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Douglas Moore papers, 1883-2003, bulk 1907-1969

Series VIII. Writings, 1925-1993, undated

This series contains writings by Moore and others, as well as librettos and other texts related to Moore's works.

Additional writings can be found in Series XI.

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Suberies VIII.1. Librettos and Other Texts from Moore's Works, 1942-1968, undated

This subseries includes outlines, librettos, and other texts used in Moore's works.

This is one additional libretto forCarry Nationfiled in Subseries XI.4.

Box 93 Folder 1 The Ballad of Baby Doe, undated


Box 93 Folder 2 The Ballad of Baby Doe, undated

Libretto. Typescript copy; John Latouche. Annotated.

Box 93 Folder 3 The Ballad of Baby Doe, undated

Libretto. Typescript copy; Michael Myerberg.

Box 93 Folder 4 The Ballad of Baby Doe, undated

Libretto. Carbon copy. Annotated.

Box 93 Folder 5 The Ballad of Baby Doe (Program Publishing Company), 1958

Libretto. Published copy with Moore's name handwritten on it. Includes a few handwritten annotations.

Box 93 Folder 6 Carry Nation, undated

Libretto. Typescript copy; William North Jayne. Anotation reads "early outline and sketch". No other annotations.

Box 93 Folder 7-8 Carry Nation, undated

Libretto. 1st version. 2 typescript copies.

Box 93 Folder 9 Carry Nation, undated

Libretto. Typescript copy; loose pages from Act I.

Box 93 Folder 10 Carry Nation, 1963

Libretto. Typescript copy. Incomplete; includes corrections and revisions in pencil.

Box 93 Folder 11 Carry Nation, 1964

Libretto. Typescript copy. Includes annotations and a handwritten list of the locations of word changes in both the libretto and the score.

Box 93 Folder 12 Carry Nation, 1967 March

Corrected Libretto. Handwritten corrections.

Box 95 Folder 1 Carry Nation, 1968

Libretto. Published copy by Galaxy Music Corporation.

Box 95 Folder 2 Carry Nation, 1968, undated

Published libretto by Galaxy Music, unpublished typescript copy of libretto.

Box 95 Folder 3 The Devil and Daniel Webster: An Opera in One Act, 1938, 1939

Two copies. One is inscribed by librettist Stephen Vincent Benét, the other inscribed by Eugene L. Delafield.

Box 95 Folder 4 Giants in the Earth, undated

Libretto. Typescript copy, with handwritten corrections.

Box 94 Folder 2 Giants in the Earth, undated

Copies of libretto for parts of Act III.

Box 95 Folder 5 Giants in the Earth, 1951

As performed by the Columbia Opera Workshop March 28-April 7, 1951. Includes cast information and copy of libretto.

Box 95 Folder 6 The Greenfield Christmas Tree, undated

Libretto. Typescript copy.

Box 95 Folder 7 Prayer for the United Nations, undated

Typescript copy of text, with one handwritten addition.

Box 95 Folder 8 The Saga of Jesse James, undated

Book by John Mason Brown, music by Douglas Moore. Libretto or story outline; typescript copy.

Box 95 Folder 9 Songs by Douglas Moore Sung by Maria Maximovitch, 1942-1944

Includes lyrics from Donne, Benet, Mirza Shaffy, Yeats, and Pierson Underwood.

Box 95 Folder 10 The Wings of the Dove, undated

Outline. Typescript copy.

Box 95 Folder 11 The Wings of the Dove, undated

Libretto. Handwritten annotations and corrections.

Box 95 Folder 12 The Wings of the Dove, undated

Libretto. Typescript copy. Handwritten annotations and corrections.

Box 94 Folder 7 The Wings of the Dove, undated

Manuscripts drafts of the libretto for "Masque of Janus" and Act I, Scenes 1 and 2.

Box 95 Folder 13 The Wings of the Dove, 1959

Correspondence, libretto drafts, handwritten annotations and corrections.

Box 96 Folder 1 The Wings of the Dove, 1960

Libretto. Typescript copy. Handwritten annotations and corrections.

Box 96 Folder 2 The Wings of the Dove, 1961

Published by G. Schirmer, Inc.

Suberies VIII.2. Writings by Moore, 1925-1966

This subseries includes articles, clippings, and manuscripts of articles, books, and reviews written by Moore, as well as two items related to radio talks featuring Moore.

Box 96 Folder 3 "American Opera is Looking Up,", 1941

Box 96 Folder 4 "The Cause of Native Music,", 1947

Box 94 Folder 1 From Madrigal to Modern Music--Original Manuscript, circa 1942

Typescript, with handwritten corrections. By Moore.

Box 96 Folder 5 "Homage to Bela Bartok,", 1946

Box 96 Folder 6 "The Importance of Music in Wartime,", 1943

Box 96 Folder 7 "The Inhospitable Theatre,", 1928

Box 96 Folder 8 "Learning Music Through Its Literature,", 1940

Box 96 Folder 9 "Modern Music and the Rush to the Exits,", 1943

Box 96 Folder 10 "The Motion Picture and Music,", 1935

Box 96 Folder 11 "Music and the Movies,", 1935

Article by Moore, in Harpers Magazine.

