Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Dawn Powell papers, 1890s-2012, bulk 1890s-1965

Series I: Cataloged Correspondence, 1913-1965, undated

This series contains correspondence that was processed and arranged at the item level in the 1990s. Additional information on this correspondence can be found in the corresponding card catalog in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

Among the cataloged correspondents are: Malcolm Cowley (4 letters); John Dos Passos (57 letters); Ernest Hemingway (1 letter); Gerald and Sara Murphy (23 letters); Mark Schorer (2 letters); Edmund Wilson (15 letters); and Powell's own letters to her family.

See Series II for additional correspondence.

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Box 1 Abbott, George

Box 1 Astor, Brooke Russell (Mrs Vincent)

Box 1 Barton, Bruce

Box 1 Blume, Peter

Box 1 Brentano, Frances Isabella Hyams (Mrs Lowell)

Box 1 Brooks, Gladys Rice Billings (Mrs Van Wyck)

Box 1 Brown, William Slater

Box 1 Burke, Cornelius G.

Box 1 Cerf, Bennett Alfred

Box 1 Cheever, John

Box 1 Coates, Robert Myron

Box 1 Corbett, Leonora

Box 1 Cowley, Malcolm

Box 1 Cowley, Muriel Maurer (Mrs Malcolm)

Box 1 Crawford, Cheryl

Box 1 Crichton, Kyle Samuel

Box 1 Crosby, John Campbell

Box 1 Davis, Hassoldt

Box 1 Dehn, Adolf Arthur

Box 1 DeSilver, Margaret

Box 1 Dos Passos, John

Box 1 Draper, Paul & Gilbert Seldes

Box 1 Drutman, Irving

Box 1 Duke, Vernon

Box 1 Dundy, Elaine

Box 1 Eastman, Max

Box 1 Evans, Ernestine

Box 1 Fadiman, William James

Box 1 Faragoh, Francis Edwards

Box 1 Farnham, Eleanor

Box 1 Faulk, John Henry

Box 1 Frankenberg, Lloyd

Box 1 Geddes, Norman Bel

Box 1 Green, Hannah

Box 1 Halliday, Richard

Box 1 Harris, Jed

Box 1 Hemingway, Ernest

Box 1 Hill, Pati

Box 1 Holman, Libby

Box 1 Hoult, Norah

Box 1 Howard, Sidney Coe

Box 1 Howe, Quincy

Box 1 Ingle, Charles

Box 2 Jolas, Eugène

Box 2 Jolas, Jacques

Box 2 Jolas, Maria (Mrs Eugène)

Box 2 Josephson, Hannah Geffen

Box 2 Keene, Frances

Box 2 Lardner, John

Box 2 Latouche, John Treville

Box 2 LeClercq, Jacques

Box 2 Lewis, Robert

Box 2 Lowry, Malcolm

Box 2 Lowry, Robert James Collas

Box 2 Marsh, Reginald

Box 2 Martin, Peter

Box 2 Metcalfe, John

Box 2 Mitchell, Joseph Quincy

Box 2 Murphy, Gerald

Box 2 Murphy, Sara Sherman Wiborg (Mrs Gerald)

Box 2 Newton, Eric

Box 2 Norman, Charles

Box 2 O'Neil, George

Box 2 Payne, Robert

Box 2 Pemberton, Brock

Box 2 Perkins, Maxwell Evarts

Box 2 Phillips, William

Box 2 Powell, Dawn, 1913-1915 and undated

Box 3 Powell, Dawn, 1916-1946

Box 3A Powell, Dawn, 1947-1961

Box 4 Powell, Dawn, 1962-1965

Box 4 Ratchford, Fannie Elizabeth

Box 4 Riggs, Lynn

Box 4 Robertson, Bryan Charles Francis

Box 4 Saxon, Lyle

Box 4 Schorer, Mark

Box 4 Scott, Evelyn

Box 4 Smith, William Jay & Barbara Howes

Box 4 Speare, Dorothy

Box 4 Stearns, Monroe M.

Box 4 Stout, Rex

Box 4 Studin, Charles H.

Box 4 Sullivan, Frank

Box 4 Swados, Harvey

Box 4 Tawney, Lenore

Box 4 Thompson, Frederick Willard

Box 4 Tresca, Carlo

Box 4 Turnbull, Andrew

Box 4 Waxman, Percy

Box 4 Weaver, Paul

Box 4 Wheelock, John Hall

Box 4 White, Katharine Sergeant Angell

Box 4 Wilson, Edmund

Box 4 Wilson, Rosalind Baker

Box 4 Yorck, Ruth Landsho