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Douglas Moore papers, 1883-2003, bulk 1907-1969

Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

This series includes correspondence files for several prominent correspondents (Box 1), as well as the correspondence with Moore's mother, Myra D. Moore (Boxes 2-9). These materials were originally cataloged at the item level; catalog cards for individual persons/items can be found in the card catalog the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, but they are not available online.

Much of the correspondence in Series I is between Moore and his mother, Myra D. Moore. This correspondence, which spanned a 27 year period from the fall of 1906 to late 1933 represents perhaps the most comprehensive record of Moore's life, for it was his habit to write to his mother every Sunday, a ritual to which he was remarkably faithful. The various stages of Moore's life are apparent in his letters: his first experience away from home at the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut, his undergraduate years at Yale, time spent in a Maritime Academy in Maryland, his service in the Navy during the First World War, his tenure as Musical Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art, further travels in Europe, his position in the Music Department of Columbia University (1926-1962). The letters also follow the course of Myra Moore's life, where she lived in Brooklyn, Long Island, and finally Orange County California.

Correspondence added to the collection at Columbia University after 1991 was not cataloged at this level. Additional correspondence for individuals named in Series I can be found in Subseries II.3.

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Box 1 Adler, Kurt Herbert To Douglas Moore, San Francisco, 1960 May 2

Box 1 Barlow, Wayne

Box 1 Bacon, Ernst

Box 1 Belmont, Eleanor Robson

Box 1 Benet, William Rose

Box 1 Bing, Rudolph

Box 1 Borge, Victor

Box 1 Brooks, Van Wyck

Box 1 Butler, Nicholas Murray

Box 1 Cleland, Thomas Maitland

Box 1 Copland, Aaron

Box 1 Damrosch, Walter

Box 1 Eisenhower, Dwight David

Box 1 Fekete, Zolton

Box 1 Foss, Lukas

Box 1 Glanville-Hicks, Peggy

Box 1 Goossens, Eugene

Box 1 Graham, Martha

Box 1 Hanson, Howard

Box 1 Hartford, Huntington

Box 1 Langstaff, John Meredith

Box 1 MacDowell, Marian Nevins (Mrs. Edward)

Box 1 MacLeish, Archibald

Box 1 Mannes, Leopold

Box 1 Mason, Daniel Gregory

Box 1 Mason, Gregory

Box 1 Menuhin, Yehudi

Box 1 Meyerowitz, Jan

Box 1 Mitropoulos, Dimitri

Box 1 Partch, Harry

Box 1 Rodzinski, Artur

Box 1 Rudel, Julius

Box 1 Schoenberg, Arnold

Box 1 Schuman, William

Box 1 Sessions, Roger Huntington

Box 1 Szigeti, Joseph

Box 1 Weisgall, Hugo

Box 2 Moore, Douglas Stuart To Myra D. Moore, Undated to 1910

Box 3 Moore, Douglas Stuart To Myra D. Moore, 1911-1914

Box 4 Moore, Douglas Stuart To Myra D. Moore, 1915-1919

Box 5 Moore, Douglas Stuart To Myra D. Moore, 1920-1921

Box 6 Moore, Douglas Stuart To Myra D. Moore, 1922-1924

Box 7 Moore, Douglas Stuart To Myra D. Moore, 1925-1927

Box 8 Moore, Douglas Stuart To Myra D. Moore, 1928-1930

Box 9 Moore, Douglas Stuart To Myra D. Moore, 1931-1933