Box 96 Folder 12 "Music's Place in the Art Museum,", 1925

Box 96 Folder 13 "Operas by American Composers of Today" (Draft), 1960

Draft of article for Pan Pipes.

Box 96 Folder 14 "Opera by American Composers of Today,", circa 1966

Box 96 Folder 15 "Opera in English,", 1953

Box 94 Folder 6 The Saturday Review of Literature, 1943-1947

Include articles and reviews by Moore and Paul Henry Lang.

Box 96 Folder 16 "Words and Music by Irving Berlin" (Draft), undated

Box 96 Folder 17 "Words and Music by Irving Berlin,", 1962 November

Article in Glamour magazine.

Box 96 Folder 18 Radio Talk--WQXR Talk, 1943

"Likes and Dislikes in Music - Real and Artificial"

Box 96 Folder 19 Radio Talk (CBS Wendesday Night), 1953 June 17

On Stephen Vincent Benét.

Box 96 Folder 20 Review of A Treasury of American Song by Elie Siegmeister, 1941

Box 94 Folder 5 Review of An Hour with American Music by Paul Rosenfeld, 1930

Will fit in a normal legal box.

Box 96 Folder 21 Review of Composers in America by Claire Reis, 1938

Box 96 Folder 22 Review of Music Here and Now by Ernst Krenek, 1940

Box 96 Folder 23 Review of Music in the Modern World by Rollo Myers, 1940

Box 96 Folder 24 Review of Music Since 1900 by Nicholas Slonimksy, 1938

Box 97 Folder 1 Review of Music, History, and Ideas by Hugo Leichtentritt, circa 1938

Box 97 Folder 2 Review of Musical Chronicle by Paul Rosenfeld, 1924

Box 97 Folder 3 Review of Our New Music by Aaron Copland, circa 1941

Box 97 Folder 4 Review of The American Symphony Orchestra by John Mueller, 1951

Box 97 Folder 5 Review of The Bach Reader, 1946

Box 97 Folder 6 Review of The Life and Works of Beethoven by John N. Burk, 1943

Box 97 Folder 7 Review of Three Encyclopedias, 1938

Box 97 Folder 8 Review of Traditional Music of America by Ira W. Ford, 1941

Box 60 Folder 5 Reviews, 1940-1941

Book reviews.

Suberies VIII.3. Writings by Others, 1938-1993, undated

This subseries contains articles, dissertations, and other pieces about Moore and Moore's works written by others. The subseries also contains books owned by Moore, some of which were source material for his works.

Box 97 Folder 9 American Artist, 1961 November

Magazine. Article on Grant Reynard; not by Moore.

Box 97 Folder 10 American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) Today, 1969 October

Includes article on Moore.

Box 97 Folder 11 Benét, Stephen Vincent. "Words and Music,", undated

Draft. Typescript copy, with corrections. Related to The Devil and Daniel Webster.

Box 97 Folder 12 Benét, Stephen Vincent. The Devil and Daniel Webster (Kingsport, Tennessee: Kingsport Press), 1945

Box 97 Folder 13 Benét, Stephen Vincent. The Devil and Daniel Webster: A Play in One Act, 1938-1939

Box 97 Folder 14 Debutantes of 1952 (New York Amsterdam News), 1952


Box 97 Folder 15 Hardee, Lewis. "The Perils of Baby Doe,", 1973

Article from Columbia Library Columns.

Box 97 Folder 16 Hardee Project Proposal, undated

Draft; biography project proposal.

Box 94 Folder 3 International Musician, 1961 November

Includes a cover photo and story on Moore.

Box 97 Folder 17 Kanzeg, David G.--The Ballad of Baby Doe Bibliography, 1993

Box 97 Folder 18 The Juilliard Review, 1960 Spring

Box 97 Folder 19 MacLeish, Archibald--Words for Douglas Moore, St, Paul's Chapel, Columbia University, 1970 October 8

Box 94 Folder 4 Meyerowtiz, Jan. New Plymouth Cantata, 1953

Inscribed to Douglas Moore by JM, 1954. Published cop by Broude Brothers.

Box 97 Folder 20 Mizwa, Stephen A., ed. Frederic Chopin 1810-1849, 1949

Inscribed by editor.

Box 97 Folder 21 Musical America, 1963

Includes article on Moore.

Box 97 Folder 22 Opera News, 1961

Includes an article about the libretto of Wings of the Dove

Box 97 Folder 23 Piano Quarterly Newsletter, 1954

Includes a cover photo of Moore and an article on Columbia University composers.

Box 97 Folder 24 Punch, 1956

Box 98 Folder 1 Reagan, Donald. Douglas Moore and His Orchestral Works, 1972

PhD. Disseratation. With handwritten dediction by the author.

Box 98 Folder 2 Russell, J.H. "Two Theatre Tickets from Mrs. Tablor,", undated

Related to The Ballad of Baby Doe.

Box 98 Folder 3 Yale Alumni Magazine, 1955 July

Box 98 Folder 4 Young Keyboard Junior, 1960-1961

Includes articles on Moore.