Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Douglas Moore papers, 1883-2003, bulk 1907-1969

Series XI. Lewis J. Hardee Gift, 1911-1975, undated

Lewis J. Hardee wrote his thesis, "The Musical Theatre of Douglas Moore" (1971) on Moore and donated books, interviews, recordings, scores, and other materials related to Moore that he created and used during his thesis research.

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Subseries XI.1. Concert Programs, 1966-1988

This subseries contains concert programs for the "The Ballad of Baby Doe."

Box 70 Folder 4 The Ballad of Baby Doe, 1966-1988

Subseries XI.2. Recordings, circa 1957-1975

This subseries contains audio recordings of interviews and of Moore's music. The interviews are of Moore, and some of Moore's colleagues, relatives, and friends; all were conducted by Hardee. The recording of the WQXR broadcast of Carry Nation also includes an interview done by WQXR.

Box 85 Adam was My Grandfather and Other Songs by Douglas Moore, 1964 March 19

Adam was My Grandfather; Old Song; Brown Penny; Dear Dark Head; Come Away Death; Sigh No More Ladies; Under the Greenwood Tree; Mary's Prayer; and I've Got a Ram, Goliath. Performed by Everett Anderson and Helen Anderson.

Box 84 The Ballad of Baby Doe, Possibly 1957

TV Performance. TV Premiere. Soundtrack of Television Premiere.

Box 85 The Ballad of Baby Doe and Gallantry, undated

Box 84 Carry Nation, Quintet for Clarinet and Strings (WQXR Broadcast), 1968 November 23

George Jelinak, moderator. William Jayne and Douglas Moore. Premier broadcast of Carry Nation. Quintet for Clarinet and Strings.

Box 85 The Devil and Daniel Webster; Farm Journal; The Pageant of P.T. Barnum, undated

Box 84 Down East Suite, 1975 January-February

Down East Suite - Violin Concerto. Fred Rosenburg, violin. WYSU-FM Radio, Ohio, January 1975. Follies of '75, Southport, North Carolina, February 1975.

Box 85 The Greenfield Christmas Tree, 1962 December 8

Hartford Symphony. Fritz Mahler, conductor.

Box 85 Interview: Beverly Sills, New York City, 1969 January 20

Box 85 Interview: Douglas Moore, Cutchogue, New York (Part I), 1969 May 25

Box 85 Interview: Douglas Moore, Cutchogue, New York, with Moore's Introduction, and excerpts from Giants in the Eart, 1969 June 28

Box 85 Interview: Dr. Willard Rhodes, New York City, 1971 January 21

Box 85 Interview: Hanya Holm, New York City, 1970 December 17

Box 85 Interview: Mrs. Emily Moore, 1971 January 19

Box 84 Interview: Mrs. Richard Myers, 1970 June 30

Box 85 Interview: Paul Henry Lang, New York City, 1971 July 12

Box 85 Interview: Randall Thompson, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1970 November 15

Box 85 Interview: Virgil Thomson, 1970 July 2

Box 84 The People's Choice, 1958

Box 84 Symphony of Autumn and Village Music, undated

Symphony of Autumn - Finale (3rd Movement) and Village Music (Movements 2, 3, and 4). Recorded from radio broadcast by Voice of America, original disc now at Library of Congress.

Box 84 The Three Sonnets of John Donne, undated

Post-It note on the audio reel indicates the reel is blank.

Box 85 Randall Thompson, Symphony No. 1 Recording, undated

Subseries XI.3. Scores, 1911-1915, 1938-1968, undated

This subseries contains scores of Moore's works. Most of these are published scores or copies of published scores.

