Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Annie Laurie Williams records, 1922-1971

Series II: Manuscripts

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Box 7 Miscellaneous Manuscripts: Truman Capote; John Hersey; Paul Horgan; William Humphrey; Margaret Mitchell;Lillian Smith; Patrick Tanner

Box 8 Douglas, Lloyd C: Manuscripts: Christmas Armistice; Doctor Hudson's secret Journal; Forgive us our trespasses; Home for Christmas; The Robe; White Banners

Box 9 Douglas, Lloyd C: Manuscripts: Disputed Passage

Box 10 Douglas, Lloyd C: Manuscripts: Green Light

Box 11 Douglas, Lloyd C: Manuscripts: Invitation to Live

Box 12 Paton, Alan: Manuscripts: A-South Africa

Box 13 Paton, Alan: Manuscripts: South Africa (cont'd)-Z

Box 14 Steinbeck, John: Manuscripts: America and Americans; Benny's Medal; The Best of Steinbeck; Burial at Sea; Burning Bright; Cannery Row; Christopher Columbus; Chrysanthemums; The Cursed Comet

Box 15 Steinbeck, John: Manuscripts: East of Eden; The excavations under St Peter's; Flight; The Full House; His Father; How Edith McGillicuddy met RLStevenson; How Mr Hogan robbed a bank; The last Joan; Lifeboat; May be the furniture; A Medal for Benny

Box 16 Steinbeck, John: Manuscripts: The Moon is Down; The New Order; Old man Stalin's dead; Pipe dream; Release; Speech upon the death of Harry Hopkins; The Story of Juan Diego; The thirties; This our America; To a God unknown; Tortilla Flat

Box 17 Steinbeck, John: Manuscripts: Of Mice and Men

Box 18 Steinbeck, John: Manuscripts: The Red Pony* [*The Red Pony by Aaron Copeland Narration by John Steinbeck See John Steinbeck to AL Williams, 2 September 1964 in correspondence file on microfilm], September 1964

Box 19 Steinbeck, John: Manuscripts: Travels with Charlie; The Vikings; The Wayward Bus; We're holding our own; The Witches of Salem; The Wizard of Maine; Zapata; Photographs

Box 20 Winsor, Kathleen: Manuscripts: America, with Love; Forever Amber

Box 20A Oversize catalogued materials