebooks and records, travel records, and copies of Powell's will.

Box 55 Folder 1 Art, 1948-1963

Various emphera related to exhibitions.

Box 55 Folder 2 Biographical Information, circa 1940-1950

Includes application for a fellowship to the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and other biographical statements.

Box 55 Folder 3 Biographical Statement, 1940s

Box 55 Folder 4 Who's Who Biographical Statement, circa 1963

Box 55 Folder 5 Camp Caho Brochure, 1920s

Box 54 Folder 15 Clippings, etc., 1899-1924

Box 54 Folder 16 Clippings, 1940s

Box 54 Folder 17 Clippings, 1950s

Various clippings not direclty related to Powell.

Box 54 Folder 18 Clippings, 1940s-1960s

Box 54 Folder 19 Clippings, 1960-1962

Box 54 Folder 20 Clippings and Fragments, 1920s

Clippings are mostly in poor condition.

Box 55 Folder 6 Hassoldt Davis, undated

Clipping of poem.

Box 55 Folder 7 Dictionaries

Creole (Haitian)-English Dictionary; English-Spanish Travel Dictionary.

Box 55 Folder 8 Diets, undated

Box 55 Folder 9 John Dos Passos, 1963-1964, undated

Primarily clippings


Box 55 Folder 10 Checkbook, 1959

Box 55 Folder 11 Margaret De Silver Trust, 1962-1965

This includes information about setting up a trust fund for Joseph R. Gousha, Jr.

Box 55 Folder 12-13 Financial Records--Miscellaneous, circa 1934-1964

This includes miscellaneous bank books, bills, correspondence, statements, and documentation of ongoing issues with the IRS regarding taxes.

Box 6 Financial Papers

Box 55 Folder 14 French Line--Passenger List, 1951 January 16

Transatlantic sailing. Powell is included in the list.

Box 55 Folder 15 Great White Fleet--Menu, 1935

Box 55 Folder 16 Hotel Lafeyette--Letterhead, undated

Box 55 Folder 17 Invitations, 1948, 1962-1964

Box 55 Folder 18 Walt Kelly--Cartoon, 1964 December 14

Clipping of cartoon, with the name Dawn in the drawing.

Lake Erie College (Painesville, Ohio)

Box 56 Folder 1 Bulletin and Other Ephemera, 1936-1956, undated

Box 56 Folder 2 Bulletin and Typescript of Speech, 1963, undated

Box 56 Folder 3 Correspondence and Other Materials, 1945, 1960-1965

Includes 1961 list of the Class of 1918.

Box 56 Folder 4 Honorary Doctorate, 1960

Includes the degree, and a related clipping and a related college bulletin.

Box 56 Folder 5 Notebooks, circa 1914-1918

Box 56 Folder 7 Letter of Condolence to Joseph R. Gousha, Jr., 1965

Box 55 Folder 19 John Howard Lawson, undated


Box 8 Miscellaneous Manuscripts by Others

Box 55 Folder 20 Mt. Gilead Oil Boom--Clippings, 1964

Box 55 Folder 21 Obituaries, 1965

Clippings of obituaries of Dawn Powell.

Box 55 Folder 22 Ohio, 1950-1962

Clippings and other items pertaining to Powell's birthplace and affiliations with Ohio.

Box 55 Folder 23 Ohio--Republican National Convention, 1936 June

Clippings from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that includes a photograph of Powell.

Box 55 Folder 24 Personal Documents, 1939-1950

Includes social security card, naval discharge, and innoculation record (for travel purposes).

Box 55 Folder 25 Passport, 1950

Box 55 Folder 26 Passport Application Pages, 1950 August

Includes statement of travel purpose, and notarized statement on Powell's citizenship by her husband Joseph R. Gousha.

Box 54 Folder 21-23 Playbills and Clippings, 1910s-1960s

Box 54 Folder 24 Printed Ephemera, 1920s

Box 54 Folder 25-26 Printed Materials and Ephemera--Miscellaneous

Box 56 Folder 8 School Notebooks--Philosophy VII, 1910s

Box 56 Folder 9 Shelby, Ohio--Clippings On, 1959, 1965, undated

Some include mention of Powell.

Box 56 Folder 10 Shelby High School--"The Dictograph", 1913 April

Box 56 Folder 11 Shelby High School Yearbook "The Tatler", 1914

Edited by Dawn Powell.

Box 56 Folder 12 Stationary, undated

Personalized letterhead.

Box 56 Folder 13 "Travel Diary", circa 1950s

Folder was marked as a "travel diary" for an appraiser. It contains clippings, photographs, drafts, and correspondence, but is not a diary as such.

Box 56 Folder 14 Travel--Paris, 1950-1951

Includes information on Powell's travel arrangements, as well as photographs of a cat, and possibly of Joseph R. Gousha.

Box 56 Folder 15 Will, 1965-1966

Includes probate court documents.

Box 56 Folder 16 Will, and related correspondence from Powell to John Sherman, 1965

Box 56 Folder 17 Yeomanette, 1920

Certificate that Dawn Powell is a member of the Barbara Frietchie Post No. 43. of the American Legion.