Box 52 Folder 1 Adam was my Grandfather, 1938

Published score

Box 52 Folder 3 The Ballad of Baby Doe, 1956

Published vocal score

Box 52 Folder 4 The Ballad of Baby Doe, 1958

"Warm as the Autumn Light," published score

Box 43 Folder 11 Brown Penny, undated

Manuscript score copy

Box 52 Folder 8 Carry Nation, 1968

Published vocal score

Box 53 Folder 1 Carry Nation, 1968

"I Lie Awake and Listen," published score

Box 56 Folder 5 Come Away Death, 1962

Published score photocopy

Box 56 Folder 6 Dear Dark Head, 1963

photocopy of published score

Box 53 Folder 11 The Devil and Daniel Webster, 1943

Published vocal score

Box 56 Folder 8 The Devil and Daniel Webster, 1941

"I've Got a Ram"; "Now May There Be a Blessing"; photocopies of published scores

Box 56 Folder 10 The Emperor's New Clothes, 1958

Published score

Box 53 Folder 18 Farm Journal, 1950

Published score

Box 56 Folder 11 Gallantry, 1958

Published score

Box 54 Folder 4 Good Night Harvard, 1915

Published score, 2 editions

Box 56 Folder 16 The Greenfield Christmas Tree, 1963

Published score

Box 45 Folder 4 Hotchkiss Day, 1911

Published score

Box 46 Folder 8 In Springtime, 1911

Published score copy

Box 54 Folder 6 Mary's Prayer, undated

Manuscript score

Box 57 Folder 4 Not This Alone, 1947

Published score

Box 57 Folder 5 Not This Alone, 1947

Photocopy of published score

Box 47 Folder 5 Naomi (My Restaurant Queen), 1927

Published score

Box 47 Folder 6 Oh Lord, Our Lord, How Excellent is Thy Name, 1915

Manuscript score

Box 57 Folder 6 Old Song, 1950

Photocopy of published score in Contemporary Songs in English

Box 47 Folder 9 Parabalou, 1912

Published score

Box 57 Folder 9 Prayer for the United Nations, 1943

Published score

Box 55 Folder 5 Sigh No More Ladies, 1944

Manuscript score and photocopied published score

Box 57 Folder 15 Three Sonnets of John Donne, 1944

Photocopy of published score

Box 57 Folder 6 Under the Greenwood Tree, 1950

Photocopy of published score in Contemporary Songs in English

Box 55 Folder 11 Village Music, 1942

Published score

Box 58 Folder 1 Western Winde, 1947

Photocopy of published score

Box 50 Folder 2 White Wings, 1935

Bound vocal manuscript score

Box 58 Folder 2 The Wings of the Dove, 1961-1963

Published vocal score

Box 58 Folder 3 The Wings of the Dove, 1962

"The Dove Song"; published vocal score copy

Subseries XI.4. Writings, 1932-1973, undated

This subseries contains writings by Hardee, and writings by others collected by Hardee in the course of his thesis research.

Box 100 Folder 1 Carry Nation, undated

Libretto. 1st version. Corrected for Kansas. Handwritten corrections.

Box 100 Folder 2 Hardee, Lewis. "The Perils of Baby Doe,", 1973

Box 100 Folder 3 Hardee, Lewis. "The Published Songs and Arias of Douglas Moore,", 1973

Box 99 Hardee, Lewis. The Musical Theatre of Douglas Moore, 1970

Master's essay.

Box 100 James, Henry. The Wings of the Dove (Heron Books), undated

Box 100 Karsner, David. Silver Dollar: The Story of the Tabors (New York: Bonaza Books), 1932

Box 99 Moore, Douglas. "Vayechulu,", 1948

Article by Moore in Menorah Journal.

Box 100 Folder 4 Moore, Douglas. "The Composer at Work,", 1951

Article from American Music Horizons.

Box 100 Moore, Douglas. Listening to Music (New York: W.W. Norton), 1937

Box 100 Moore, Douglas. Listening to Music (New York: W.W. Norton), 1963

Box 99 Reagan, Donald. Douglas Moore and His Orchestral Works, 1972

PhD. Disseratation.

Box 100 Rölvag, O.E. Giants in the Earth (New York: Harper and Row), 1927, 1955

Box 100 Sherwood, Robert Emmett. The Road to Rome (New York: Samuel French), 1927, 1953

Moore wrote music for this play.